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”I didn’t sleep last night.”

The words in his ear made Xiao Shenwei’s brain freeze on the spot, as if he was in a sauna, so hot that he wanted to smoke.

He didn’t fall asleep.

That means… Last night, he took advantage of Rong Yun’s sleep to steal incense, but he was actually caught on the spot ! 

…wtf what’s wrong with this…

…Would you, or would you pretend not to know 

There was so much confusion in his mind that Xiao Shenwei couldn’t hear what the other party said next.

He was silent for a moment, then pretended to be calm:

”……what are you saying”

Rong Yun panicked again, thinking that Xiao Shenwei had misunderstood what he meant: “No, that’s not what I meant.

I, cough.”

He blushed and held Xiao Shenwei’s shoulders with both hands, but he didn’t dare to look at Xiao Shenwei, his eyes fell elsewhere: “I mean, can I like you”


Um   ! !

Xiao Shenwei swallowed the air, opened his eyes slightly, and made a vague single sound with his mouth half open:


Perhaps Xiao Shenwei’s dazed expression eased Rong Yun’s nervousness.

He coughed lightly, looked into Xiao Shenwei’s eyes, and said solemnly, “Xiao Shenwei, I like you.”

”I like you.”

”I want to do many, many things with you.”

”I want to cook a lot of delicious food for you.”

Rong Yun’s palms began to sweat: “…Is it okay”

Xiao Shenwei lowered his eyes, unable to see the emotions in his eyes: “I am no longer human.”

”I’m in danger.”

”I’m going to lose control and possibly hurt you.”

”My heart is no longer beating, and my body is also cold.”

”So, are you still willing to like me”

Then he was hugged into a warm embrace.

Rong Yun said in his ear, “I like you, I don’t care.”

”Even if I hurt you, don’t you care”

…You may not believe it, I may even beat myself when I start going crazy…

”If it’s you, I’ll admit it.”

Xiao Shenwei blinked, his heart swelled with warmth.

He raised his hand and hugged Rong Yun’s back, his fingers clenched his clothes: “Rong Yun, don’t regret it.”

”If you regret it, I will eat you.”

The transition in their relationship didn’t seem to have made much of an impact on their lives.

In addition to the more intimate relationship between the two people, and the occasional touch is more natural, Xiao Shenwei quickly adapted to this identity.

Occasionally, when two people go out together and are teased by the uncle downstairs, Xiao Shenwei will not be as embarrassed and overwhelmed as before.

In short, once you accept this setting, it seems to be pretty good

Xiao Shenwei’s previous speculation was not wrong.

Compared with previous years, this year is really too abnormal.

It should be the season when zombies start to disappear, but a large number of zombies have erupted.

The number of refugees pouring into the city was increasing day by day, and soon the North City was filled to the brim.

Regarding the food and clothing costs of the refugee camp, the financial supply soon became difficult.

In desperation, some refugees who passed the quarantine inspection had to be allowed to enter the urban area.

They can join hunting parties or work for others to earn means of subsistence.

However, what followed was an increasing crime rate, and robbery and theft began to spread.

Some citizens began to protest, demanding the expulsion of the refugees, and the peace to be restored.

The conflict between the two sides continued to intensify.

At this time, Xiao Shenwei and Rong Yun planned to drive out of the city.

They took a bounty from the city hall, the purpose was to pick up a team of medical teams from the capital.

There were also seven other teams with a total of fifty-three people, which showed how much the city attached to the medical team.

When passing through the Beicheng District, they again saw the city protesters holding signs at the gate of the refugee camp.

The guards struggled to stop the citizens to maintain order while preventing the refugees from being provoked into riots.

Winter is coming, and it is unknown how many people will freeze to death this year in refugee camps with almost no heat preservation measures.

The weather has started to get cold, and I can even see a layer of white frost on the lawn when I go out in the morning.

Xiao Shenwei put on a heavy windbreaker at Rong Yun’s strong request, although he didn’t feel cold at all.

Then they met the Samin siblings, who were still wearing single clothes.

Facing the suspicious eyes of Samin and his brother, Xiao Shenwei silently wrapped his coat tightly.

…There is a kind of cold, called your boyfriend thinks you are cold…

According to satellite signals, the medical team encountered trouble about 100 kilometers east of Daxing City.

They encountered a large wave of zombies and are now trapped in a warehouse in a small abandoned safe area, afraid to go out.

The convoy gathered near the city gate and was about to set off.

Xiao Shenwei insisted on bringing his exclusive weapon.

At this time, the small SUV they were in had an anti-theft door panel fixed on the roof, so it was a bit conspicuous in the team.

The leader of the city staff was honking horns so they could call each other on the road.

After Xiao Shenwei got the horn, he turned it around in his hand and accidentally pressed the switch.

In an instant, a harsh male voice resounded throughout the space.

”Install security doors, install wooden doors, iron doors, stainless steel doors, repair windows, repair security windows, security barbed wire…”


Xiao Shenwei turned off the horn with a sullen face, looked at the door panel on the roof of his car, and couldn’t control his emotions.

…you mother**er, it’s so fitting…

Until an auntie carefully knocked on the car window:

”Young man, do you want to repair the door”

Xiao Shenwei tried to hold his breath, and then broke down in a second.

”Don’t fix it, get out!”

Xiao Shenwei felt that the team leader was really a genius, and he didn’t know where to find these electric speakers.

Listen to the messy recordings in there.

”Collect old mobile phones, old color TVs, old home appliances, and replace stainless steel pots, aluminum pots…”

”Cucumber, Eggplant, Tomato – Pepper, Cabbage, Shanghai Green -“

”Socks piece by piece–socks piece by piece-“

”Take the junk–take the junk–“

For a moment, Xiao Shenwei thought that he had come to the flea market, and he passed a few vegetable sellers in the middle.

Maybe he should be thankful that the woman selling wowotou didn’t come, otherwise everyone present would be brainwashed.

Ping Hanhai was still driving, and Tang Qiu sat in the co-pilot chatting endlessly, always full of energy.

Xiao Shenwei sat in the back row with his overcoat on, leaning against Rong Yun’s arms, his eyes half-closed and drowsy.

As the weather gets colder, Xiao Shenwei also seems to be forced to enter a period of semi-hibernation, always feeling sleepy.

The increasingly cold body temperature made Xiao Shenwei have to sleep separately from Rong Yun at night.

He was so cold that every time he fell asleep, Rong Yun would touch his hand worriedly, for fear that he would not be able to sleep.

Even if the two of them were covered with a quilt at night, Rong Yun would hold his hand and wrap him and the quilt in his arms.

So every morning when he wakes up, Rong Yun’s hand is cold.

… If this medical team can be trusted, what help can be obtained from them

It can’t go on like this.

He was afraid that if he woke up one day and found himself turned into a hard lump of ice, it would be too bad.

Xiao Shenwei thought in a daze.

”Go to sleep when you’re tired, and I’ll call you when I get there.”

Rong Yun held Xiao Shenwei’s cold hand and rubbed his soft lips on his forehead.


Xiao Shenwei nodded, buttoned his windbreaker hat and closed his eyes.

The convoy started from Daxing City and headed west all the way towards the destination.

The journey was eerily calm, and they didn’t even see a single living thing, and even saw a few animal carcasses that were torn beyond recognition in the wilderness.

Generally, beasts hunt to fill their stomachs, so most people can encounter are bones without flesh and blood.

It was almost unheard of, like those tragic bite wounds that seemed to vent their anger just now.

There are still some ragged and scrawny human skeletons on the side of the road.

Those are all refugees who couldn’t keep going.

All of this made the people in the team silent.

The strange situation continued for dozens of kilometers, and Xiao Shenwei, who was already asleep, suddenly opened his eyes.

There didn’t seem to be any abnormality around, but Xiao Shenwei sat up and looked vigilantly at the wilderness outside the window.

”Shenwei What’s wrong”

Rong Yun looked at Xiao Shenwei, but was suddenly stunned.

Because Xiao Shenwei’s eyes are too cold, so cold that they don’t contain a trace of emotion, and it even makes people wonder if this person has a soul.

The emerald color that was originally hidden in the bottom of the eyes poured out, and the red circle around the pupil became very obvious.

He was baring his teeth and staring in a certain direction out of the window, like a cat with blown fur.

At this time, Xiao Shenwei’s consciousness was completely chaotic, and the sudden sense of crisis made him tremble.

There were bursts of chills in the heart, and it contracted one by one.

The burning sensation on the back of the neck made Xiao Shenwei feel dizzy.

The smell of white tea in the air suddenly became strong.

A voice was calling his name in his ear.



”Xiao Shenwei!”

Suddenly, there was a slight tingling pain in the neck, as if drinking from a blow to the head, Xiao Shenwei opened his eyes in a flash, and was completely awake.

Rong Yun and Tang Qiu were looking at him worriedly.

Ping Hanhai, who was driving, was inconvenient to turn around.

He just glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time: “Are you alright What’s the matter”

The white tea-flavored pheromone in the air was mixed with a hint of cool mint.

No doubt, Rong Yun bit him again

”……I’m hungry.”

Xiao Shenwei shook his head, pursed his lips and lowered his eyes, only to see a lot of fingernails suddenly growing on his hands.

He shrank his hand quietly, but was held by Rong Yun.

”Have something to eat, I brought beef jerky.”

Rong Yun took out a food box from the back, which contained the smoked jerky.

It was made by Rong Yun himself two days ago.


Xiao Shenwei took it and ate it in small bites.

After taking two bites, he stopped again.

”There’s… something nearby.

It’s dangerous.”

His feelings can’t go wrong.

He didn’t know what it was, but the thing was dormant in the dark at the moment, staring at them.

Ping Hanhai thought for a moment, and the car accelerated to the front of the team.

Tang Qiu held the small flag, rolled down the window, and played the flag.

The convoy quickly changed its defensive formation, and everyone took up arms and was vigilant.

The guy in the dark seemed to be very patient, and he followed along but did not shoot.

This made Xiao Shenwei feel uneasy all the time.

So after he finished eating a box of beef jerky and found that it didn’t relieve his nervousness, he touched two more packs of compressed dry food and started chomping.

Some people in the team began to doubt the authenticity of the alarm.

Some people have let their guard down.

Until they crossed a low hill, the abandoned safe area could already be seen in the distance.

Xiao Shenwei, who was eating, suddenly stopped.

He turned his head to look at the low hills, his eyes flashing green.

”It’s coming.”

Almost as soon as the voice landed, a huge black shadow flashed by with a “huh–“.


A car seemed to be suddenly overturned by an unknown force, and even the door changed shape.

The team was in chaos in an instant, and then quickly adjusted the formation and stopped slowly.

The car that had been knocked over earlier was nearly scrapped, twisted and already on fire.

Fortunately, the people inside were not injured much, and a few people crawled out with lingering fears and were about to run into the convoy.

”It’s too late.” Xiao Shenwei said softly.


Another burst of wind.

Everyone only had time to see a huge black shadow flashing past.

A scream followed, and the smell of blood permeated.

Six had become three.

There was a large pool of blood on the ground.

The three of them were scared out of their minds, and they ran over and scrambled over, just leaning against the car where Xiao Shenwei was gasping for breath.

”Did you see clearly”

Rong Yun rolled down the window and asked.


Fangs.” One of them twitched his lips, his face was pale, and his words were incoherent: “The mouth is big…green! The eyes are green!”

No one dared to get out of the car, the atmosphere was like a taut string that would break when touched.

There was a heavy gasp in recollection, and the breeze sent a bloody smell with a strong rotten smell.

Xiao Shenwei looked in the direction of the wind.

It was a giant wolf, standing on a low hill with a light on his back, blood still dripping from the corner of his mouth.

The giant wolf came slowly, and the sound of heavy footsteps seemed to be stepping on the hearts of everyone.

It was a… obviously abnormal wolf.

Most of the hair on his body had fallen off, and he was bald in patches, revealing rotted skin with green moldy spots.

In the glowing green eyes, there is only cruelty left, in the open mouth, the tongue has been cut off, and the madly long fangs are stained with blood.

This wolf was annihilated.

Those animals on the roadside were probably the ones who did it.

This is the first beast they have seen since the end of the world.

No one has the experience of dealing with beasts.

Someone offered to drive, get out of here on a full load, and throw it off.

But it was quickly rejected.

The giant wolf has followed them for so long, without the slightest effort.

They can’t run.

The only way is – to kill it.

It wasn’t Rong Yun or Ping Hanhai who shot first.

It was Xiao Shenwei.

The reason is that Xiao Shenwei was eating when he saw the giant wolf.

This ugly and smelly mourning wolf made him lose his appetite in an instant.

Xiao Shenwei: It’s so ugly… the mouth area…

I’m sorry I’m a puppy.

So Xiao Shenwei lifted the door and patted the giant wolf’s mouth.

The giant wolf kicked its hind legs to hide.

However, it turns out that the speed of the Zombie Beast is not as fast as Xiao Shenwei, who is comparable to the advanced Zombie.



With a muffled sound, the giant wolf’s huge head was smashed by a door, and two fangs flew out.

The giant wolf was stunned for a moment, obviously bewildered.

Wolf: Brother, you don’t play cards according to the routine Are you off

Xiao Shenwei chased after the victory, and another door smashed into the giant wolf’s head.

By the way, he shouted to the stunned team:

”What are you doing Do you believe in Buddhism and can’t kill”

When he turned his head, the giant wolf, who was obviously annoyed by the two door boards, roared and called out with one paw.

Xiao Shenwei used the door panel as a shield.


The sharp claws collided with the steel door panel, and there was a sound of metal colliding and moving.

Iron filings splashed around, and the thickened door panel was scratched through.

The wolf’s claws got stuck in the door.

Xiao Shenwei looked at the sharp fingernails in front of him and started to suffer from occupational diseases.

…wow on those nails!

So long and dirty, I really want to trim it.

So unhygienic.

Then the giant wolf waved its claws vigorously, and the door panel and Xiao Shenwei, who was holding the door panel, rose into the air together.

”Xiao Shenwei—”

The door panel flew out and landed on the ground, Xiao Shenwei heard a shout.

He blinked and finally fell into someone’s arms.

Of course, his weight made the person who caught him stagger and nearly fall.

”Are you ok”

Rong Yun hugged Xiao Shenwei and checked whether there were any wounds on his body.

Xiao Shenwei: …let me down…

Why the princess hold…

”It’s okay, it’s not hurt.”

Xiao Shenwei jumped out of Rong Yun’s arms, picked up his door panel and sighed, feeling a little melancholy.

…to get a new weapon.

How can it be so useless, disposable weapons are too environmentally friendly.

On the other side, everyone has been fighting with the giant wolf.

Rong Yun pushed Xiao Shenwei into the car: “Don’t run around.”

After thinking about it, he stuffed a packet of spicy shredded beef into Xiao Shenwei’s hand: “There is still in the trunk after eating.”

Then he turned his face and joined the fight.

Xiao Shenwei looked at the entangled giant wolf, and at the shredded beef in his hand,

After struggling for a moment, I chose to watch the battle while eating snacks.

Dozens of alphas struggled a little to deal with a beheaded giant wolf, but they were not completely defeated.

Under the combined force, the giant wolf quickly fell behind.

Xiao Shenwei, who was full, looked at the door panel beside him and hesitated for a moment.

Then he took aim at the canine’s fragile waist, dragging the door panel.

”All out of the way-“

With a whistle, a black shadow flew out and smashed into the giant wolf.



The door panel didn’t hit the wolf’s waist, but instead slammed into the giant wolf’s… mouth with a strong wind.

The hard door panel was stuck in his throat, and the giant wolf hung his head and retched on the spot, but he couldn’t spit it out, and he couldn’t close his mouth and bite it off.

Tang Qiu gave Xiao Shenwei a thumbs up: “Nice job!”

Xiao Shenwei nodded coldly and accepted the compliment, but remembered the advice from the teacher of the school’s elective darts class when he was in school.

The teacher said, “Xiao Xiao, promise the teacher that you will never play darts when you leave school, and don’t say you are my student, okay”

…It’s hard to tear people apart, teacher

Here, the giant wolf with the door panel stuck in his mouth and unable to attack with his mouth was completely at a disadvantage, and was soon beheaded by a joint force.

The dirty blood from the giant wolf’s wound made everyone present a little uncomfortable.

Because it smells so bad.

During this time, Xiao Shenwei also tried to play a Great Compassion Mantra on his mobile phone to save the wolf who was beaten to death.

Then the phone prompted him to charge for the song.

Xiao Shenwei: …What do you mean I Buddha will not overcome poverty

Then he decisively turned off the phone, glanced at the body of the giant wolf, and mourned for a moment.

…I’m sorry, I don’t have the money, so I can’t afford it.


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