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All swords return to the family Chapter 9 Medicine for Old Age!

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"The pharmacist?"

Hearing the words, Xiao Yan was shocked and immediately frowned: "In the land of Fighting Qi, as long as an individual wants to become a pharmacist, but can anyone become a pharmacist? The harsh conditions..." Suddenly, Xiao Yan raised his head and opened his mouth wide: "I have reached?"

I really appreciate Xiao Yans shock mixed with anticipation and ecstasy. The old man stroked his beard and thought for a moment, then looked up and down for a while, and then sighed with some embarrassment: "Although I just barely qualified, but who let me owe you a favor ah, alas, just consider it as a debt of gratitude..."

Glancing sideways at the reluctant old man, Xiao Yan felt in his heart that the old mans claim of being barely qualified was a little false. However, he did not bother to ask further questions at this time, but he was just a little skeptical in his delight: "Even if I have achieved the conditions, the pharmacist is usually taught by the teacher himself. Are you also a pharmacist?"

Looking at Xiao Yans skeptical face, the old man grinned, his chest slightly lifted, and his voice also vaguely revealed a sense of pride: "Yes, I am a pharmacist!"

With the blink of his eyes, Xiao Yan looked at the old mans eyes and suddenly lit up. Ah, pharmacist, that is a rare creature...

"Excuse me, old gentleman, how many refiners were you before?" Xiao Yan licked his lips, a little more polite in his voice.

The mainland, although few refiners, but because of the noble identity, so also has a clear hierarchy, from low to high, divided into one to nine products, the previous hall in the hands of Neran puran of the master of the poly gas powder, Dan King ancient River, is a six product of the refiner, in the Gamar Empire in the drug industry, can be called the first person.

"How many? Hey hey, can remember... Now, little fellow, will you learn at all?" Shaking his head, the old man asked with sudden impatience.

"Study, study!

Xiao Yan no longer hesitated, small head quickly moved, refiner, even Yunlan Zong that kind of huge force, but also to be regarded as a guest of precious level figures.

"Hey, hey, yes? If you are willing, please worship the teacher." The old man folded his legs on a bluestone and smiled slyly.

"Do you want to visit a teacher?"

"Nonsense, you want me to teach you everything you can without paying attention. What are you dreaming about?" The old man rolled his eyes. It was clear that the pedantic old man was very concerned about this kind of mentoring relationship.

Helpless turned his mouth, in order to become a noble pharmacist, Xiao Yan had to respectfully salute the old man.

One straight look at Xiao Yan courtesy complete, the old man this is satisfied with the nod, the voice is also a little more cordial: "I named medicine old, as for my origin, now or not to say to you, so that you are distracted, you only need to know, like what is known as Dan King goods, in fact... Its just a fart."

The corners of his mouth twitched, Xiao Yan looked at the old mans casual appearance, just about to export, Sheng Sheng swallowed: "What is the origin of this old man? The ancient river of the Dan King of the Gamal Empire, is a fart... ? The whole Gamal Empire would laugh at this as a lunatic, wouldn it?"

He took a breath and pressed down the shock in his heart. Xiao Yan turned his eyes and coveted his small face. He said, "I wonder how the teacher plans to let me achieve seven dou Qi in a year?"

"Although the past three years, your fighting gas has been retrograde, but also because of this, you have a more solid foundation than ordinary people, fighting gas cultivation, foundation is the top priority! Youll see later how much these three years of backsliding have paid off for you!" Medicine old face smile slowly convergence, positive color way.

Xiao Yan was a little surprised, he really did not know, strength regression can bring him what benefits.

"When will you teach me how to make medicine?" Xiao Yan, rolling his eyes, focused on the most important thing.

"If you want to become a pharmacist, you must need the support of fire fighting. Therefore, before you learn to practice medicine refining, you must at least become a fighter and practice a fire fighting skill!" .

"Fire properties? Hey, teacher, since I am your disciple, why don you give me the fire attribute of the Heavenly Order to practice?" Xiao Yan held out his hand and smiled to ask the question.

"Nonsense, you think the order of heaven is the wild potato on the earth? How can you speak!" Smell words, medicine old face a shake, crying and laughing curse.

"Old man, since Im in your family, you can ask me to go to the clan to find skills, can you? The best fire skill in our family, as I recall, was only advanced. Isn that pretty?" Xiao Yan had a small face and was very depressed.

"A teacher, whelp, not an old man!"

Xiao Yans breath forced him to roll his eyelids. Yao Lao did not expect the little boy to climb on his head just after he had finished his worship.

"Well, if you are in my family, you will not humble yourself. I have not done so! But I have a skill that is even weirder than the order of Heaven. Do you want to learn it?" Snort a light, medicine old muddy old eyes, suddenly full of conspiracy.

"Weirder than the order of heaven?"

With a jump in his heart, Xiao Yan swallowed. His black eyes, inadvertently, were quietly glowing: "What level of skill is that?"

"Yellow order low." Yao Laos smile made Xiao Yans little face suddenly stiff.

"Old man, are you kidding me?"

Moments later, from the top of the hill, the boys angry growl rang out.

Looking at the contorted little guy in front of him, Yao Lao smirked with pride. He really had a sense of accomplishment in being able to turn Xiao Yan, who was calm as a little monster, into such a shape.

"Whats so weird about that?" Staring at Yao Laos playful face, Xiao Yan suddenly calmed down, frowning and asked.

"It can evolve! A little silence, medicine old smile said.

The pupil shrank sharply, and Xiao Yan stared at Yao Lao in front of him without blinking. After a long time, he shook his head: "Impossible! Ive never heard of a technique that has the power to evolve!"

"Cheep, what do you know about this little guy? The land is vast, and there are countless strange people and things. In your little guys eyes, who has never been outside the Gamar Empire, impossible things have gone for miles." The doctor sneered.

Xiao Yan paused and immediately refused to accept: "Have you ever heard of other skills that can evolve?"

Yao Laos smile stiffened slightly. After a moment, he shook his head with a dry smile and said, "It is because I do not have it that I can show the uniqueness of my skill."

"Can it really evolve?" Looking at Yao Laos serious face, Xiao Yan could not help asking again.

"It really can evolve!" The doctor nodded affirmatively.

"Have you been trained?" Xiao Yan asked again.

"Uh... No." Yao Lao Gan smiled and shook his head.

"Have others been trained?"

"Uh... No."

On his forehead, the veins were stirring. Xiao Yan clenched his fists together, fighting the urge to blow it off. His voice was angry: "No one has ever practiced it, so how do you know it can evolve?"

"In art, it is so introduced." Lao Yao chuckled.

"Is there such a thing?" His brow furrowed tightly. Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment, then rolled his dark eyes and said, "Can I have a look?"

"Hey, hey..." Strange smile swept a look curious Xiao Yan, medicine old mouth cracked, but suddenly a voice: "Forget it, now you see it is not useful, or wait for you to become a fighter, I pass on to you."

The outstretched palm was a little stiff, and Xiao Yans mouth twitched violently for a long time before he forced two words out of his teeth: "You are cruel!"

A few sound of laughter, medicine Lao ignore Xiao Yan that filled with anger of the black eyes, smiled: "Now the task, or within a year, first put your fighting gas cultivation to the seventh paragraph."

"What can you do?" Xiao Yan forced down his curiosity about the mysterious skill and asked through gritted teeth.

"The beginning of the fight of gas cultivation, mainly to expand the forging body, strengthen the vein, for the body condensed Qi lay a foundation, because the body at this age stage, the body vein is the most fragile and plastic, so this training procedure, must follow the rules gradually, can not take any external measures, otherwise in the future when the body gradually strong fight, The vein will be unable to withstand the increasingly powerful impact of the fight, and eventually lead to the end of the pulse is broken!" Medicine old face solemn road.

In the three years since he became a waste, Xiao Yan knew that his father, because of his impatience, had tried several times to forcibly inject Qi into his body, but each time he stopped the car at the critical moment, so Xiao Yan was well aware of what was at stake.

Yao Lao glanced at Xiao Yan with a calm face, nodded with satisfaction, and smiled: "For others, it is true, but you are different, the foundation in your body, as early as three years ago has been solid and reliable, and in these years your temper is also firm, never missed a day of cultivation, so now your foundation, for the teacher can say unpolitely, very good!"

"Are you trying to increase my strength with an external force? Like taking pills?" Xiao Yan rolled his eyes.

"Almost; but your veins are not strong enough to withstand the energy of any elixir, not even the lowest form of the powder!" Medicine old light smile way.

"The lowest grade of poly gas dispersion..." His fingers quivered, and Xiao Yan wanted to roll his eyes. He was stunned by the difference between the extraordinary medicine that had been copied at such a high price in the Gamal Empire and the lowest thing in the mouth of his mysterious teacher.

"And your way?" Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yan returned to calm, frowning and whispering.

"Ha ha, Dan medicine is too powerful, easy to hurt the vein, so we have to take a more gentle way!" Yao Lao smiled and said, "Tomorrow, you will prepare three whole purple leaf orchid, the older the better, and two bone washing flowers, which are of any age, oh, yes, and a first grade magic stone of wood, these are low-level materials, Im sure you can get... Someones coming up! Im going back to the ring! And don let anyone know I exist, not even your nearest and dearest." With that said, Yao Lao also ignored Xiao Yans growing mouth, straight into the black ring, the ring slightly shivered, accurately on Xiao Yans finger.

"Three whole lilacs? Two bone-washing flowers? A wooden first class magic core? Old man, are you kidding me? What royal family do you think I belong to? These things add up to at least a thousand gold pieces! After all these years of scrimping and saving, I have saved only four hundred ducats, which is just enough to buy a first class magic stone!" Xiao Yan was holding the ring, staring and swearing.

"That is your business, hey hey, I configure the warm nourishing liquid, others have money can not buy it, only let you out some material money, then distressed into this look..." Xiao Yans teasing laugh rang in his mind.

"... Damn it, only the rich can afford to use what the pharmacist dispenses." Xiao Yan gave a bitter smile. His monthly pocket money in Xiaos family was not small, enough to have 20 gold coins. This money, placed outside, could make a civilian family full of a year, but it was only a drop in the bucket to buy the materials old said before.

"Well, I had to ask someone to borrow it..." With a sigh of frustration, Xiao Yan slowly restrained his mood, his face returned to the usual calm, and turned to look at the mountain road, where a beautiful purple shadow, like a spirit, jumped up.

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