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Chapter 1006: Sirius Planet, Fire Tung Tree!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Five days later!

A blue-white planet appeared in everyones vision.

The universe-level spacecraft traveled at a fast speed.

This journey was meant to take eight days, but they reached their destination in five.

The Sirius Planet was a life planet at the northwest boundary of the Great Qian Empire.

It wasnt as big as the Great Qian Planet, but it was much bigger than Earth.

This life planet was magical.

Many formidable warriors were born here, and all of them had achieved numerous military exploits.

They were prominent figures of their generation.

The boundaries of the empire were the frontline of resisting dark apparitions.

This was where worse battles were held.

Anyone who managed to survive the frontline wouldnt be ordinary.

The owner of Flaming River World was one of them.

The universe-level spacecraft landed and parked on the dock of the Sirius Planet.

Wang Teng alighted with the head of the chamber.

Cars came to fetch them.

Sitting in the flying car, Wang Teng admired the scenery on the planet.

They passed through the busy streets and came to the outskirts of the city.

They entered the wilderness.

The Flaming River World wasnt in the city.

The rune energy flying car traveled for more than an hour before coming to a stop.

A huge valley had appeared before everyone with buildings erected in the middle.

It was a prosperous sight.

“This should be where the descendants of the owner of the Flaming River World live.” Round Balls voice appeared in Wang Tengs mind.

The flying car stopped in the valley.

Someone came to welcome them immediately.

The person was a middle-aged heaven-stage martial warrior who had long fiery-red hair.

He smiled and said, “The Qi family prepared for a long time after learning about your arrival.

Its our honor.”

The head nodded at him.

“Sir, this way please.” Qi Tiancheng bowed respectfully before leading the way in front.

“Theres no need to trouble you.

Please bring us directly to the Flaming River World,” the head said.

“Alright, please follow me.” Qi Tiancheng nodded.

He didnt force them.

They went deep into the valley under his lead.

This place was secluded and heavily guarded.

It was the forbidden ground of the Qi family, a place other people couldnt enter.

Suddenly, a towering fiery-red tree entered everyones vision.

It shot right into the sky.

The tree was enormous.

If ten people linked their hands and went around it, they might not be able to circle it.

This was how huge the trunk was.

The branches were filled with fiery-red leaves like flames burning in the air.

It looked holy and divine.

A thick fire Force floated around the giant tree, with no other plants around it.

Roots as thick as giant pythons bulged out of the ground.

They seemed exceptionally rough and gigantic.

“This tree!” Wang Teng was dumbstruck.

“Were here!”

Qi Tiancheng stopped and pointed to the giant tree in front.

“The entrance of the Flaming River World is in the tree hole.”

The Flaming River World is… in a tree!Wang Teng was flabbergasted.

His face was filled with disbelief.

“Why are you making a fuss A small world can exist anywhere.

It can be as big as a planet or as small as a speck of sand.

Some martial warriors at the peak of the universe stage are able to instill a small world the size of a life planet within a speck of dust.

Its nothing strange that this one is in a tree,” Round Ball said with contempt.

“A speck of dust!” Wang Teng didnt mind Round Balls sarcastic tone.

Or rather, he didnt have the time to care about it.

He was in awe when he heard what it said.

A universe=stage martial warrior could create a small world in a speck of dust.

How frightening was that!

This skill was mysterious and heaven-defying!

No wonder the Parkers family didnt dare to offend a universe-stage martial warrior.

A universe-stage martial warrior was indeed extremely powerful.

They mustnt be underestimated.

Some other people were also hearing this for the first time, so they were bewildered too.

They found it hard to believe.

Qi Tiancheng smiled proudly when he saw their expressions.

“My ancestor ascended to heaven below this fire tung tree.

Before he left, he cultivated here for ten days and ten nights and finally managed to seal the small world into this fire tung tree using his exceptional ability and skill.

“The Flaming River martial warrior is a person of exceptional talent.

I wish he could overcome the barrier and enter a higher realm.” The head sighed and shook his head.

Qi Tiancheng appeared saddened too.

The death of a universe-stage martial warrior was a great loss to their family.

Unfortunately, it was extremely difficult for a universe-stage martial warrior to break through to the eternal stage.

Despite investing all their resources and wealth, they were unable to help him to advance.

“Everyone, the Flaming River World is on the verge of collapsing.

We need to strictly control the number of people entering this world and their ability must not be greater than the cosmos stage.

If not, the implications are unimaginable,” Qi Tiancheng gathered his composure and said.

The head nodded.

He looked at Wang Teng and Cao Hongtu.

“Are yall ready”

“Sir, Im ready,” Cao Hongtu said in a low voice.

“No problems on my side either,” Wang Teng replied.

“Alright, go ahead.” The head waved his hand and said to Qi Tiancheng, “Mr.

Qi, please open the Flaming River World.”


Qi Tiancheng answered and walked forward.

A fiery-red token appeared in his hand.

He waved it in front of the tree.

A red beam of light flew out from the token and slammed into the tree hole.


Everyone heard a loud explosion within the tree hole.

Then, a beam of glaring red light pierced out, along with heat waves.

“You will only have 15 days.

If you dont come out by then, you might disappear along with the Flaming River World,” Qi Tiancheng said seriously.

“Thank you for your reminder.” Cao Hongtu cupped his fists.

“Thank you.” Wang Teng also did the same.

“Theres no one else inside the Flaming River World.

The star beasts seem to know that the world is about to disappear, so theyre extremely restless and irascible.

There might be a riot at any time,” Qi Tiancheng added.

It looks like the difficulty has increased again.Wang Teng gave a bitter smile in his heart.

“Ive said everything I should.

This is the token.

Follow the signs given by the token when returning.

Please.” With a wave of his hand, two beams of red light shot toward Wang Teng and Cao Hongtu.

They took the token and studied it before putting it in their pocket.

Then, they turned to look at the head of the chamber.

With his nod, they walked out with their teams.

There were five people on both sides.

Besides Cao Jiaojiao and Cao Wu, the other two members were cosmos-stage martial warriors too.

One of them was wrapped in a black gown, so no one knew his identity.

Wang Tengs team was simpler.

He stood in front and the four people behind him were all covered with gray gowns.

Nothing could be seen.

Qi Tiancheng wanted to laugh when he saw their attire.

Cao Hongtu brought his team forward.

At first, his aura was that of a heaven-stage martial warrior, but with each step he took, his aura dwindled.

It went from the second level heaven stage to the first level heaven stage.

Finally, it reached the ninth level cosmos stage and stayed there.

By now, he had reached the tree hole and stepped in without any hesitation.

With a flash of red light, he vanished.

The other members of the team followed closely and disappeared in front of everyone.

Wang Teng blinked.

He led his team toward the tree hole without any hesitation.

As An Lan walked toward the tree hole, his aura started to change too.

It tumbled from the peak of the heaven stage to the ninth-level cosmos stage.

Wang Teng and his team held each others hand and stepped into the tree hole.

“Was that… the aura of a heaven-stage martial warrior”

They werent surprised when Cao Hongtu revealed his heaven-stage ability.

After all, everyone knew about it.

However, they were astounded by An Lan.

That quiet man in a gray gown was also a heaven-stage martial warrior!


“This is getting interesting!”

“Cao Hongtu would never expect Wang Teng to have a heaven-stage martial warrior hiding behind him.”

“How did he do it How is a planetary-stage martial warrior like him able to get the help of a heaven-stage martial warrior”

Everyone let out a long sigh as they recovered from their astonishment.

They started discussing with strange expressions on their faces.

Valteru from the Parkers family pulled a long face.

He stared at the tree hole coldly.

He wished he could rush in, but it was too late.

The entrance had disappeared.

No one could enter now.

Even if he wanted to, the head of the chamber wouldnt agree.

Qi Tiancheng was flabbergasted.

He didnt think that there would be a heaven-stage martial warrior on both sides.

What was going on

Wasnt this a simple trial

Why were there heaven-stage martial warriors participating

No matter how magical this Flaming River World was, it has limited benefits for a heaven-stage martial warrior.

Why did they go in

Wait… could it be for the last legacy!

Qi Tianchengs gaze turned sharp.

However, he knew he shouldnt ask.

This trial was a combined decision made by the universe-stage martial warriors of the empire.

Even if their Qi family had some power, they couldnt stop it.

They could only cooperate with them.

Besides, the Qi family was declining.

No universe-stage martial warrior had appeared in this generation.

If this continued, their future would be dire.

Sigh, why didnt our ancestor leave the legacy for us directly Our Qi Family wouldnt be in this state if he did.Qi Tiancheng shook his head and lamented in his heart.

The world started spinning.

A moment ago, they were still in the Qi residence.

In the blink of an eye, they saw streams of lava merging to form rivers.

Wang Teng and his team were in mid-air.

Out of the blue, they fell into the lava.

They didnt have much time to react.

Plonk, plonk…

Wang Tengs expression changed.

He immediately covered his body with the Emerald Glazed Flame to isolate the high heat.

Then, he dashed out of the lava stream.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All five of them jumped out of the lava and landed on the banks.

An Lan and Wang Teng were unscathed.

However, steam could be seen rising from the bodies of the other three mechas.

The gray gowns on them were burned, revealing their mecha bodies below.

There were red patches on their skin like metals melting at high heat.

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