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Chapter 1.

Get out of the way.

I’ll decide the ending.


 Belita, sitting on the sofa, kicked the table with a red hot face.

To be humiliated like that by her most hated person, Luger.

She was really upset.


 “I decided to not stand out, but if you come at me like this, then I don’t have to.”


 Belita glared at the door where Luger left and murmured grimly.


 Now she was in a game called .


 A love simulation game in which the heroine tries to solve the story by targeting the male characters.


At Sean Games, Belita was one of the team members who developed the game.


She had never imagined that she would fall into the game she developed and even possess the body of “Belita Olden.”


 “The problem is that it’s Belita’s body.”


 To possess this body… Well, it’s good.


 To be honest, elements such as falling into a game and being transmigrated came out frequently in other media such as novels, and she participated in the production of games with that theme, so it was not that shocking this happened to her.


 It was not bad to dream of a starry new life since she has no deep attachment to reality, and it would not be her personality to make a fuss because she could not accept this situation.


 ……It would have been a perfect situation if only the body that she possessed wasn’t a villain in the game.


 “I’m going to die if I don’t figure out what to do.”


Belita Olden was one of the most perfect women in the Empire.


 Wavy silver hair, fascinating eyes, plus the superior beauty that would put Hollywood actors to shame.

In addition, her bloodline was perfect thanks to the writer, but such a setting does not mean anything to her, who became Belita.


 Because Belita had a dirty temper that was inversely proportional to her beauty, and she was a jealous person even though she has a lot.


 This is all because she was born into the Olden family, which is called the most villainous family in the Empire.


 With Belita’s personality, who grew up in such a family, she would be able to k*ll her brother for a plausible reason.


 So Belita wields her temper to her heart’s content and ends up being stabbed to death by her older brother who turned to the heroine.


 That’s right.


In the scenario of family k*lling each other, it was Belita who took on the role of “the one who dies first” and it was Luger who took on the role of “the one who k*lls”.


 At this point, Belita wanted to grab the original writer of the game by the collar.


 “The problem is that Luger isn’t the only one who k*lls Belita.”


 Belita sat down in a chair with a sigh.


 Belita is a villain.


 That meant that the heroine’s happy ending was unnecessary.


 On the contrary, it also means that she will become a paradoxical protagonist who usually survives in the bad ending of the heroine.


 “If I move according to the original, the heroine will have a happy ending, but I will die, and if I struggle to live, the heroine will die.”


 I knew well that it was the basic setting of the simulation game, but I didn’t like it when I became the villain.


Then what should I do


 “The default setting is death.”


 It was not long before I made up my mind.


 When I rang the bell to call a person, a maid with a robot-like expressionless face entered the room.

It was the true nature of this house’s employees.


 “Is Margarita still here”


 “Yes, she’s in the drawing room.”


 When Belita asked, the maid answered meekly.


 The very “Margarita Aberdeen” that Luger visited Belita for and made the road run wild, was the heroine of .


 And Luger was the only male character among the four target characters who fell in love with the heroine even before the game started.


 “Bring her to the room.”


At Belita’s command, the maid bowed and quietly left the room.


 These past few days, Belita has been unintentionally ignoring Margarita.

That’s why Luger went wild like he did before.


 However, contrary to his misunderstanding, Belita did not do it on purpose.


 I just couldn’t believe I transmigrated here, so I ignored everything for a while.


 However, now that I had accepted everything, there was no reason to avoid the heroine anymore.

Rather, there were a lot of reasons to meet her now.


 Because I have to make sure that I’m close to the heroine, Magarita, to achieve my plan.


 The perfect plan to get rid of Luger, and for me to survive.


 “[Quest window open].”


 When Bellita shouted the starting word, something like a system screen of the game popped in front of her.


 In the past few days, Belita has not only been confined to her bedroom and denied reality.

She also tried to figure out what had happened to her, and there were a few things she learned.


 First of all, she can use the game system just like the world in the game.


 It was all thanks to this system, that only she could see, that she knew this was a world in the game.


 Bellita first opened a quest window, which is basic for games.

There was only one quest.


 When she pressed it, the screen changed and the words appeared.


 [Hidden quest]

 [Entering ]


Welcome to the game ! Complete the ending and earn the reward!


 Rewards and penalties: Return to where you lived / Game without ending]


 “It’s funny no matter how many times I see it.

A hidden quest that I’ve never made before.”


 A hidden quest.


 No team member, not to mention Belita, has ever created such a quest.


 Besides, I can’t believe I’m in the Garden of Guardians.

Obviously, it was highly likely that her falling into this game is related to that.


 [Reward and penalty: Return to where you lived / Game without ending]


 I could tell for sure just by looking at these horrifying words.


“Returning to where I lived is actually nominal, but a game without an ending is scary.”


 It was also significant that rewards and penalties, which were usually written separately, were written together in one line.


 It was not known whether the return to reality or the game without an ending was the reward.

I couldn’t tell which side was the penalty.


 “A game without an ending.

It feels like the end of the world in the game.”


 Because of that, I know I’ll die in the end, but I can’t stand out as the heroine, and the other way around.

There was no point in accepting a new life if the world was destroyed.


 “So I have to make the ending.

The ending is all based on the heroine’s standards.”


 It’s up to the player to decide whether to go with “Happy” or “Bad” ending.


So Belita was the only person in this world who could create a happy ending for the heroine.


 “It sounds like the destiny of the game.”


 In the happy ending, Belita decided to forget the fate of being k*lled and put it in the trash can.


 Then, the basic settings of the game will change a lot, but it’s none of my business anymore.


 It is the player who decides the direction of the game, and the game developer who creates the fixed fate.


 Belita, who has both of those roles, decided to twist the whole game without any conscience.


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