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Austin Hill made a remarkable achievement in the original story by becoming the head of a noble family and elevating the family’s title to the next level.

Showing off his ability on his own, he was also a contributor to leading the main characters to a happy ending by devising a plan to deal with the final villain in the second half of the story.

In other words, it was later that he became involved with the main characters, but now that the game has not even started, so there was no great connection yet.

But why is it that when she’s recruiting him, a condition suddenly appears that says a new route will be opened And I already completed the condition of the possibility of opening a new route last time, but why is it only a possibility this time and not yet confirmed

There were two things I could think of.

There are many possibilities for a character’s route to open; it could be that the character that meets the opening conditions is different from when she rescued the Tan twins.

But the game system didn’t give such details, so Belita couldn’t tell which way.

“So you want to hire me”

Austin, who did not notice Belita’s confusion, smiled and blinked around.

A rope and gag that fell on the floor.

Or the twins who are watching this side after eating all the meat.

“I’m not the type to be treated like this.

Hiring by kidnapping.

It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced it.”

“Yeah, don’t worry.

I’ve never thought I’d get this kind of hiring in my life.”

Austin’s face became strange when Bellita nodded as if she understood.

“I think we started on the wrong foot.”

But when Belita looked back at the twins with a sullen face, she had no choice but to agree.

The Tan twins with an Odd Eye.

Austin went through quite a lot, but it was the first time in his life to face people from the Tan clan.

But the famous Belita Olden, not just anyone else, has the Tan twins.

To be honest, he was curious about her, which was completely different from the rumor.

In addition, it was Olden and unlike Carlon and Luger, she felt strangely refreshing.

What the hell is she going to do What does she have in mind that she is even saying she will leave Olden.

Austin was so curious about her that his lips dried up because he was so curious.

“……not too long ago, there was an escape from Ananta.

And on that day, the Tan twins with Odd Eye appeared.”

Austin, who licked his parched lips once, raised his curiosity he had so far.

“Even the woman who took the Tan twins suddenly disappeared, whether she rose to the sky or went to the ground.

Isn’t this all very suspicious”

“When did I not get suspicious”

Then Belita smiled significantly.

Contrary to expectations, Austin was despondent when she accepted it so easily.

He didn’t know the Ananta slave escape was really related to her.

“Are you sure you should admit that so easily”

“You already know, so there’s no point in making excuses, and more than anything else, you can’t say anything else.

Look at their eyes.”


Belita pointed to the twins, but Austin never looked there.

The sharp tingling in his left cheek seemed to make him understand what expression they were making without looking at all.

“Are you really trying to get away from Olden”

“I told you, it’s a process.

I have another goal.”

“That’s why you’re trying to recruit me”


I don’t want to risk it, but it’s honestly hard to achieve my goal without you.

I have to bear with some damage.”

“Is it a loss to brim me in”

Austin grumbled, “I’ve never been treated like this in my life since I was born a genius.”

But he won’t know.

What loss did she suffer

What she had to give up to make him hers.

Belita continued, looking at the system window that still exudes its presence.

“If you don’t want to be a loss to me, work hard.”

“I didn’t say I’d accept it yet.”

“Why Am I not up to your standards”

Austin was full of pride in himself.

He was smart enough not to be a problem with his status, so if he was going to be under someone, he hoped that person would be a person with a promising future.

Belita knew very well that it was his pride.

“Do you think I’m a damned person You don’t think I’m going to achieve my goal”


Austin couldn’t say yes to Belita, who proudly asked back.

A completely different reality from the rumors he had heard, confidence in getting out of the family even though he knew Olden well, a heavy mouth that didn’t talk about her goal until the end, and the Tan twins under her command.

Will he ever meet someone like this again in his life

The owner of that golden throne is going crazy because he can’t get Tan twins in his hands

“I guess you can’t make up your mind.”

Nevertheless, when Austin failed to give an answer, Bellita nodded.

She knew why he couldn’t easily decide even though her conditions weren’t lacking.

If you couldn’t take a step, I could just push your back.

“How much do you want me to pay you”

Belita smiled brightly and whispered like a snake.

It was she who gave birth to Austin.

No one in the world knew him better than she did.

“I bought the Tan twins for 12 million Elon.

Then how much do you think your salary will be”


“Since it’s only the beginning, shall we start with 10,000 Elons”


Austin’s pupils began to tap dance.

Of course it doesn’t stop there.

“Separate payment of 100,000 elon down payment, bonus and additional work allowance, vacation pay, annual salary increase for renewal of contract.”

“Should I call you my master from now on”

Austin, whose posture became neat in an instant, smiled more kindly.

Yes, it was too much money to refuse.

“From now on, call me the boss.”

“Yes, boss.”

“Since you’re my first employee, you’ll have a lot of work to do for a while.

I’ll give you an extra allowance every time you do that, so please be nice to me.”

“I will serve you with all my heart.”

Kneeling down, Austin bowed politely.

There were only two conditions for him to choose his owner.

One was for the person to have basic skills, and the other was for that person to pay him a large salary.

Because he was such a capable man.

Belita smiled happily at the thought of her money in the inventory.

Not long ago, she gave away 12 billion won, and she would have to take money again with Austin, but it didn’t matter.

She’ll call this fortune on its own.

The thought of her money to be filled soon made her mind very calm so she was able to become generous.

So she tried to ignore the alarm that rang next to her.

[Unexpected situation occurred!]

[You’ve recruited Austin Hill as a helper.

Rewards will be paid.

Reward: Competent “Austin Hill” and completing the new route opening conditions]

☆*: .。.


 Every time he moved, his upper body muscles that were not hidden even with a thin top twitched.

His sweaty thin clothes did not function properly and revealed the curves of his upper body.

But the man did not care about it, and only moved carefully with a straight sword without a single bending.

Every time a drop of sweat fell from his black hair, his clothes got even wetter.


Graham, who was training with a high level of concentration, suddenly listened to the footsteps from afar.

A sign of an acquaintance was approaching.


Not long after, as expected, a soft voice rang out.

Disturbed, Graham openly expressed discontent and saw a person coming into the training ground.

His close friend, Count Alrond, was running and wailing.

“Did you come to the Knights with that face”

Graham was amazed at the sight of his friend who ran to him with his nose running and crying.

He can’t believe a knight of the Imperial City is running like that.

“Is that the problem now Think about comforting your crying friend!”

“I’m not interested in a man crying.

I beg of you to save your face.”

“Am I a friend or a face”


As Graham wiped his sweat and spoke calmly, Count Alrond cried again.

No matter where he goes, he’s not welcome.

He doesn’t need close friends.

He was originally a decent friend, but he wondered what the hell happened when he saw him making such a fuss.

“Why are you crying so sadly Which lady dumped you”

“That’s not true! Would you like that”

“I can’t think of anything else for you to cry about.”

“If that was the case, I wouldn’t cry, I would just wail loudly.”

“Oh, that’s true again.”

“Why do you sound so sad”

“It’s a misunderstanding.”

Graham answered roughly, took off his sweaty clothes, threw them somewhere, and wiped himself with a ready towel.

His upper body full of fine muscles that looked good was perfect enough to make anyone attracted.

But Alrond had no mind to drool on the body he had always envied.

“Austin Hill is gone!”

Graham, who was wiping his sweat and wearing a shirt, stopped moving and opened his eyes wide at the sound of Count Alrond’s crying.

“If it’s Austin Hill, the guy you sang so much about recruiting”

“Yes! I was preparing enough money, but someone stole him in the meantime!”


As for Austin Hill, Graham was well aware.

A genius that is coveted by commoners and all noble families because of his outstanding ability

Alrond was one of those who wanted him, so Graham was pretty closely watching, but he disappeared.

It meant that someone finally got him.

“How can a man take away business ethics like that I spit on you!”

“The one who gets him first will be his owner.”

“Whose side are you on”

“The rich man’s.

That’s why Austin Hill went that way.”

“What a filthy world! Money is everything!”

How can a person without money live in sorrow

Graham was fed up with the start of another loud whimper.

It wasn’t a very nice look.

“A family that suddenly rises one day probably took Hill.

I will look for them.”

Alrond said he would never stay still, crying and gritting his teeth.

Austin Hill’s disappearance was quite interesting, but Graham, who did not want to face Alrond for a long time, turned his back on him and headed to the Knights Building.

Arlond whined again and chased right after him.

“How can you leave your crying friend behind when he’s broken”

“I have no intention of comforting my ugly friend who was kicked by a man.

I’ll comfort you when you’re kicked by a beautiful young girl.”

“Isn’t it because it’s so hard to get kicked”

“Do you want me to do it”

Graham, who stopped, gently bent his eyes at Alrond, and he trembled all over.

If that guy, who is especially loved by God, wanted it, it was very likely to happen in reality.

Alrond, who didn’t want to be dumped by a woman when he was dumped by Austin, never followed him.

Thanks to this, Graham, who found freedom, hummed and returned to the Knights Building.

“But it’s a shame.

I wanted to see him once, too.

Who would have taken him.”

Alone, Graham muttered to himself, saluting the knights he encountered.

How many families are there in this empire that are rich enough to take Austin and have the potential to expand his abilities.

“I wonder which family will emerge suddenly.”

Graham smiled curiously and snuck into the innermost part of the Knights building.

But contrary to his wishes, he could not see Austin’s face for a while.

He never imagined that Austin Hill would have joined an unknown group.


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