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These days, Magarita visits Belita often because she loves being with her.

Magarita, who visited her residence today, ate together with Belita and returned to Belita’s room to enjoy tea and dessert.

Even though she couldn’t come every day, she was really happy to have tea time with her friend which became more frequent than before.

“Bell, is everything okay these days”

Magarta, while drinking tea, carefully asked Belita, who sat opposite her.

“What do you mean What’s going on”

“No, I’m a little worried because your complexion doesn’t look good these days.….”

Belita smoothed her cheek without realizing it.

She didn’t understand because her face always looked pretty to her.

“Well, I was wondering what the Marquis Luzerna said something to you again…….”

When she didn’t understand, Margarita eventually expressed exactly what she wanted to ask.

Belita smiled bitterly.

She was well aware that the family was not so harmonious.

That’s why she’s now worried that Luzerna or the Olden family head Calron might have been angry again.

“Not at all.

They don’t even come to see me these days.

You know, neither of them cares about me.”


But she seemed to have chosen the wrong words.

Magarta’s complexion deteriorated at once.

As can be seen from her just and friendly personality, she is also worried about Olden’s family history as she has a loving personality.

“Margaret, don’t worry about me, I’m fine.

I don’t really care about them either.”

“……I wish you were my biological sister.”

Magarita grunted with her lips sticking out.

Belita, who opened her eyes wide at the sudden cuteness, soon smiled strangely and tapped Magarita’s lips.

“I think Margaret is still my sister.”


The smile was so fascinating that Magarta’s face flared up.

She hurriedly covered her face with her hands and clapped her feet.

“Margaret, call me unnie.”


I could see her two uncovered ears burning very red.

What a cute little girl.

She doesn’t know how fun it is to tease her.

“I can’t believe my sister didn’t even call me unnie.

I’m so disappointed.”

When Belita said something regretful, Magarita glanced at her through her fingers.

Tears were in her eyes.

“Stop teasing me, Bell.”

“I can’t believe you think I’m teasing you.

You said you wanted to be real sisters.

You don’t have to say it if you really don’t like it.”

Belita stepped back as if she had been close to her.

When her temperature got farther away, Magarita poked out her lips.

“But why should I call you unnie We’re the same age.” (t/n: unnie means older sister and Belita has been asking Margarita to call her unnie earlier)

“Then do you want me to call you unnie”

Margarita opened her mouth wide.

Well, you call yourself unnie when you’re that surprised It was absurd.

Magarita shook her head in a hurry.

Belita burst into laughter and her face turned redder.

“Is Luger still annoying you these days”

Belita, who barely stopped laughing, asked what she was worried about.

Luger was the only one of the four target characters to love Magarta from the beginning.

So he kept flirting with her even before the real game started.

Belita was honestly worried about that.

Because she couldn’t stop it all yet.

“Well, it’s less so now.

I guess he’s been busy lately.

You saved my life.”

“That’s a relief.”

He must be busy.

The slaves of Ananta escaped and he even lost the Tan twins.

The fool will never know unless she shows herself.

That the Tan twins are rolling around on the ceiling of this very mansion and watching over him.


Is this a good thing Should I be happy to screw Luger over or be sad to watch him

Belita looked up at the ceiling, which became the twin’s secret base, with mixed eyes.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

I feel a lot of pressure, so I want him to stop now.”

Magarta wrinkled her cute nose.

Luger wanted to marry Magarita, but Carlon was rightly opposed.

Unlike Magarita, the heir to the poor Viscount family, Luger was the heir to the Marquis family, Olden.

The power-hungry Carlon never let Luger marry Magarita.

Unless something ‘variable’ happens to Magarta.

‘That’s the most dangerous thing.’

Belita was most worried about it, so she was going to make a strong shield so that Carlon wouldn’t mess with her.

“Don’t worry, Margaret.

I’ll try to block it as much as I can.”

“No! It’s my responsibility.

I can handle it by myself.”

No, it can never be solved by herself.

In the original story, Luger was basically a kidnapper and imprisoned her if things didn’t go his way.

As she said before, the happy ending on his route wasn’t very happy.

Belita had no intention of giving Magarita such an ending.

“Hey, don’t you trust me”

Belita smiled and rubbed Magarta’s cheeks slowly.

Magarta’s face flared up.

“Don’t worry, you and I won’t hurt anyone.

Maybe I’m the best.

Do you understand”

As Belita smiled more beautifully and whispered, Magarta nodded as if possessed.

“Yes, that’s good.”

As Belita stroked her head, Magarita, whose cheeks were red, approached her and clung to her side.

Belita hugged the cute and lovely child tightly.

She must be happy all her life.

So the bad ending that never suits her will be removed at all costs.

☆*: .。.


“That lady is the main character.”

When Magarita left, Austin appeared in the corner of the room.

This room had secret passages everywhere, as if it were a mansion of a noble family.

Thanks to this, Austin was able to hide easily.

“Your goal is to make her happy.

It really doesn’t go with the rumors of you I’ve heard.”

“But she’s lovely, isn’t she”

“……that’s, I can’t deny it.”

Austin coughed and turned his head.

To be honest, he couldn’t help but be surprised when he first saw Magarita.

Unlike Belita, who can’t hide cold things without shady corners like the other Olden, Magarita was so lovely like apples and peaches.

Even though he met her for the first time, he hoped that she would never be unhappy.

“So I’m worried about Luger.

He’s no ordinary man.”

“So I’m looking for someone to use as a shield.

That’s something I can’t do yet.”

“Is there anyone you have in mind”

Of course there was.

Their names are also brilliant attack characters.

In the first place, it was also the role of target characters to be the shield of Magarita in the game.

It’s just that not all four of them are useful.

Among the target characters in only the crown prince of this empire and the Knight Commander Graham Curtis were useful.

Due to his position, he was very good as a shield, and he had no particular personality.

So if Magairta liked either of them, Belita was willing to capture him and wrap him up nicely and present him to her.

The accessories of the heroine are the best for the target character.

Nice jewelry next to Magarita.

Just thinking about it made her feel good, so Belita smiled brightly like sunshine.

“What are you up to That smile is very ugly.”

But facing the smile head-on, Austin was just sullen.

He hasn’t known her for a long time, but he knows for sure that smile is very ominous.

“What do you mean It’s uncomfortable to hear.

I’m just wondering what kind of man Margaret would like.”

“Why a man”

“Luger won’t be mad.”

Belita, sitting on the sofa, smiled with her eyes as if there was something wrong.

As expected, it’s an ominous smile.

“Of course, if Margaret says no to everything, then we’ll have to find another way.”

During the three-year period, Belita was only going to whisper to Magarta the good things about the crown prince and the Knight Commander.

That way, she’ll feel less repulsed when she meets them.

Of course it didn’t matter if she didn’t like either.

Is it necessary for this game to face one of the set endings Anyway, it was she who created this world and brought life to everyone.

What she decides is the end of the world.

“I’d be happy to be her shield if she wants me, not them.”

“What ability does the boss have”

“I’m still incompetent.

But now, Austin, you’re here, aren’t you And there’s money.”


Austin couldn’t say anything to Belita’s figure, which rounded her index and thumb.

He can’t blame himself for being too capable, and that doesn’t mean that Belita doesn’t have money.

In addition, her temper was so dirty that if he denied what she said, she would cut his salary with a smile.

Yeah, it really didn’t seem like she couldn’t do anything.

“You know very well.”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you’ll win everything.”

“Is there a saying like that”

“Yeah, so we’ll get ready from now on.

The deadline is at least four years”

There are still three years left before the game starts, and the story of the game runs for about a year, so maybe it’s all over in four years.

A lot will change as she steps in, but the basic story won’t change.

What if it changes

She can move accordingly.

Because she was the one who knows this world best.

“If you work hard for 4 years, you can play and eat forever, right”

“I can’t believe you’ve already thought of that.

It’s a very good mindset.”

Yes, she had to have such a mind to work harder.

In addition, they will work more efficiently since they come out with full incentives.

Originally, it was a legitimate price to be able to move a person’s mind.

Belita realized that desperately during her 30  years in Korea.

“I look forward to working with you, Austin Hill.

I’ll bring you so much work that you won’t be disappointed.

Try to roll that extraordinary brain.”

“You sound like a walnut in someone’s head.

It was very similar to me that when I peeled the hard shell, the delicious kernel came out.

Please roll it a lot from now on.

I’ll do my best.”

Belita, who tapped Austin’s absolute obedience on the shoulder, came to the ceiling and saw the twins Rahill and Roxa snooping around the room.

To be honest, it was best for them to go back to Savannah, but if they were such obedient children, they wouldn’t be here already.

Nothing much.

It’s different from what she expected, but she’ll put them next to her and hide them well.

At least she doesn’t have to worry if they’re in front of her eyes.

“Rahill, Roxa.”

At Bellita’s call, the two turned their heads at the same time.

“I’ll feed you meat often, so stay with me.

If you get bored and want to leave one day, leave a note saying you’re leaving.”

Belita took the steak out of the inventory and gave it to the twins.

The children with shining eyes began to eat deliciously.

Beasts must be tamed with food.

For that purpose, Belita also intended to collect all the meat recipes that existed in the world.

“Then I wish us all the best.”

Three years.


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