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It’s a short time.

There was no time to slack off.

She had to move very fast.

Time is self-evident, and the moment she wakes up, it’s already gone.

Chapter 2.

The Beginning of the tutorial 

Three years later.

It’s been a long time since Bellita came out.

It was because Luger’s eyes that looked at her were especially unusual these days.

Even though he’s a villain, the male lead is the male lead.

He seemed to have developed a conviction that she was doing something to avoid everyone’s eyes.

“He’s uselessly quick-witted.”

For this reason, the twins Rahill and Roxa, who can avoid Luger’s surveillance, had no choice but bring work from Austin, who is currently working elsewhere.

She couldn’t ask Margarita’s help because even her doesn’t know.

“Now that it turned out like this, I think it was the best choice to have the twins.”

It’s called “life history”.

When she first picked the twins, she was depressed that she had made the wrong decision, but she didn’t expect this to happen.

Belita walked through a dark alley, thinking that no one knew the future.

It was a dark alley that others were afraid of, but for her, it is now so familiar that she can walk around with her eyes closed.

Three years ago, Belita bought a whole building through Austin from Galenga, one of the darkest alleys people were reluctant to go to.

The place, which was affordable because of its location, became the basis of the new organization that she and Austin created.

At first, it was full of only spider webs, but now it has grown into a huge branch with dozens of people coming in and out.

She was so proud whenever she saw it.

Every time she saw Austin, she felt so proud because it was something she would never have achieved without him.

Her light steps stopped in front of the building located in a dark alley where the light didn’t shine properly.

On one side of the wall, a wooden sign with a strange picture that could not be identified, whether it was a bug or a jellyfish, was creaking.

The painting made the building even more grim, but Belita was proud of the sign and then slipped into the building.

“I’m here.”

Unlike its dismal appearance, the fairly bright building was full of busy people.

Running around with all kinds of papers and things, they took off their hoods and opened their eyes wide on Belita’s exposed face.


“Boss, why are you here now”

“I’ve been waiting, boss!”

All the employees of Belita and Austin’s hard-pressed organization rushed in.

Belita, who was still unfamiliar with them even though she was the head of the group, was embarrassed because she did not show her face to the branch.

“Well, stop, stop calling me.

Why are you looking for me Most of this is for Austin.”

Belita said coldly and shaved the heads of the gathered staff, and their faces were immediately depressed.

“But it’s been a long time since the boss came.”

“The assistant manager is going to do it anyway, but what’s wrong with calling the boss”

Belita was stunned as the staff stuck out their lips as a group and chanted.

In the past, when I worked at a company, I had never been this friendly with my team members, so I couldn’t know how to react.

“Me, me! I wanted to ask you something.

I was waiting for you!”

Belita stiffened awkwardly, and suddenly a hand shot up among the crowd.

One of the first members, Stacey.

“Stacey Austin’s in charge of your work.”

“When I asked him, he just said he made me do it, but he didn’t tell me why!”

Stacey grabbed Belita’s wrist and dragged her back to her seat.

On the messy desk were some baskets woven with rattan all over the place.

“Why did he ask me to collect these weeds”

It was filled with weeds that were common anywhere in the empire.

It was nothing special in Stacey’s eyes, but Belita was happy to see it.

She looked happier than when she found a diamond on the side of the road.

“Is this Lurop”

Stacey was bewildered, even as she carefully touched the weeds like a real jewel on the ground.

“Whoever sees you might think it’s a diamond.”

“Why Does it look less precious than a diamond”

“It’s a weed that you can see anywhere.

It’s a problem because it’s mixed up with so many crops.”

“Right now, yes.

But one day you’ll find out why this lurop is flying everywhere.

It’s no use crying and begging for some lurop then.”

“What the hell is this Can’t you tell me now”

“You won’t understand if I tell you.

Do you remember my request Collect Lurop, but you must leave half of it behind.”

“I’m keeping it well.

By the way, the total number…….”

“It’s alright if you keep it well.

Oh, my.

It’s already this late.

I have to go back.”

Belita cut Stacey’s words and put her hood on again.

Those who were walking around nearby immediately made a sad sound.

“Already How long have you been here”

“You only talk about your work!”

“Then I’m here for work.

What do you think I’m here for”

When Belita asked absurdly, the staff looked sad.

They wanted to ask the head of the mysterious organization how she was, but the cold-hearted head always refused to speak.

This time again, they didn’t want to let her go like this, so they hung on whining, but Belita shook them off and went out of the building.

She was so sorry for that, but she couldn’t do anything noticeable in such a place, so the staff couldn’t go after her when she went out.

In the end, everyone shed tears and had to let the boss go awkwardly today.

“Don’t they feel uncomfortable with their boss” What’s wrong with them”

While covering her distinctive appearance well, Belita murmured, “I can’t tell.”

In Korea, she was always reluctant to get involved with her boss, so she has kept the line so that employees do not feel uncomfortable here.

Austin is in charge of most things anyway, so she thought it was better to hang around outside.

“Maybe it’s more awkward because I’m awkward.”

Belita shrugged her shoulders and reached her own conclusion.

If the staff had listened, they would have hit the ground and lamented, but no one was listening to her alone now.

Belita extended her hand back the way she had come.

In the palm of her hand, there were a few strands of lurop that she had brought earlier.

“Is it time to start”

Three years.

For three years Belita has been really busy working around.

Raising her organization, picking Austin and trustworthy people, and making money.

So time really flew by.

If she had been a little lazy, she wouldn’t have made it in time.

“I’m worried and looking forward to it.”

Still, she’s prepared so hard that she won’t fail.

Belita clenched her fist once again, firmly determined.

Finally, three years have passed, the time has come for the full-fledged game story to begin.

☆*: .。.


Magarita Aberdeen was the eldest daughter of the Viscount family, and was helping her father’s business.

Her joy these days was going out with her close friend Belita, and her concern was that her orders were dwindling.

Magarita, who was working in the upper office, put down the documents and sighed.

“I think we’re going to lose a lot of money if we keep going like this.”

The Aberdeen family was a family located at the bottom of the aristocracy, so the size of their business was small.

The reason why they were able to maintain their business so far was because they were sponsored by Olden.

She didn’t mind getting most of her work from them, but instead they had to pay as much money as they could.

There was no way out of Olden because she had to sell their title immediately without their support.

“But if these losses continue, we would go bankrupt.”

When Magarta grumbled, Jill, who was standing by, put down a cup of warm tea.

She was a mercenary whom Belita found and hired to escort Magarita.

“Did something bad happen”

“I can’t say it’s good.”

Apart from liking Belita, Magarita did not like the Olden family very much.

Sure enough, because Olden’s head Carlon was a mean and greedy man.

She couldn’t turn her back on them even though she knew they were sponsoring them to swing their product at a cheap price.

If their business fails, dozens of employees will lose their jobs and will be put on the streets.

That much had to be prevented, so the Aberdeen family had no choice but to accept Olden’s tyranny silently.

“I have to find a way out, but I can’t think of any good ideas.”

“You’re going to have dinner with Lady Belita, so why don’t you have a calm conversation and cool your head”

“Oh my.”

At those words, Magarita quickly smiled as if she wasn’t depressed.

“That’s a great idea.

I’m sure good things will happen again today because I’m getting inspiration from Bell.”

“The two of you are always close.

It’s very nice to see.”

“Oh, Jill.

I’m embarrassed.”

Magarta’s lovely cheeks heated up beautifully, as if she could not hide her good looks while smiling shyly.


Then one of the servants rushed into Magarita’s room.

“Why did you come in so quickly”

“T, there’s… there’s a person who claims to be a Setar.”

Surprised by her words, Magarta jumped out of her seat.

Jill, like her, looked at the maid with her eyes wide open.

“Setar Really”

“Yes, yes! It’s true!”

Magarta and Jill looked at each other at the conviction of the maid.

What do you mean, the Setar The mystery of the continent’s least known is much more secretive.

“Oh, no.”

But before Magarta could leave, the senator who told her the news stopped her.

Magarta looked at him in wonder, and he stammered.

“Well, it is the Lady, not the Lord, that the Setars want to see.”

“Not father, but me”

Jill, who was listening from the side, was surprised and could hear a breathtaking sound.

Magarta was speechless and hesitated for a moment.

He was looking for her and not for her father.

To be honest, she was more curious than afraid.

Isn’t he the Setar who is hard to meet She couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Does father know”

“Yes, he said he’d leave it all up to you.”

“It’s too much pressure.”

As she said so, Magarita smiled and nodded happily.

With permission, there was no reason to hesitate anymore.

“Please bring him in.”

At her command, the maid immediately went out and brought in the Setar.

His glossy brown skin and white hair, as well as the brilliance of his face that is clearly visible between them.

Margarita’s heart pounded with the appearance of the mysterious Setar, which she had only heard of.

As the most mysterious clan on the continent, there was a strange atmosphere throughout his whole body.


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