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“What should I do to twist the plot successfully”


  was very popular thanks to its original worldview and three-dimensional characteristics.


In addition, the four target characters with different charms, which were created with the goal of “There must be at least one that suits your tastes among them,” captured people’s hearts at once.


 However, surprisingly, people’s favorite character was not the male characters, but Magarita, the main character of the game.


 “The just and gentle Margarita.”


 Becoming very close to Margarita, whom everyone loved.


 That was Belita’s top priority at the moment.


 “The original Belita died because of bullying Magarita, so the chances of dying will be reduced if I get close to her.”


 Belita said she would die at the hands of Luger, but to be exact, she could die at least once in the hands of all the target characters.

The reason was almost all because of the heroine, so I had to reduce the probability first.


 “……can I survive”


It’s not difficult to be on good terms with Magarita.

The truth is, her favorite character is also Magarita.


 The problem is, the four target characters have different personalities.


 If there was a normal person, there was definitely a crazy person, so one of them was Luger Olden, whom she lives with under one roof.

If the eldest son and heir of this family is in a good state of mind, how healthy would he be


 In fact, it was difficult to say that the happy ending at the Luger route was completely happy.


 “Even if I get close to Margarita, there’s no way he won’t kill me.”


 Rather, he could have tried to assassinate her under the pretext of it.

First of all, it seemed necessary to devise a way to survive even if an assassin came.


 knock, knock.


 “Miss Margarita has arrived.”


 Belita heard the maid’s voice and told herself to stop thinking.

Then she told her to come in.


Her mouth opened automatically when she saw a small, gentle figure coming in.




 Belita was dumbfounded.


 Magarita, who called my name in such a clear voice, looked like a fairy or an angel.


 Lovely Margarita.


 It was clear that if her words were molded into a human form, they would become what she is now.


 Lovely pink hair that comes down to the waist, warm, light green eyes, and cute features reminiscent of a rabbit.


 The shock hit my head more than when I first saw Belita’s face in the mirror after possessing this body.

My chest was so tight that I couldn’t breathe.


 The feeling of seeing someone who has been born with great care for a very long time in person is this.

In other words,

I couldn’t express it at all.


 “Belita, are you okay”


 At the sight of Magarita making eye contact with me, Belita thought it was a good thing that she took a risk and stayed here.


 If I had just ran away and heard that Magarita had a bad ending later, I would have struggled with guilt.


 “Sit down, Margarita.”


 Belita pointed to her opposite, pressing her thumping chest.

I was worried that Margarita might hear this ridiculous sound.


 “Are you sick You don’t look so good.

Your face is so red.”


 Belita bit her lips as she sat still but couldn’t control her worries.


 Ah, sweet Margarita.


“I’m okay.”


 Belita smiled as if she was okay, pressing my finger on my cheek.

Usually, her fingertips were very cold, but now it was warm because of the increase in body temperature.


 Is this the same reaction people get when they face their first love


 “And you Aren’t you angry I haven’t seen you in days.

That’s why I’m here today.”


 As soon as Belita made up her mind, she was able to meet her immediately because she liked the original Belita so much that she would come back firmly even if she was ignored.


 No matter how much Bellita of the original work hated her, Margarita, who is good-natured, always regarded her as a friend.


 It was just a setup to make Magarita more righteous and Belita more evil.

Kang Hyun-ah, who is now Belita, felt terribly sorry for that.


“You were disappointed, weren’t you I’m sorry, Magarita.

It’s my fault.

I shouldn’t have done that to a friend.”


 So I apologized with sincerity.

Now, ‘Belita’ will never reject her kind heart.




 The sudden apology made Magarita’s eyes wide open.

She must be surprised because she never received an apology from Belita in the original work.


 “It will never happen again.

So, Magarita, will you continue to accept me as your friend”


 Belita clasped the fine little hand of the bewildered Magarita.

The warmth in my hand was as warm as a small bird.


 “Of course, if you can’t forgive me, I’ll humbly accept it.

Do as you please.”


 At the same time, Belita laughed miserably.

How much shadow do I have on my cheeks


Magarita shook her head in surprise..


 “What are you talking about, Belle! There’s no way I’m going to get mad about this! Apology, forgiveness! Don’t do that.

You can’t say that between friends.”


 Magarta smiled brightly, giving strength to her hands.

Belita, who gathered her acting skills to the fullest, turned bright as if flowers were blooming around her, became stunned at the moment.


 Even though my personality has changed so drastically, let alone think it’s weird, she takes it naturally.

Obviously, it was in her personality to be nice but also tactless, and now I couldn’t read a shred of doubt in Magarta’s eyes.

Belita felt guilty as if she was a precious friend no matter what I said.


 As expected, we cannot let such a good child be swayed by bad people.


 So I’m gonna have to get rid of the craziest guy closest to her right now.


 “That’s what you say.

I’m so glad, Magarita.

Actually, Luger came to me earlier and got mad at me.

He’s mad at me for ignoring you and that you’ll hate me.”


 “What, what”


 “So I realized I was wrong.

But you still call me a friend.

Thank you very much, Magarita.”


 “Oh, my God, Bell! Such a vicious lie! How could Luger do that”


 As soon as the words were finished, Magarita jumped up in anger.


 Her pretty face flushed with anger.


 “Luger is being mean to you again.

How can I get mad at you for that”


 Luger and Belita have hated each other since birth.

It was natural that both of them had their own personalities.


 So they often fought, and Magarita, who had been in and out of the Olden family since childhood, had seen it all.


 Magarta did not doubt Belita’s words at all because she was not a clueless child to have not noticed that.


 Well, I’m not lying anyway, even if there was a little addition.

This further distanced Luger and Magarita.


 It’s all according to plan.


 “Next time I see Luger, I’ll tell him not to do this again.

He’s trying to separate you from me!”


 “No, but he’s right, I treated you carelessly.

It’s never gonna happen again.

I promise.”


 As Belita smiled mournfully with her eyes drooping down, Magarta wept and hugged her tightly.


 I can’t believe it worked this well.

Belita, held in her small and soft arms, and she became happy and her mouth softened.


 The cornerstone has been laid.

Now, if she treats Margarita kindly, she will not doubt but would rather rejoice.

Everything will be perfect if I take care of my safety in this way and lay down a flower path to a happy ending for Magarita.


 And the flower path that she will lay herself will make Magarta’s life shine most brilliantly.


 Belita was confident of leading the whole thing successfully.


☆*: .。.



 The problem is that I am confident of making a happy ending, but I am not sure if I will be able to survive until then.


 Belita, whose confidence dropped sharply, looked around with melancholic eyes.


 Now she was in the dining room at the main building of the Olden family.


 Today is the day that the Olden family dines together once every 15 days, and Carlon Olden, the head of the family, once in a while, invites only his immediate family to enjoy the dinner.


 Of course, it was not a peaceful dinner at all.

Carlon would check every day to see if his children were helpful to him and if there were any useless ones, and he would engrave his place once again to everyone.


 After all, this huge dining hall itself was like a judge’s court.


‘I made it as a setting to show how ridiculous the Olden family is , but I didn’t expect to be caught in it.’


 Belita could not help but lament.

If I show a little strange appearance here, they will be suspicious, but even if I am too calm, I will still look suspicious.


Then what should I do I couldn’t understand because I had never set up such a detailed scene.


 Feeling stuffy, she took a sip of wine for now.

I didn’t know how to savor the taste of wine because all alcohol I have ever tasted was soju, beer, or bomb soju that I had to force myself to drink at the company dinner.


 Belita smacked her lips and looked at each person sitting around in front of a huge wooden table.


 Those staying at Olden’s main mansion were largely divided into three categories.


 Carlon, his wife and mistresses, and their children.


 Of course not all the children are here.

Only those with both gray hair and green eyes, the main traits of Olden, were allowed to stay here in recognition of Carlon’s immediate children.


 If the child born does not inherit the two colors, the mother is thrown out with the child.


So, with the exception of Marquis Melina, almost all had the same hair color and eye color in this dining room, which was accessible only to the immediate family.

Although their shapes are different, their appearance, as if it was printed in a mold, fit so well with this gloomy dinner hall that it gave me goosebumps.


 Belita ended up drinking wine one more time.


 “Father, I heard that the new magic tools we’ve delivered to the royal family are of excellent quality.

I heard that the price was very high thanks to you.”


 Then one of Carlon’s children laughed and spoke to him.

I can’t believe you’re making such a cheerful voice in such a subdued atmosphere.

Belita looked at him with great admiration.


 “Where did you hear that”


 But Carlon’s idea seemed to be different.

The green eyes resembling Belita’s immediately glanced at the child.


 “Of course it’s through the ears at the royal palace.

The magic tools were praised so much that it was almost deafening.”


But he ended his flattery plainly, not losing his smiling face, as if he was not afraid.


 “Congratulations, Father.

As expected, of father.”


 “Your ears must be open to the wrong things.

It’s perfect to be swept away by false rumors.”


 At that time, like the male protagonist, Luger laughed at his younger brother and intervened.


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