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The eyes of my younger brother, who was pointed out by his older brother at least, trembled slightly.


 No matter how much Luger Olden is now called the successor, he was in an ambiguous position until he became the head of the family, so there was a backlash in his younger brother’s eyes.


 But before he could say anything, Carlon threw cold water between them.


 “Don’t open your ears to useless things.

You have to remember that you’re an Olden.”


 The face of the person who spoke first turned slightly pale when the head spoke in agreement to Luger.

But it was impossible to protest against Carlon, so he immediately lowered his eyes and lowered his head.


 “I’m sorry, Father.

I’ll be careful.”


 Carlon, who was satisfied with his innocent appearance, no longer spoke and turned away from him.


‘I know best how one has to bend over in order to survive.’


 Belita looked in front of her, swallowing a bitter smile.

Now was not the time to worry about her half-brother, who I don’t even know.


 ‘What do I do’


 In front of her, there was a lot of food that was beginning to cool down.

It was a dinner with the head, so the quality and amount looked incomparably better than usual.


 The only problem was that Belita didn’t know any of the table manners at these dinners.


‘I should’ve gone to a French restaurant even once in my life.’


 I know that the many cutlery in front of me is roughly divided depending on how it’s used, but I couldn’t know what the salad fork was or the fish knife was.

I suddenly missed the Korean diet, which only requires spoons and chopsticks.


‘If I survive here, I’ll have to ask Magarita to teach me.’


 Yeah, if I survive here well.


 For now, Belita held a steak knife and fork that were familiar to her.

The moment she pokes the thick steak with a fork and puts the knife deep.






 The knife and the plate rubbed against each other, and there was a small sound that could not be heard without listening well.

However, the dinner hall was dead silent, so those who sat close to her could hear enough of it.


The eyes of those who continued to eat in uncomfortable silence turned her way.

Including Carlon’s uncomfortable eyes.


 “……I’m sorry.”


 Belita bowed to Carlon coyly, as if it were just a mistake.

It was just an apology that Belita of the original work, who was usually rude and violent, would have made.


 “Don’t be noisy.”


 Carlon issued the first warning in an angry voice.

Belita relaxed a little more and cut the meat, thinking it was fortunate that he didn’t fly right away.


 Don’t scratch the plate with a knife.

Don’t let the sound of gnawing on my line go off.




 And the moment when there was a little bit of a sound that was much smaller than before.


 Thud, thud, slap!




 A thick steak, unknown to whom, fell onto her plate and splashed all kinds of gravy everywhere.

Belita, whose hands and clothes were covered with grease in an instant, was speechless.


 “How dare you make a fuss where I am I warned you, but you didn’t listen to me.”


 Carlon, the man who threw the steak, glared at her with a flushed face.


“I can’t believe you’re here when you can’t even keep your table manners.

What a waste of utensils for you! Eat the lump with your hands to suit your level!”


 Belita tried to laugh in her heart at the voice of Carlon falling overhead.


The sound was really inaudible.The sound was very low enough to not hear well but he couldn’t stand that sound and started to insistently shout.

What a filthy bastard.


 “Get out of my sight now! Don’t even think about going outside until you learn proper dining etiquette!”


 As Carlon began to run wild, Melina, the marquis’ wife, winked directly at her son, Luger.

Luger, who twisted his lips, jumped up from his seat and grabbed Belita’s arm strongly and pulled her out.


 With no energy to resist, Belita was dragged away without even looking at Carlon.


 “If you wanted to die like that, you should have made a more definite fuss.”


 In his whisper, Belita glanced at him.

His lips rose strangely with his back turned from Carlon.


 “I wanted to see you die a miserable death, but it’s a pity.”


He whispered quietly so that no one could hear him, then opened the door of the dining hall and pushed Belita out like he was throwing her out.

Fortunately, Belita, who didn’t fall as badly as last time, stood upright.


 “Keep running around like that.

Sooner or later, I’ll see you die.”


 Finally, Luger, who sneered, slammed the door and went back.


 The cold hallway was filled with knights and servants standing in front of the door.

But no one, not a single person, looked at her.


 As if this is the right position for her to be kicked out of an important dinner.


 “……What the.”


 I had a lot to say, but I couldn’t say anything here.


 Belita showed no sign of anger and patted her oiled forelimbs casually.


 Everyone was openly ignoring her, but it wasn’t particularly shameful or painful.

I’ve been ignored all my life even where I used to live, that it doesn’t even hurt anymore.


 Only the thought of her situation being the same here and there dominated her mind.


 Is it because it is a world created by herself who has lived like that


 “And in these places, Belita was always treated like this.”


 While returning to her room, she turned her slender hands around, which was unlike mine.

A noble who grew up beautifully throughout her life without working once was probably rotten inside.


 The final villain that will someday appear in this world is so satisfying that it delves into the dark side.


 It was this Belita’s “set-up” that was reborn as such a complete villain.


 “……it hurts again.”


 How could I’ve made her end so miserable even though I was in a similar situation to her


 It didn’t matter when I thought they were just simple characters, but now it’s become my reality and they’re hitting me hard.

I rubbed my cheek as if I had been slapped strongly by Belita in the original film, saying, “Do you know now”


 “Yeah, I’m sorry.

I was wrong.”


 Now Belita walked on, apologizing to someone who would not hear.


At the end of her dark hallway, her garden path looked exceptionally bright, unlike this place or the banquet hall.


☆*: .。.



 A late night when everyone finally fell asleep after the tumultuous dinner.


 Belita was awake alone.


 Thanks to the curtain pulled down, there was no light from the window, and there was only a small candle that lit the room softly.

It was a similar environment to when I was working late at the company, so I woke up automatically.


 “I can’t get rid of my habit as a salary earner even now.”


 Belita, who sat down at the desk and unfolded a sheet of paper, swallowed a bitter smile while looking at the candle.


 Obviously, her real body, who lived as a developer in Korea, would have died in an unexpected accident, but her habit of that time still remained.

Although she now lives with a different name and body, it seemed to remind her that her essence belongs to Kang Hyun-ah for the rest of her life.


 “But if things go well, it will be Belita Olden, not Kang Hyun-ah, that everyone is grateful for, so count it as the price that took your body.”


 Belita, who looked in the mirror and whispered to herself, tapped the paper in front of her.

I was going to organize my future plans.


 “First of all, the good news is that the original story hasn’t started yet.”


 The first thing that relieved Belita, who received the newspaper and confirmed the date, was that it was about three years ago from the day the main story began.


 “First of all, I need an organization that can move quietly behind the scenes.”


 When the game begins, events will be hectic.

Magarita was the main character, so of course she would be caught up in it, and to help her quietly, there had to be an organization that no one knew.


 They should be able to procure things I need, or make them if they can’t.

An organization that works perfectly just as I want.


 “The most important thing is the selection of people.”


 I will take the lead, but the position of being Olden’s daughter was too noticeable for her to move directly.

Therefore, even if I am away, I need a person who can move on their own meticulously, and it is naturally impossible to leave the position just to anyone.


 It had to be a person who had a certain ability and could keep secrets well.


 “Austin Hill.

He would be perfect.”


There was just one person who was right for the position.


 Austin Hill was not known at first because he was a commoner in the original storyline, but he was eventually recognized as a genius and became the governor of a noble family.

And the family that he entered later became very successful.


 “The wrath of the noble family who will lose him is unknown, so I’ll have to take him in first.”


 But where was he and what was he doing three years ago


 Now, it’s before the storyline starts, so his exact location hasn’t come out.

Especially since Austin Hill didn’t appear until the middle of the game.


 I need to figure out how to find him and secure him.….


 “This can’t be solved right away, so let’s put out the urgent fire first.”


 Belita put her arm on the desk and put her chin on it.

A mischievous smile appeared on her fine lips.


Of course, what she did wasn’t as cute as a rascal.


 “I’m going to scratch the back of the villain.”


 Belita remembered a dress that had become unusable because of the splash of meat oil.


It was pretty, but I can’t believe he overreacted with a slight scratch that was almost impossible to hear.


 It’s so annoying, I should scratch him myself.

The date was just right.


 “How should I turn it upside down”


 Belita hummed with her chin on her hand.


 A new moon, a very dark night with the moon hidden with the clouds.

Every day, an auction is held during the deepest darkness of the empire.


A slave auction, where noble buys and sells people, which is forbidden in the Empire.


 One day, there is an auction that goes through the main setting of the game.

That’s a very bad thing for myself.


So Bellita intended to shake that place very well, to hit the back of Carlon’s head, and to seal off the problems that would follow.


 “I need to figure out a way.”


 But the reason why overturning that place hits Carlon in the back of the head is…


 It was because the crazy family that secretly led the slave auction that was banned in the empire was Olden, this villainous family.


 And it was also the main source of income for Olden.


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