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The night of the new moon deepened.

Belita was a little tired planning the happy ending for Magarita throughout the day, but she was feeling better than ever.

She will soon hit the back of Carlon’s head in a cool way, but she shouldn’t be too excited.

“By the way, it could have been a real disaster.

I didn’t know getting ordinary clothes would be the most difficult thing to do.”

Belita wore an inconspicuous light shirt and trousers, and wore a black robe over it.

The owner of this body loved splendor and luxury, and each of her shirts was studded with brilliant jewels.

However, if she, who is known to like luxury, suddenly asked her maid to get something simple, it would have been obvious that the employees, who are like Carlon’s spies, would immediately report it.

It was difficult for her to move if Carlon starts to monitor her with suspicion, so she had no choice but to ask Magarita.

“Instead of helping the heroine, I think Margarita is the one helping me instead.”

Belita, who also began to learn table manners from Magarita, drooled.

After receiving Magarta’s help, she might end up living under her protection, instead of being her helper.

And what if the male characters cut off her throat

“No, never.”

Belita shuddered at the terrible thought.

She has to find people who could move as soon as possible.


When Bellita shouted the starting word, a system screen appeared in the air.

It was a map showing the interior of the Olden house where she is now.

It even showed a secret passage.

“I’m so glad I found out about this before today.”

The map system is said to be the basis of the original game, but I didn’t know that all the secret passages would come out.

All of it wasn’t shown in the original.

Belita laughed out loud, saying, “There’s still something much better than the original.”

A map that even shows the secret passages.

This is the perfect cheat code.

Belita hid her smiling face in her hood, which shone more brightly than ever before and quietly stepped out of the room.

There was light coming out of the map, but there was nothing to be afraid of since it was only visible to her anyway.

As she went up and down the stairs, passed the servants’ halls, and passed the narrow gap between the walls, she saw the dark sky before she knew it.

It was the moment when she truly realized the power of the map.

“At this point, I wonder how far it can possibly go.”

When I came out of the mansion, the word “Olden mansion” on the corner of the map changed to “capital,” and the picture of the map changed.

Could it be possible to see all the secret passages in the Imperial Castle

She moved again, vowing to check it out when the time comes because one day she will enter the Imperial Castle.

Before she knew it, the time for the auction was drawing near.

☆*: .。.


 The imperial capital was the most prosperous place on the entire continent.

However, the more bright such a place is, the darker its shadow becomes, so its darkest back alley was the most vicious than anywhere else.

Ananta, a slave auction house privately led by the Olden family, was located in Vintaga, one of the darkest back alley.

“It’s crowded.”

Hidden in a dark alley where there was no light, Belita peeked out and looked at the dark building.

Carriages with their seals covered, continued to arrive even though the building, which fits perfectly with this place full of unique scents, made her feel repulsed.


With the smell of money bags rolling, a bleak sound spread throughout the alley.

The wooden signboard of the building swaying in the wind was engraved with a giant snake with exceptionally prominent scales.

“[Map of Ananta].”

Belita looked at the faceless people getting off the wagon one by one and shouted the starting words again.

The screen of the map that took her here changed and reflected the inside of Ananta.

This time, too, there was also a secret passage.

An invitation, or a large amount of cash, was needed to enter Ananta, but Belita came anyway to throw the auction house into chaos, and she was just going to sneak in because she wasn’t here to participate in the auction.

How reasonable is this

Belita sneaked into the secret passage, thinking that she is a very kind person.


Behind her, the dreary sound of the wooden sign swaying followed her like a shadow.

 ☆*: .。.


 “As expected, the cheat key is the best.”

The effect of the map was awesome!

Belita, who safely entered Ananta, stood in the right corner.

Sometimes passers-by glanced at her with a robe covering her face, but this was a slave auction house that had not been officially approved.

Naturally, most of the auction participants were hiding their identity, so the Belita’s appearance was not special.

People quickly lost interest and passed by.

“There shouldn’t be any familiar faces.”

Belita wore a mask under her eyes, covering her exceptionally striking beauty, and looked around.

There were quite a few people, but most of them covered their faces like her, so she couldn’t see them in detail.

What was comforting was that there were no prominent figures.

“If there was a male character, his presence would have been obvious, right”

There are only two male protagonists who will go in and out of these places, and one of them is Luger, who manages the auction house as the successor to the Olden family.

But this was nothing to worry about.

Because he’s being completely shunned by his crush, Magarita, therefore he can’t afford to pay attention to this place.

Rather, she has other things to worry about.

He’s crazier than Luger, the heir to this villainous family.

“Please don’t let him be here.”

Belita prayed earnestly with her hands together, saying, “If anyone is listening, please make it come true.”

The auction soon began.

“We’re starting the auction now.

If you have anything you want, I’d appreciate it if you could give me the number I gave you when you entered.”

Bellita, who glanced around, looked up to the low voice of the host.

A thing.

Slaves were not human here.

It’s just like something you can buy and sell easily.

“The first one.

He’s pretty strong, he’s in his mid-20s, he’s in his prime.

He’s a gladiator, so you can use it for any purpose.”

When I came here, I didn’t have any thoughts, but I felt nauseous the moment I saw the person with his hands and feet being dragged out.

She quickly closed her mouth but never looked away throughout the auction.

She didn’t deserve to turn a blind eye to it, even if it was all disgusting.

Because it was also her who created this terrible place after all.

It was all her karma.

 ☆*: .。.


 The disgusting auction continued.

If the slaves tries to run away.

the restraining tool placed in their liver and neck will explode immediately, therefore those who were captured as slaves could not escape by force.

Perhaps they were familiar with this fact, so they had no hope in their eyes.

Their dark, dead eyes were horrifying.

Belita never turned to those who were dragged out and then priced back down.

Before she knew it, her eyes were red and bloodshot.

A total of seven people passed by the stage, and it was now the eighth and final auction.

There was a faint heat in the voice of the host who was leading the auction with an elegant tone.

“Now let’s start the final auction.

You’re very lucky to be here today.”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the inner curtain fluttered and a commotion broke out.

People who were leisurely fanning threw curious eyes.

“These are very special things that I managed to catch with the help of a noble man.

That’s right.

We’re going to sell these in pairs.”


Belita wondered.

Most of the people in Ananta are high-quality slaves, so even one slave is expensive enough.

So it’s a rule to sell only one slave, but they’re going to sell two slaves this time Those who decorated the last would be much more capable than those who came out earlier, and the price would be at least four times more expensive.

And yet you’re going to tie it up and sell it.

Who the hell is coming out this time

“Well, let me introduce you.

They are the fighters of the Tan clan from Savannah, which was designated as a danger zone.”

As soon as the host finished speaking, the curtains fell and revealed a huge cage.

The iron bars were as thick as a woman’s forearm, and even inside were full of sharp twigs.

And inside, two people were tangled together.

Even as their flesh was torn off by the twigs and their body was bleeding all over, their eyes were burning as if they were going to tear us apart and run out.

It was a terrible scene enough to make people scream, but it was an exclamation of joy that everyone but Belita burst out.

Because the eyes of the two people, who were shining brightly inside the dark cage, were shining in two colors, amber and blue.

“Pumpkin and blue.

It’s an odd eye.

It’s really from the Tan clan!”

“They didn’t change it with magic, did they”

“Look at the neck and hands.

They’re wearing a restraining harness.

That’s real!”

Excited noises were popping up everywhere.

Belita covered her mouth and clung to the wall wih the desire to scream.


The swear words that soared from her throat were swallowed back into her lips.

What do you mean Tan clan That’s also the one with odd eyes!

As the host said, the Tan people were fierce immigrants living in Savannah, and that was the biggest reason why it was designated as a dangerous area.

Rarely among them were children with amber and blue odd eyes, who grew up to be the most accomplished fighters in the family.

Their ability was so great that the reason why the empire couldn’t invade the huge Savannah was because of the Odd-Eye fighters.

However, how exciting would it be to have as many as two Tan family members with Odd Eye come up to the auction house.

So Belita wanted to tear my hair off now.

“I can’t believe today was the day when the Tan family was sold for auction.”

She just wanted to slap the cheek of the mean Carlon.

But it’s the auction day, and the people she met today are from the same family.

‘No matter how powerful Ananta is, they can’t catch two people from the Tan clan with Odd Eyes easily.

On top of that, their features are so similar that they must be twins.’

Belita bit her lips as she looked at the young twin of the Tan clan, who had not yet reached adulthood.

It wasn’t important to pick on Carlon right now.

She has to save them no matter what.

Because they will later be directly involved with the death of this body, the original Belita.


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