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The writing symbolizing the Olden family was a snake with a long silvery body and clear green eyes.

There were snakes everywhere Olden could reach, and Belita, who inherited the blood of the family, was no different.

The twins smelled exactly the same snake scales as the man who dragged them all the way here from her dripping blood.

“The man’s daughter.”

“A woman same as that man.”

‘They’re more like a beast than a human being.’

The twins showed their teeth as if they wanted to bite her blood-soaked hand right away.

How will these children know that she is a good person and have no intention of harming them

It was then that Belita heard a strange sound in her ear, which was rolling her head around with her eyes.


A long, long, very pitiful sound resounded at the entrance of the dark alley.

The sound was not from her stomach, so it must have been from the twins, but they did not move as if they had not heard it.

Belita rolled her eyes instead of laughing at the sound.

Who is most grateful to the hungry

Of course, the one who feeds.

Belita opened her inventory straight away without hesitation.

Fortunately, it contained what they needed most now.

It’s a delicious cake that smells sweet.

“Have you ever eaten something sweet Let’s eat this first.”

The pretty eyes of the twins began to shake on the whipped cream cake that suddenly appeared in the air.

Even when she released them from their constraints, their reaction was not as violent.

Bellita pushed the cake in front of them one more time, and the twins immediately threw Belita’s arm away and began to eat it like crazy.

Seeing them eat with a lot of cream and bread crumbs all over their face made me understand that the pathetic sound resonated.

How hungry they must have been.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have brought meat.”

One of the game systems she could use was this inventory.

It was one of the most absolute cheat keys that could hold almost everything.

While taking a closer look at this function, she tried putting in a cake just in case the food in front of her might go in, but she didn’t know this would be so helpful.

If she knew this would happen, she should try meat instead of cake.

She didn’t even think about it because she was putting it in her stomach.

“Meat You’re going to give me meat”

“Are you going to give me meat””

The twins, who were wolfing down the cake, raised their heads.

It was such a violent reaction that if I said yes here, they would follow me home.

Belita waved her hand because she wanted to break up with the Tan clan here.


Even if you go with me, you will not be able to eat meat, let alone porridge.

I’ve already spent all my money buying you.”

The twins looked suspicious, but they didn’t stop eating the cake.

Still, they seemed to forget that she was Olden’s daughter.

It was a relief.

“Are you going to take us now”

No, that was too much.

The twins, who had eaten up the cake before they knew it, shone fiercely.

Even though they were covered with blood, cream, and crumbs all over their face, she felt like crying, instead of laughing.

“To make us slaves”

“You have the blood of the snake, so you’re the same race as him anyway.”

The same race as Carlon.

What a sad misunderstanding.

“Do you think I’ll be able to take you A vulnerable woman who has never held a sword in her life”

Belita reached out to them.

If it was Kang Hyun-ah’s hand, a life that was worse than others would have been attached here and there, but Belita’s hands, who had lived beautifully as lady, were just soft.

“Even if you break my neck here, I can’t resist.

And I don’t want to enslave the Tan clan who might kill me at any time.

I want to live very long.”



“Let me ask you a favor instead.

Those who have been captured as slaves with you.

Please rescue them.

You guys can go back to Savannah after doing enough.”

“Are you ordering us”

“Who are you”

Belita smiled brightly and waved at the uneven twin’s words.

“Oh, you don’t want to Oh, no.

I gave you food because you said you were hungry, and you won’t even grant me this simple request.

If you don’t want to, then throw it all up again.”



As soon as she finished speaking, the twins blocked their mouth at the same time.

It seemed it’s scarier to vomit what they ate than to go back to the slave auction house.

“If you’re not going to throw up the cake in its original shape, do me a favor.

I think it’s enough to make such a request just to feed and save you.”

The twins opened their eyes wide as Bellita spoke again, pressing deeply on the hood of the torn robe.

“You saved us”


“Isn’t it”

When Belita winked at the ball on the floor and the cake crumbs on their faces, the twins shut up again.

They knew best that they were free again.

“The cloth with my blood on it.

Put it on the ball and it’ll all come undone.

You’ve experienced it yourself, so you know it well, right



“That’s all I need.

I saved you guys for that, so please take good care of me.

But don’t ever get caught.

If you think you’re going to get caught, don’t overdo it and just get out.”

It is important to save those people who were caught.

But it was much more important for the twins to survive.

If they get caught and become a magic tool, thousands of people will die later.

The guilt of those who became slaves will be borne to the end.

“Then I look forward to your kind cooperation.

Never get caught, let’s never meet again.

There’s nothing better for each other.”

After speaking, Belita left the place with the blood-stained ball.

Fortunately, she couldn’t hear the footsteps.

“Time has passed more than expected.

I have to go back soon.”

After putting the restraints in the inventory, she pulled out the map again and began to run a different way than when she had just left the mansion.

After a long time, she sat in the room where she barely returned and took a breath, and a system window came up in front of her eyes with a sound of a beep.

[Unexpected situation!]

 [All the people kidnapped at the auction house “Ananta” have been released!] Rewards will be given.

 Reward: Reliable helper and meeting new route opening conditions]

I can’t believe they’re all freed.

Fortunately, the twins seemed to have done a good job.

Although still young, they were from the Tan clan with odd eyes.

Belita turned off the window with great relief.

“A reliable helper.”

The Tan twins will go straight back to Savannah, so will any of those rescued be the one to help her She wondered who it would be, but now she was more concerned about something else.

“Opening a New Route…….”

Earlier, there was no time to dwell about this and that was due to the urgent situation, but when she had a little time, she became curious.

It’s weird since she’s not the heroine, but the target route could open…….

I haven’t encountered anyone in particular all day today, but why are the conditions for the route opening met

And who the hell does that route relate to

☆*: .。.


The news that all slaves fled except the Tan clan, who were first collected, spread throughout the auction house.

The auction house was turned upside down by the first slave escape incident since Ananta was established.

Those who succeeded in the auction went on a rampage asking for slaves to be released, and those who did not were busy looking around, saying something very interesting happened.

Noah Elcius was the only one sitting still in place from beginning to end in the auction house, mixed with confusion.

The skin and lips that were half exposed under the shadow was very smooth.

“I’m sorry, my lord.”

At that time, a masked man appeared and knelt down at Noah’s feet with his legs crossed.

“I missed it.”

Despite a faint voice of fear, Noah continued to look down at his feet as if he was not impressed.

The chaotic appearance of the auction house, frankly, was more of his taste than when the auction was going on.

It’s a perfect look for that greedy snake.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you told me that because you know all the ways of Vinta.

Is my memory wrong”

“I’m sorry.”

Suha bowed his head deep to the floor as if he had no face.

White hands were shaking.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on either.

He was chasing after the woman who bought the Tan twins properly, but when he came to his senses, she disappeared without a trace.

No matter how hard he searched around, he couldn’t find them.

“That’s very useless.

I wonder if I’ve been carrying this around.

I need to take a look myself.”

“I’m sorry…”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a parrot.”

Su-ha bit his lips tightly at the cold words.

“……I’ll look again.”

“You want to prove your incompetence this time I won’t stop you if you want to.”

Noah rose from his seat with a cold smile.

His stiff shoes fell on his stomach and trampled on the fingers of the crying Suha, but he couldn’t scream and only bit his lips.

“I thought I wanted to visit a fishy place like this today.….

I never thought I’d be seeing this.”

Even though Suha’s fingers were twisted under his shoes, Noah casually adjusted his clothes.

It was so elegant that the body, movement, or admiration in a perfect suit came out automatically.

It would have looked like an elegant masterpiece painted by an artist if it hadn’t been to the man struggling with pain below him.

“When I saw the Tan twins, I felt pretty good…….

That’s too bad.

I didn’t expect it to be taken away.”

Noah, who finished organizing his clothes, turned around and started walking.

The barely liberated Suha jumped up without screaming and hurried after him.

“I really wanted to see the face of the person who bought them for so much money.

Let’s have a little chat about the Tan twins.”

“We’ve placed our men throughout the alley.

You’ll be contacted as soon as we find a clue.”

“Well, yes.

It’s up to you.

I don’t expect much, and I won’t wait.”

Suha couldn’t say anything more.

Noah, with a dull expression, seemed to have completely lost interest in him.

Suha closed his eyes tightly thinking that today might be his last day.

“By the way, it’s 44.”

Outside, Noah looked up at the building.

There was an old sign with a snake on it, squeaking and shaking.

What a disgusting picture with a clear scale.

“It’s a number that matches a snake.

Do they have anything to do with it”

There is no clear evidence, but just the feeling.

The silver serpent crawling on the ground was the most secretive family as the night owls.

“Keep an eye on the snakes for the time being.

Especially the head and the tail.”

“Yes, sir.”

Suha bowed deeply when the mission was given.

Noah got into a carriage in front of the auction house without even looking at him.

The ring glittered in his right hand sweeping his blood-red hair.

The middle of the golden ring was engraved with an owl staring sharply at the front.


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