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Late in the morning, Belita, who was sleeping sweetly, suddenly jumped up.

Sweaty hair clung to her pale cheeks.

But her body was shaking too much to realize it.

“What I think I had a really creepy dream.”

As I wrapped her arm around herself, she felt the goosebumps on her skin.

The touch was also horrifying, so Belita quickly released her hand.

“It’s just like the time when Noah came out in my dream before…….”

In the past, I had such a dream when the game was in full swing.

Noah Elcius, one of the target characters and the craziest one, is obsessed with himself, not the heroine.


It’s already been more than a year, but I got so scared that I felt sick.

Belita closed her mouth and rushed to the bathroom because she was about to throw up.

“Oh, you scared me!”

And she screamed in surprise when she saw a full-body mirror hanging on one side of the bathroom.

Her long silvery gray hair and her white skin and lips are indistinguishable from her.

For a moment, she thought a ghost was standing in the mirror.

“It’s good that I didn’t faint after seeing this.”

She sank to the ground in astonishment.

Sighing, she stood in front of the sink and turned on the water.

The bathroom was decorated similar to modern times because it was a fantasy world, but she didn’t expect it to look like this.

If it was a bathroom that fits the times, it would have been uncomfortable and she wouldn’t be able to stand it.


Belita, who stretched her arm to wash her face, frowned at the pain spreading from her left.

Thick bandages were wrapped around her left arm that is exposed through her pajamas.

It was her arm that she cut yesterday to save the twins.

“I can’t believe the day has come when I use my own hands to cut myself.”

Belita couldn’t even touch her stiff arm and laughed bitterly.

She did it to live, but she thought she managed to do it all at this point.

What the hell was she thinking back then

“But seeing that I survived, should I have lived hard with the determination to put a knife on my own body”

She’s never been lazy in her life.

She was not lazy, and she always worked diligently to live.

And yet she was always stuck in the mud.

Her position was always there, at the lowest bottom.

Even until death.


Bellita shook her head to shake off the thoughts that filled her mind.

It doesn’t mean much now.

“I’ll have to treat my wound first.”

Thanks to the bandage, it didn’t bleed, but it was also difficult to leave it as it is.

Fortunately, there were several ways to heal wounds quickly in this world.

The problem is that Ananta’s slaves have escaped, so she can’t show this wound to the family doctor.

“I’ll have to ask Margarita.”

Belita sighed and lowered her pajamas to cover the bandage.

At this rate, the heroine will really become her helper instead.

☆*: .。.


“How on earth did you manage this”

Quack! A loud noise spread from the office of the head of the Olden family.

However, none of those passing by the door listened to the sound or were surprised.

Servants, maids, or knights guarding the mansion passed by without changing their expressions as if they had heard nothing.

Unlike them, however, Luger’s sensitive ears in the room could hear all their footsteps.

His beautiful face turned red with shame and humiliation.

“……I’m sorry.”

The vase thrown by Carlon hit the wall right next to his head and shattered, so his whole face was drenched with water, but Luger did not dare to raise his head.

This was not the time to fight with him.

“What would people think of us, with Ananta being breached! Stupid fellow!”

Carlon threw an ashtray this time.

The glass ashtray, which brushed through his forehead, was soon shattered against the wall behind him.

Luger’s forehead ripped and blood flowed down with the water.

“The slaves escaped, and you even lost  the Tan twins”

“……I’m sorry.”

“You’ve done something you can’t even resolve, yet such empty words come out too well! Find them right now.

Bring the Tan twins in front of me right now!”

Luger bit his lips tightly.

Does he want him to stay still It was him who wanted to drag them by the leash right away.

But the whereabouts of the Tan twins and the woman who bought them disappeared in a flash.

Obviously, they know all the paths around Vinta but couldn’t find any trace of them.

So while they were distracted, all the slaves of Ananta fled.

This was his obvious mistake.

“Stupid fool.

You call yourself my successor!”

Carlon, who clenched his tongue hard, sat down again.

The veins stood firmly on his forehead.

“If you don’t want to lose that position, you’d better do it right.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of people to replace you.”

“……I’m sorry.

I’ll keep that in mind.”

“What are you doing Get out of my sight right now!”

Luger, who could not refute a word to Carlon, bit his lips tightly and withdrew.

There was no one in the hallway thanks to all of them disappearing from the fire.

“Damn it.”

Luger clenched his fists.

Those damn bastards.

Where did things go wrong If he does not find them, his position would no longer be firm.

As Carlon said, there were many people that could replace him.

“Nothing is going right.”

Not long ago, Magarita said things to him, but this time Ananta was breached and the Tan twins, which would be a great material for a magic tool, disappeared.

The heat spread to the point where his forehead was hot due to the series of events.

Luger, who clenched his fist as if to crush it, strode down the hallway.

He has to relieve this anger somehow to be able to think properly.

☆*: .。.


Belita appeared in the dining room, and the servants quickly served the meal.

This is the life of a nobleman!

Belita was amazed at the meal that was prepared immediately whenever she woke up.

Eating a gravy steak made her think that she was living hard to enjoy this life.

In reality, even though she lived so hard, she couldn’t get out of the bottom, but here, she has a silver spoon from the start.

If she could continue to enjoy this taste, it would be nothing to hurt her arm.


Belita, who was enjoying the steak she asked the maid to cut because her arm hurt, shook her shoulders at the sudden roar.

Thanks to this, the gravy of the steak splashed around and a lot splashed on her clothes.

A few days ago, Carlon threw a steak at her, so her irritation soared.

She glared at Luger, who came inside with a stern expression.

“Where the hell did you sell the courtesy of knocking Are you crazy”

Contrary to what she said, Luger’s face turned red as he saw Bellita continue her meal calmly.

He’s going to explode soon.

Belita snorted at Luger.

“You’re the only one who’s doing this when the house is turned upside down Are you crazy”


The wound on Luger’s forehead allowed her to grasp the situation at once.

Looks like he’s been severely criticized by Carlon for last night’s Ananta breach and the missing Tan twins, right

“I just woke up and how would I know And what’s wrong with being like this”

Belita, who pretended to be innocent even though she knew it all, smiled with her eyes and stabbed a piece of steak with a fork.

The gravy streamed out like blood.

“You manage the family.

There’s nothing better for me if you’re in trouble.”

Belita ate the steak quickly, regardless of whether Luger’s face turned red or not.

“Seeing that you’ve come all the way here, I think you’ve got a lot of trouble, so shouldn’t we have a celebration I’ll have to tell them to serve a cake.

I’m going to light a candle.”


“Why Didn’t you think you’d be insulted like this when you ran here like that You are surprisingly naive.”

Belita smiled, winking at Luger’s wound.

Her luscious lips were as lustrous as ever.

At the sight, Luger first thought that it was stranger than humiliation or anger.

He’s felt this before, but something’s changed.

She used to be just annoying, but now she’s somehow creepy.

What is it What has changed

But Luger’s thoughts did not go on any further.

“Oh, well, you didn’t even have time to think about it.

You must have been distracted by Margareth these days.”

Belita’s words opened his eyes wide.

“Margareth, you say”

“Why are you surprised It’s not strange to call each other by nicknames between close friends, is it”

Belita smiled brightly at the sight.

A few days ago, the humiliation of losing balance and kneeling in front of him was being washed away.

“Well, make sure you understand even if you feel bad.

It’s a big deal if you get into trouble after being distracted by something like this, right”

He seems to have come to her to vent his anger at Carlon’s wrath over the Ananta incident, but he chose the wrong person.

She was the one who caused the incident.

As long as Luger doesn’t realize it, he is in the palm of her hand all his life.

“So get your act together and get things right.

There’s nothing good for Margaret if father knows about this.”

When he fell for Magarita, Luger finally shook his stiff shoulders.

Carlon didn’t hate Magarita, but he wasn’t the one to let go once he found out that she was the cause of Luger’s insanity.

Luger knew exactly that.

“You’re the only one who’s going to hurt Margaret.….”

Belita, who was smiling and continuing to talk because the sight of Luger stiffened up looked good, almost screamed involuntarily at the sight that caught her eyes.

Maybe she saw it wrong.

“It’s because… I don’t want to hurt Margaret.….”

But when she turned her head slightly to that side again, her eyes met with it again.

It’s even waving at me with its hands up!

This is not a dream.

It wasn’t even a fantasy.

In an instant, Belita, whose face was as white as Luger, jumped from her seat.

“Don’t… don’t do it.

Go and do your job properly.

Because of you I lost my appetite.”

Belita walked out of the dining hall at a speed that did not look strange after talking roughly.

Not noticing her abnormal behavior because he was distracted, Luger remained alone in the dining hall and clenched his fist.

Quick, quick, quick! I have to go to my room where no one would come until I called someone!

“Heuk, heuk!”

Finally, Belita arrived in the room, quickly locked the door, and turned around.

Then, over the large window on the other side, her eyes met exactly what she saw in the dining hall earlier.

The twins, who she obviously thought she would never see again after last night, were waving at her with great joy as if they had met a friend!


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