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“Y, you What are you…”

Bellita stammered, leaning back against the door.

The twins, who were waving at the window, proudly opened the window and came inside.

Oh, no.

I should’ve locked that first, not the door.

“How did you know about this place”

Coming in naturally as if it were their own room, they quickly closed the window and immediately closed the curtains to cover the outside.

No, I’m sure it’s covering the inside from the outside.

Belita got closer to the door.



The twins, who completely blocked the space, stood in front of her and did not move.

There was a strange sound in her ear for a moment when she was wondering if she should turn around and run away.

Keung keung.

Keung keung Somehow, I looked closely at them with a familiar feeling, and their high noses were constantly moving.

Like a dog that is smelling something.


“The smell of meat…….”

It was real.

They looked jealous because I ate something delicious alone.


Bellita immediately opened the inventory and rummaged through the windows.

The steak that she put in to check out its expiration date occupied one space in the inventory.

Belita took it out and shook it in front of the twins, thinking it was a good thing to not forget what she learned yesterday and put it into practice.


“It’s meat!”

The twins’ eyes flashed.

As Belita saw them run fast like a beast who had starved for a month, Belita put the plate down in a hurry.

The twin’s momentum of biting the steak was truly tremendous.

They didn’t need a knife or fork.

Their teeth, seen through the blood, were sharp.

“……I don’t remember setting the Tan twins as puppies.”

Belita gave a pitiful look to the twins, who started a dog fight to eat even one more slice.

To be exact, it looked like she was looking at dogs, not puppies, but the two, who were preoccupied with eating, didn’t notice at all.

“So, how the hell did you get here”

After a long time, they were finally satisfied after eating meat, so she felt relaxed seeing the twins’ faces.

Belita, who became less scared thanks to this, squatted down together in front of the twins hanging on the floor like it’s their own house.

“I followed you.”

“You don’t even know.”


These puppies.

Belita swallowed her anger at the sight of them giving her pathetic eyes.

I think I shouldn’t have given them the meat.

What the hell are they being pretty for

“You let everyone else go.”

Belita, who was staring at the two, said with a sigh.

The twins were now snooping around the room like curious cats.

The Tan clan has a more developed sense of the five senses than a beast, but I’ve never thought they really are a beast.

What’s wrong with them

“Thank you for doing me a favor.”

Now the two, who were lifting up the cupboard and under the bed, turned around Belita at the same time.

Two pairs of odd eyes shining amber and blue sparkle beautifully.

“You haven’t left this mansion since you came back yesterday.

How did you know”

“Are you a real wizard”

“Are you really watching us”

“What is that”

If so, what will you do

The twins glanced at Belita with those eyes.

I was speechless at the appearance of their imposing presence.

“…If I want to, I can.

You did well.”

In the end, when Belita, who lost her words, muttered in a despondent way, the twins proudly spread their shoulders as if they knew it.

These were very funny guys.

“I’m not a wizard.

I’m sure you all know, right What power do you feel from me”

Belita had never learned the sword or magic, so her mana remained the same as when she was born.

And Kang Hyun-ah, who possessed this body, had lived in a reality where there was no magic, so she did not know how to control mana either.

In other words, her body has not gone through any training.

The twins were well aware of the fact that those who were born with an Odd-Eye among the Tan clan had strong manas by nature.

However, they asked several questions as to whether they judged that there were too many strange things to just say that.

“But you took the meat out of the air.”

“Cake, too.”

“How did you do that”

“How did you know we let the others go”

“You don’t even know we came after you.”

“That’s weird.”

(T/N: They were speaking impolitely)

Bellita, who had turned into chaff in an instant, smiled brightly and stared at their greasy mouths.

“I won’t give you any more meat if you  talk like that again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

The surprised twins quivered, as if saying, “How can you say such a scary thing” She knew that the person threatening them with food was the cheapest, but she was willing to be a cheap person if this worked.

“I have no way of explaining my abilities.

Even if I tell you, you won’t be able to see it.

And what’s the point of knowing that You guys are going back to Savannah.”

We won’t see each other any more anyway.

The twins blinked at each other at Belita’s words.

“We’re not going.”

“We’ll stay here.”

“You’re not going So you’re gonna stay in the capital Why”

What do you mean, stay here Why If they are caught for nothing and turned into magic tools, all yesterday’s work will be useless.

They cost 12 billion won at most, but it could not be made into a piece of tissue like this.

“What if you get caught again”

“We can’t be caught.”

“We can kill the guy who caught us.”

“You can’t!”

Belita was stunned by how they’re proudly saying that they would kill Carlon, the head of the Olden family.

She knew that the Tan clan, especially the Odd-Eye, were particularly reckless, but it was difficult.

She didn’t doubt their ability, but she was worried because they had a history of being caught once.

They should never be caught.

“Why are you smiling when you said no””

“You are smiling very broadly.”

But when the twins stared at her and asked, Belita immediately covered her mouth.

Oh, my.

She felt like the truth was coming out without her knowing.

“Are you so happy to kill that snake”

“Hmmm! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Of course not.

If Carlon was really trying to kill her, she didn’t even want him to die.

Although he is a villain, he was also a villain who was created by herself.

Of course, it’s a fair retaliation for these twins that were nearly killed by him, so she didn’t intend to get involved in that.

“You’re pretending that you’re not.”

“We’ve already seen it all.”

“What kind of daughter is happy about her father dying”

Bellita, who quickly adjusted her expression, snorted, but the twins did not pretend to listen.


In the end, Belita uttered a word, and the twins covered their mouths with their hands at the same time.

It was satisfying to see them be quiet now.

“Anyway, so you’re really going to stay in the capital You’re going to kill my father and leave That’s not good enough.”


“Because I still need him.”

The twins looked at each other again and tilted their heads.

Looking at it, it really hit me that they were children who haven’t had their coming of age ceremony yet.

That’s how I killed these young kids.

Without any thought.

Belita smiled bitterly.

Maybe it was the apple that saved them by cutting my arm myself.

They won’t know it for the rest of their life.

“Then we won’t kill him.”

“If you don’t need him anymore, we can kill him.”


Thinking about it, Belita belatedly understood what they meant.

Raising her head to see if she had heard something wrong, she was bewildered to see the two shrugging.

“Because I need him, you won’t kill him”


“Tell me when you don’t need him.

I’ll kill him then.”


When Belita asked blankly because she didn’t understand the situation, the twins answered.

“I want to be by your side.”

“I’m going to watch you.”

“Me You Why What did I do wrong”


There are so many interesting things around you.”

“You’re so clueless that you don’t know we’re chasing after you.”

“There’s a lot of watchmen everywhere.”

Belita was suspicious of her own ears for a moment at the twin’s words.

What do you mean watchman

“Observing Who’s watching me”

“To be exact, I don’t think it’s you.”

“The pathetic man you were with earlier.

I think they are watching him.”

Luger was the only pathetic man she encountered today.

But there are people watching him.

Not protecting him

“Isn’t that a mistake There’s an escort around Luger.

How do they keep an eye on him”

“It’s not a guard.

The guards are nothing but idiots.”

“They don’t even know we’re here.

What kind of escort is that”

The Tan clan with Odd Eye had a very good intuition.

The magic tool made out of them was the best and worst for no reason.

Therefore, even if Luger has an excellent escort, he will not be able to easily recognize the twins who hid their presence unless they are at the level of the Knight Commander.

“But he came here and they watched you too.”

“That’s offensive.

We’re the only ones allowed to do it, but other people are doing it, too.”

“We want to be the only ones following you.”

The twins started creeping towards Bellita.

Like a beast driving its prey into a corner.

Feeling overwhelmed, Belita unknowingly pulled her upper body back, but she was blocked by the door and couldn’t move anymore.

The approaching twins reached out one hand at a time and wrapped her cheek.

Belita’s body trembled for a moment due to their hot body temperature.

“You know what The only one in the world that saves a member of the Tan clan is a member of the Tan clan.”

“Nobody wants to get close to Tan.”

Belita was suffocating when two people, younger than me, with much bigger bodies, stood in front of her.

Their eyes glistened clearly through their shaded bodies, like the beasts of prey in the middle of the night.

“But you saved us.”

“Even at the expense of your own blood.”

The girl of the twins grabbed Belita’s left arm.

Belita groaned weakly at the pain she felt at the moment.

“So it’s fascinating.

It’s fun.

I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.”

The girl undid her bandages regardless of Belita’s protest.

The wounds that had not yet healed were fully revealed.

The twins laughed sweetly at the smell of blood that stung their noses.

“You can’t die until our curiosity is answered.

Then we’ll be very disappointed.”

“So live.

Don’t die, just survive.”

The smell of fishy blood surrounding the area and two predators driving their prey.

In the meantime, Belita, trapped, began to feel dizzy.

She never hoped for this while saving Tan’s twins.

There was nothing good for her to keep them by her side, cruel and uncontrolled.

She definitely thought so, but what the hell is going on with this now

It was when Belita closed her eyes in her increasingly hazy head.

This time the boy whispered in her ear like a lick.

“Survive to the end and tell us how you know us so well.”

At that moment, Belita opened her eyes.

“I’ve been really curious since last night.

How do you know us so well This is the first time we’ve left Savannah.”

Belita couldn’t say anything at the relaxed whisper.

“What are you”

The fierce whispering eyes of the twins scoured her as if searching.

These quick-witted guys.

It was an absolute crisis.

Belita’s lips, which rose slightly amid the pouring threat, trembled.


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