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 “You’re a weakling.”

“You’re weak.”

The twins clicked their tongues toward Belita, who was exhausted and sprawled on the bed.

Belita was embarrassed.

It’s strange that she’s buried in the middle of a bunch of wild animals but she’s fine.

“I’m going to have members from the Tan clan by my side, am I out of my mind”

“I won’t kill you.

Don’t worry.”

“Because you saved me.”

That’s a very good thing.

Belita sighed.

She had never hoped for anything particularly grandiose.

Far from the Tan clan, she was just going to find an escort, which is a bit capable and heavy-mouthed, but why did the Tan clan roll in from the beginning

The first event happened in a strange place so she began to worry about the second and third events.

Will everything be able to go back in place

‘No, no, no.’

Belita shook her head.

Austin Hill: Even if there’s an odd event, if she lets that smart guy in, the first event that’s been messed up will go back in place.

With him everything will be fine.


Belita, who was looking back at the twins lying like predators on both her sides, belatedly realized.

Until now, she didn’t know their names.

In the game, they didn’t need the names of the dead before they even appeared.

Belita felt unbearably apologetic again when she realized it.

The children who died the most miserable death eventually survived and are breathing now.

No one but herself can embrace these children.

Belita bit her lips tightly.

“……what’s your name”



The boy and the girl answered alternately.

Rahill and Roxa.

It’s such a pretty name, but I’ve lived without knowing it.

Belita smiled bitterly.

“Alright, Rahill, Roxa.

I am Belita.

Please take care of me from now on.”

“I’ll take good care of you.”

“We’ll bend our backs to protect your weak bones.”


Let’s let it slide.

It’s my fault, so I’ll let it slide!

Belita looked into the air and repeated dozens of times that they were still a child.

Yeah, who’s to blame This was all her own fault, too.

At this point, she had a reasonable suspicion that the reason why she came to this place was for repentance.

“Can I ask you a favor”

“What if we don’t listen Are you going to die”

Belita agonized over the question for a moment.

If she doesn’t get Austin Hill in, she’ll have a higher chance of dying

“Hmm, it’s no good.”

“Say it.”

Then the twins grabbed Belita’s hair from both sides and joked back.

Belita immediately contemplated whether to play with them or not, who looked like cats that found a thread.

“I need you to find someone.

He’s the one who’ll be my lifeline.”

“What’s his name”

“Austin Hill.

He’s 28 years old and has black hair and green eyes.

I’m sorry, but I don’t know where he is now.”

Once she told them what she remembered, they nodded roughly, unsure whether the twins heard it properly or not.

Is it tough for them to catch people

“……don’t push yourself too hard.”

Eventually, as Belita, who was worried, stammered, the twins opened their mouths wide at the same time.

“Wow, the weakling is worried for us.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

“I’m worried about Austin, not you.

Please bring him to me normally.”

Belita emphasized with a worried look because they lacked some common sense.

But this time again, the twins nodded roughly, so she couldn’t be relieved.

Will it really be okay Obviously, it’s very easy to find a person, but I couldn’t let go of my worries because the party involved was these twins.

Please be alright.

Belita longed to see them two playing like cats.

And she was soon forced to realize how complacent she was.

About four days after that.

On the fourth day the twins appeared again in front of Belita, looking very elated.

They dragged a tall man who was bound all over and covered with a bag on his face.


The man who is struggling to tell that he has been kidnapped and the twins who smiled brightly with blood dripping on their cheeks.

She’s afraid she made the wrong start.

Beep beep.

The more serious problem was that a mechanical beep kept ringing in her ear, indicating that a notification had come up.

Oh, my God.

What a total mess.

Belita slowly alternated between the system window that was floating in front of her and Austin Hill struggling under her feet.

And the twins who are proudly spreading their shoulders behind all of them.

… … No matter how she looks at it, it looks like a face asking for praise.

Should she praise them now or rebuke them

“……Well, alright.

G,Good job.”

But if she rebuked them, they would drag Austin back and throw him anywhere, so Belita smiled awkwardly and handed the prepared meat to the two.

The twins, who soon became bright, began to rip the meat off with seasoning all over their faces.

Belita, who looked at them with mixed eyes in the mood of raising a real beast, immediately squatted down.

That system window is also a problem, but first of all, she has to rescue this poor man.


He stopped struggling when she peeled off the bag that covered the man’s face.

Perhaps he was short of breath, but his slightly pale face and dark hair contrasted, giving off a strange atmosphere.

A gag was in between his swollen lips and his green eyes were slightly wet.

When I saw Austin looking up at me with his arms and legs tied, Belita felt really, really…

A handsome man who was kidnapped to a lady’s bedroom with his whole body bound.

It’s not that kind of situation, but isn’t the atmosphere so weird Even this man who was staring at her with bloodshot eyes, is perhaps having the same thoughts, not much different from her.

It’s a misunderstanding.

It’s a real misunderstanding.

Belita has never kidnapped him because she wanted his body.

‘If I don’t have to catch criminals from now on, I’ll never ask the twins to do it.’

Belita quickly released Austin’s gag and cut off the rope tied to his limbs, firmly determined.

His wrists and ankles were blackened because he was so tightly tied.


Are you okay”

As Belita asked cautiously, Austin, who was exhaling, glared at her with a bloated face.

“Do I look okay to you”

“No, but I can’t help but ask.

Then you must have felt worse”

At the words, Austin sat up with a big smile.

“You’re the owner of those things that drag people around.”

“I have two things to correct.

I didn’t kidnap you because I wanted your body, and I’m not their owner.

Look, do you think they treat me like a master”

Austin, who was about to shout nonsense, trembled at the sight of the twins who were actually eating meat.

Their eyes glaring this way were not in the least obedient.

It was as raw as a wild beast as it would bite.

“Then did your master order you to drag me here The owner of the snake’s nest”

Long silvery gray hair, clear gray green eyes, and a rare beauty.

The appearance of the Olden family was so famous that he knew it well.

So when Austin first saw Belita, he only knew that the greedy snake’s daughter really kidnapped him to covet him.

However, the eyes of the twins did not belong to anyone who regarded Belita as their owner.

If so, it was more likely that it was the owner of the nest, not her, who led the work.

Belita laughed at his words and his thoughts became more firm.

But that was the wrong answer.

“As expected, you’re a smart guy.

Well, anyone would recognize my features right away.”

Belita shrugged.

“But haven’t you heard any other rumors Snakes are sneaky and don’t trust anyone.

Even if it’s a child.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t believe it.

How would he believe a child who inherited his own greedy, manipulative blood”

Austin slowly scanned Belita sitting in front of him.

“It’s even harder to believe, especially if she’s a daughter who’s going against rumors like this.

Miss Belita Olden.

I think your personality is quite different from what I heard.”

Belita drew a smile without saying a word.

He seemed to have known rumors about her because he was also a smart person.

So the original Belita.

“Didn’t you just say that Father doesn’t believe in his children.

Isn’t there a good chance of the opposite”

Father and child never trust each other.

If it were somewhere else, it wouldn’t have been unusual for the Olden family here.

Olden’s villainous deeds were famous in the Empire.

“So, you want to tell me that you’ve been deceiving the Olden’s family”

“Deceiving… that’s hard to say.

It’s their stupidity for not knowing.”

Belita snorted with sincerity.

More than two weeks after the family’s daughter was completely changed to someone else, Carlon was still unaware of it.

Even the others.

Maybe the only one that is suspicious of her was Luger

But he wasn’t sure either.

She could see how little Olden was interested in their family.

“As expected, babies born in snake nests are different.

That’s why Olden is doing so well.”

Austin had a look of disgust at Bellita’s appearance.

There are a lot of illegal things the Olden family has been doing.

However, no matter what crime they committed, Olden’s position is firm, with no sign of decline.

It was Austin’s least favorite family.

“There’s nothing I can do because it’s what I’ve seen growing up.”

Belita put on a flower cup and looked at Austin.

She’s not old enough, but it was so natural that he got goosebumps because of her beautiful face.

Austin, who was wary of her beauty as he knew well about the evil snake, opened his eyes wide to the following words.

“So it’s no wonder there’s a snake that wants to get out of the nest forever, right”

“From Olden, you want to be independent”

Olden will always be an Olden from birth until death.

Those who dare to disgrace the name were killed by their siblings or parents.

That’s Olden, and now this woman was saying she’d get out of it.

“Oh, well, that’s for later.

It will eventually happen, but that is not the complete goal.”

“What are you talking about”

“I wanted to do something, so I asked the twins to bring you here.”

Belita, who was facing Austin, turned slightly and saw the system window still shining brightly, spitting out a beeping sound.

The same thing she’s been trying to turn a blind eye to since earlier.

On top of that, there was similar content that she saw a few days ago.

[Unexpected situation has occurred!]

 [Austin Hill was confronted with some sort of incident.

Recruitment of the person as an assistant gives you the possibility of opening a new route.

 Do you want to continue

 (Yes / No)]

“What is this”’

Belita read the message of the system window time and time again with her ridiculous eyes.

I can’t believe there’s a possibility of opening a new route.

Belita was stunned by the completely unexpected situation.


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