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Lin Yi dodged.

He picked up the metal canister and jumped to the top of the wardrobe. 

“Please,” he said to the deformed wardrobe.

“Hold on.”

The warped wardrobe trembled twice and actually managed to support his weight.



If you want to stop that thing from coming in and stop himself from being seen, the only possible place was on top of the wardrobe.

For that thing, this was the only blind spot in the entire room.

Moreover, on top of this wardrobe, his arms were still long enough that he could continue pound on the thing’s hands whenever it tried to get in. 

After Lin Yi steadied himself, he lowered his head and looked down.


The swollen hands he’d seen last night were holding onto the wardrobe doors once again.

Without a second thought, he brought the metal canister down on them.

The hands immediately retracted into the wardrobe.

Although Lin Yi couldn’t see it, he could guess that the thing must be peeping through the crack of the door like last night.

At this time, it has not rioted, which meant that he had yet to trigger the rules of death and that there was a huge possiblity that the second rule of death was that he couldn’t allow himself to be seen by it.


Lin Yi stared intently at the gap of the wardrobe door.

Seeing no one in the room, the thing reached out and tried to open the wardrobe doors.


Lin Yi brought down the metal canister once again.


The thing let out a shrill cry.

As though feeling peeved at being tricked, it swayed angrily in the closet.

The wardrobe creaked, straining under the onslaught. 

Lin Yi pursed his lips and said in his heart, ‘Brother Wardrobe, you must persist.

In the next life, I will work like a beast of burden for you.’

He didn’t dare to put entire weight on this wardrobe that would burst at any time.

He moved to the corner of the wall, leaning his body against it, wanting to distribute some of his weight to the wall.

As he was doing just that, a flash suddenly appeared in front of him.

A red dot had lighted up. 

Lin Yi was momentarily stunned.

This red light was very familiar to him.

Almost before he could think about it, he subconsciously locked onto the flashing red dot.

Was it suspended from the ceiling

At this time, the lights fell dark once again, disappearing into the darkness.

It was like the flashing red dot was never even there. 

But before Lin Yi could verify whether he had seen wrong, he suddenly felt a pain in his butt.

Lin Yi: “…”


This thing in the wardrobe had poked him with its nails!

That thing seemed to have figured out that Lin Yi had hidden at the top of the wardrobe! 

If it weren’t for the thick top of the wardrobe, his ass would have been pierced through.

After several small holes were poked in the top of the wardrobe, the chaos in the wardrobe disappeared.

Lin Yi understood that this was looking for him through these small holes.

Lin Yi couldn’t afford to be distracted any more.

He endured the pain on his backside and leaned against the corner, trying his best to find the blind spot.

The current situation was very unfavorable for him.

There was no gap on the top of the wardrobe; only that thing’s nails were exposed.

Those nails were strong enough to poke into walls; if Lin Yi’s metal canister had to hit those nails instead of its hands, it would be akin to using a glass of water to put out a forest fire. 

A forest fire that could evaporate water without even having to get close.

But right now, Lin Yi had no other way.

If he jumped off the wardrobe, that thing would see him and he would have violated the second rule of death and once that happens, this things wasn’t going to keep playing hide-and-seek with him like this.

He looked towards the door of his room, a hint of fear in his heart.

What if, what if he was killed by an NPC before the 7-7 Monster came to him 

The room was deathly still.

From out of the corner of Lin Yi’s eyes, he could spy the blood-red eyes behind the small hole on the top of the wardrobe; the eyeballs were turning in circles, slowly looking for its prey.

It believed that the staunch Lin Yi is above its head.

Not seeing Lin Yi through this hole, it shifted to another hole.

And the closest small hole was right under Lin Yi.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

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Olxf j qlfmf wbnlcu atgbeut j mtfmxfgr ybjgv, atf yibbv-gfv fsfyjii ribkis wbnfv obgkjgv atgbeut atf tbifr.

Olc Tl’r tfjga kjr lc tlr atgbja.

Lf kjr nfgs, nfgs rmjgfv cbk.

Lf tjv cb mtjcmf ab rjnf tlwrfio.

Llr bcis tbqf cbk kjr obg atf 7-7 Zbcrafg ab mbwf xcbmxlcu bc tlr vbbg ja atlr alwf.

Even if it was death, so long as it was by the hands of the 7-7 Monster. 

The blood-red eyeball was about to reach the small hole at the very end.

Lin Yi sniffed.

No knock came on his door, as if the 7-7 Monster knew that he would die at the hands of the NPC tonight, so it had no need to do the deed itself.

Lin Yi lowered his head and watched as the eyeball appeared in the last small hole.

He had nowhere to hide.

He’d been seen. 

The rule of death has been triggered!

The thing screamed excitedly.

Nails ripped through the top of the wardrobe, arms stretched out to pull in Lin Yi.

The moment its swollen hand touched the corner of Lin Yi’s clothes.


Aaaahhhhh —–

An extremely shrill scream from the corridor. 

The moment the scream resounded, Lin Yi knew that it was Qu Jialiang.

But he didn’t have wherewithal to care about what happened to Qu Jialiang.

With the metal canister, he started to pound at the thing’s hands.

He wanted to delay the time before his death, in case the 7-7 Monster comes!

However, just as he brought down the metal canister, the thing in the wardrobe suddenly withdrew its hands.

Its fingernails pierced a series of holes on the metal canister and the gold coins inside suddenly poured out.

After that, the wardrobe remained quiet.

Lin Yi lowered his head and found the thing once again staring at him.

Like the night before, it seemed to be trying to wear him down. 

Lin Yi was momentarily stunned but he quickly realized that the second rule of death must have been invalidated at the last minute.

Although he didn’t know what caused it, he hugged the half full metal canister.

In the apartment corridor.

Qu Jialiang hid in the cubicle of the shared toilet on the third floor, his whole body trembling.

No, no, he wouldn’t die so long as he wasn’t in his room. 

Boom, boom, boom.

Heavy footsteps were coming from a distance.

Qu Jialiang’s heart was about to jump out! He held his breath and covered his ears with his hands.

But he simply couldn’t block out the sound.

Despite his strained nerves, he heard the footsteps walking into the toilet.

Then stop in front of his cubicle. 

Seeing a pair of feet, Qu Jialiang immediately moved his hands from his ears and covered his mouth.

The person standing outside knocked on the door of his cubicle.

Knock Knock Knock.

Qu Jialiang was so frightened that he even forgot to breathe.

The only thing he felt was his face getting wet.

It turned out that when people were frightened beyond their limits, they couldn’t make a sound but tears would flow without their control.

There was only three knocks on the door; no more beyond that. 

But Qu Jialiang had never been as scared as he was at this moment — a pair of eyes had joined the pair of feet under the door!

The person outside had gotten down to look at him!


Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Qu Jialiang screamed. 

Aaaahhhhh —–

Soon, the screaming disappeared.

In its place was the sound of dragging; blood snaked all the way from the toilet.

Qu Jialiang’s wide eyes never closed again. 

He was dead.

The next morning was particularly difficult.

After the loudspeaker announced breakfast, screams rang out one after the other on the third floor.

Lin Yi looked in through the hole at the top of the wardrobe.

After making sure that the wardrobe was once again empty, he jumped off the wardrobe in relief. 

Maintaining this position all night long, his legs had swollen.

Jumping down, he made intimate contact with that floor and almost knocked out one of his teeth.

“Lin Yi!” Just like the morning yesterday, Qin Zhou came immediately to verify if he had survived.

Lin Yi: “Eh…”

Lin Yi endured the pain and stood up, clutching his mouth as he went to open the door. 

As soon as the door opened, Qin Zhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at Lin Yi’s mouth full of blood: “That thing”

Lin Yi shook his head and said vaguely, “I fell.”

He then pointed to the spot where he fell.

When he half turned to identify the spot, Qin Zhou saw his buttocks. 

Qin Zhou: “Is this also from the fall”

“That thing wounded me.

Lin Yi said, “A little more and that thing would have broken that spot.”


Qin Zhou: “…”

Seeing that he was still alive and was still being his usual slick-talking self, Qin Zhou said, “Qu Jialiang is dead.” 

Saying so, Qin Zhou pushed the door further open.

A bloody trail snaked past their door.

The blood was eye-piercingly red and the smell of blood assailed their nostrils.

“Dead” Although Lin Yi hadn’t been feeling optimistic about Qu Jialiang’s survival, he was still shocked when he heard the news: “That thing was with me the entire night!”

Qin Zhou was also stunned, “It was with you the whole time”

The two looked at each other.

Although they had known each other for only a short time, they had already formed a tacit understanding.

They left Room 304 to find the end of the bloody trail. 

Room 204 on the second floor.

The answer was self-evident.

Qu Jialiang died at the hands of the old dorm manager.

At breakfast, everyone was preoccupied.

If they had eaten lunch and dinner yesterday, they wouldn’t be down here now. 

Cheng Yang couldn’t bring himself to say ‘congratulations’ when he saw Lin Yi.

Although he and Qu Jialiang hadn’t been on good terms, the bloodstains  proved how miserable Qu Jialiang had died.

During the whole breakfast, no one said a word.

Qin Zhou asked about the status of the windows.

He first asked Li Ying who they had their doubts about but  before Li Ying could speak, Xu Xiazhi looked up at Qin Zhou and said, “The next one is me.


Qin Zhou glanced at him and Li Ying said, “It’s…it’s closed.”

Lin Yi asked Zhou Lingling, “How about Senior Sister’s” 

Zhou Lingling said, “It’s also closed.”

Cheng Yang said to himself, “For now, my window hasn’t been opened.”

Xu Xiazhi had no appetite though he forced himself to eat it.

After eating, he asked Lin Yi, “Qu Jialiang died last night.”

Lin Yi thought for a while: “My condolences.” 

“So there’s no new death rule, right It’s still the original two — failing to stop that thing from entering and being seen by that thing.” Xu Xiazhi confirmed again.

Lin Yi was momentarily stunned, then nodded.


“Thank you.” Xu Xiazhi left Room 103.

Cheng Yang went to Lin Yi’s side, “Lin Yi Xiong, are you okay” 

Lin Yi hadn’t rested since coming into the Rule World and now his eyes were as swollen as his injured lips.

Qin Zhou glanced at him.

“Are you full Go and rest for a while if you are.”

Lin Yi could actually feel that he was reaching his limit.

If he didn’t sleep, he might die of sudden death.

So, he nodded.

Although he couldn’t fall asleep without the white noise, closing his eyes and resting was also a good idea.

Lin Yi returned to Room 304.

He lay on the bed and closed his eyes. 

His dry eyes were finally getting some rest but his mind was still active.

It was the old dorm manager who had killed last night.

That’s right, it was the old dorm manager.

Even if the old dorm manager and that thing weren’t in league with each other, the old dorm manager was a tool for killing and could never be on the same team as them.

He had clearly triggered the rule of death last night, as evidenced by how that thing had rioted in the wardrobe.

But why did that thing suddenly stop, as if it had returned to the time when there was only the first rule of death

Thoughts of that terrifying bloody trail and the question Xu Xiazhi had asked him came unbidden to his mind. 

– “So there’s no new death rule, right It’s still the original two — failing to stop that thing from entering and being seen by that thing.”

Lin Yi opened his eyes suddenly and got up from the bed.

Shocked, Qin Zhou, who was looking at the hole in the wardrobe, Qin Zhou asked, “What are you doing”

Lin Yi moved the wardrobe, “Senior, help me.” 

Qin Zhou looked at him.

“Tell me what you want to do first”

Lin Yi moved the wardrobe impatiently.

“Xu Xiazhi is right.

Even if Qu Jialiang died strangely, it doesn’t affect our confirmed rules of death.”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment.

He then understood what Lin Yi was going to do.

Confirmed rules of death: 

One was failing to stop the thing from crawling in through the window.

The second was to be seen by that thing.


Neither was looking out through the window.

So Lin Yi was now trying to move the wardrobe and open the curtains to look outside.

There were no more clues they could find in the dorm building, maybe there would be some outside the window.

“It’s true that there is no such rule of death.” Qin Zhou stopped Lin Yi.

“What if that thing is outside your window If you move aside the curtain, it will see you.” 

Lin Yi shook his head and said, “Senior, Qu Jialiang didn’t die at the hands of that thing.

He didn’t stay in the room last night and that thing kept fighting with me in my room.

I clearly satisfied the second rule of death, but that thing suddenly stopped.

Senior, is it possible that the 7-7 Rule World is made up of two parallel lines Do you remember the ‘agreement’ the old dorm manager mentioned The main line is the window-related rules of death that the 7-7 Monster had set and the sub-line is related to the ‘agreement’ with the old dorm manager.

It was Qu Jialiang who triggered the sub-line’s rule of death so the second rule of death that we’d determined was invalidated.”

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and thought.

“You mean, the old dorm manager has his own special rules of death.”

Lin Yi asked, “Is there such a possibility”

Qin Zhou recalled the crimson bloodstain, “Yes.” 

Lin Yi nodded and said, “If that’s the case, then actually, the confirmed rules of death failing to prevent that thing from entering and leaving your room at night.”

Qin Zhou said, “Get out of the way.”

Lin Yi: “Huh”

Qin Zhou knocked on the wardrobe: “I’ll be the one to go and have a look.” 

Seeing Lin Yi still standing, Qin Zhou frowned.

“You lie down.”

Lin Yi: “Oh, is sitting okay I’m a little too excited and I can’t lie down.”

Qin Zhou didn’t say anything else.

The deformed wardrobe was on the verge of collapse, there was no need for two people to lift it.

Qin Zhou moved the wardrobe away by himself.

He didn’t open the curtain immediately but slowly opened it from one corner.

His raised his eyes and looked out the window. 

Qin Zhou’s expression froze, his brows furrowed tightly.

Lin Yi was seated by the bed and asked curiously, “Senior, what did you see”

Qin Zhou: “That thing.”

Lin Yi gripped his quilt.

“What is it” 

Qin Zhou: “It’s a…”

The author has something to say: I guess you’re going to scold me for the cliffhanger.

I’ll make it up to you!


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