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Lin Yi didn’t dare make his backing away too obvious.

Although Cheng Yang’s expression was completely distorted, the 7-7 Monster had no intention of piercing through this layer of gauze for the time being.

He stared at Lin Yi and asked with gritted teeth.

“Lin Yi Xiong, are you saying that I am” 

If Lin Yi’s answer didn’t satisfy the Monster, it would kill him immediately! Kill him before Lin Yi could even opens his mouth to demand a Replay!

Even if there were other people who would come to demand a Replay, it was going to kill this person in front of it.

It was punishment for these restless ones and a warning to those who would enter the 7-7 Rule World for the next round.



The first Replay-er won’t make it out alive.

Don’t go thinking that you’re some savior of the world.

It approached Lin Yi and grabbed Lin Yi’s shoulders with both hands.

Its eyes protruding from anger was almost pressed against Lin Yi’s face. 

“Are – You – Saying – That – I -Am”


The cold and close contact made Lin Yi stiffen all over; especially when he saw something sharp in the depths of Cheng Yang’s mouth.

A chopstick.

The chopstick had actually been hidden in the 7-7 Monster’s throat!


No wonder they couldn’t find it anywhere!

Lin Yi’s fingers trembling unsteadily.

He didn’t dare to change his breathing, neither heavier nor shallower.

He knew that if he didn’t answer this question well, he would have his head immediately crushed by the 7-7 Monster.

And so he said, “Cheng Yang Xiong, I don’t know.”


Cheng Yang was momentarily stunned.

The hand reaching out to strangle Lin Yi stopped. 

“I remember you saying once how you didn’t know which Yuanzhong would die tonight but please don’t let it be you, or Lin Yi Xiong and especially not Senior.” Lin Yi said, “If you are the 7-7 Monster, you would want nothing more but for me to die.

You wouldn’t say something like that about me.”

As he said that, Lin Yi showed a distressed expression.

“Cheng Yang Xiong, it’s too contradictory.

That’s why I came to ask you.” Lin Yi looked earnestly at Cheng Yang, “I hope you can give me an explanation.”

Cheng Yang stared at Lin Yi, while Lin Yi met his gaze calmly. 

“I have completely explored the 7-7 Rule World.

If I were sure that you are the 7-7 Monster, I would directly demand a Replay instead of asking you.


Because he was too nervous, Lin Yi couldn’t help coughing.

With this cough, Cheng Yang’s eyes turned sharper, almost unable to hide his murderous heart.

Lin Yi hurriedly stopped and asked sincerely, “That’s why I came to ask you, Cheng Yang Xiong, I really want to hear your explanation, can you tell me Please.”

His facial features were beautiful and gentle.

Most people’s impression of Lin Yi was ‘good-looking’ and ‘honest’.

Especially when he asked something with a sincere expression on his face, it was hard to say no. 

Lin Yi said, “Cheng Yang Xiong~”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Jtfcu Tjcu: “…”


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Jtfcu Tjcu rjlv, “Tbe’gf atf bcis bcf ktb’r kliilcu ab afii wf jybea atf rlaejalbc tfgf, atja’r kts P rff sbe jr j ygbatfg.

Ciatbeut kf’nf xcbkc fjmt batfg obg j rtbga alwf, kf jgf ublcu atgbeut j ilnf jcv vfjat rlaejalbc abufatfg.

Rb wjaafg tbk alwlv P wjs yf, bo mbegrf P vbc’a kjca ab pera kjamt sbe vlf.

Ktja’r kts P kfca ab atf veas gbbw ab rjnf sbe.” 

Lin Yi nodded slightly.

Cheng Yang paid attention to Lin Yi’s expression.

He continued, “You said that I wasn’t concerned about whether you lived or died in the morning.

But that’s because I see Boss stomping in front of your door every morning.

To be honest, I’m a little scared of him.

Besides, I hear your reply to the Boss so I know that you’re still alive.

We’re all grown men, we don’t have to keep asking to show consideration.

Don’t you think so, Lin Yi Xiong”

Lin Yi said, “That makes sense.”

Cheng Yang laughed, “Then you know now, right I’m not the 7-7 Monster.” 

Lin Yi shook his head.

Cheng Yang’s smile immediately froze on his face.

Like a sudden face change in Sichuan Opera, his eyes turned hostile.


Lin Yi said, “I believe in you, but Senior might not necessarily believe you.”

He thought, “How about this…” 

The loudspeaker in the third floor corridor suddenly rang out.



Lunch in Room 103.”

Lin Yi opened the door and walked out from Room 303.

After walking a few steps, the door of Room 301 was slammed open.

Lin Yi saw Qin Zhou, standing by the door, looking a little stunned.

He knew why Qin Zhou was surprised.

He had faced the 7-7 Monster.

That test would have either angered the 7-7 Monster, resulting in him being killed and the Rule World continuing on or he performed a Replay, the 7-7 Rule World instance ends and they all survive and leave. 

But now, Lin Yi was still alive and the 7-7 Rule World was continuing on.

“Little genius, you…” Qin Zhou didn’t get to finish speaking.

Lin Yi gently shook his head at Qin Zhou.

Cheng Yang was still following him.

Although Qin Zhou still couldn’t figure out what was going on, he turned around and threw Zhou Lingling a meaningful look.

Not everyone could remain calm knowing that Cheng Yang was the 7-7 Monster. 

Lin Yi said to Qin Zhou, “Senior, I won’t be having lunch anymore.

Cheng Yang Xiong and I have something to do.”

Qin Zhou said, “What’s the matter”


Lin Yi said, “I’ll tell you later.” After saying so, he glanced at Cheng Yang: “Right, Cheng Yang Xiong”

Cheng Yang nodded.

“Right, right, right.” 

Qin Zhou took a deep breath.

Lin Yi was still alive.

It’s wasn’t difficult to guess why the 7-7 Rule World instance was still continuing on.

Performing a Replay wasn’t easy; the 7-7 Monster wasn’t human, after all and it had the right to ‘kill at will anyone involved in the Replay’.

Many times the Replay-er would be killed by the Monster before he could even utter a syllable.

Especially a Monster like the 7-7 Monster that has already eaten so many people.

Its ability and ferocity can only be imagined.

Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to complete the Replay by himself.

But now, he and Lin Yi have been reunited and even Zhou Lingling was already in on everything.

The three of them would face the 7-7 Monster.

No matter how fast the 7-7 Monster could kill, it wouldn’t be able to stop three mouths all at the same time. 

Qin Zhou knew that Lin Yi couldn’t have possibly not thought of this but Lin Yi clearly had no intention of performing a Replay.

He frowned and coldly called out to Lin Yi, “Lin Yi, what are you doing”

“Senior, don’t worry.

We’re not going to mess around.

You’ll find out later.” Lin Yi saw Zhou Lingling behind Qin Zhou.

Her face had turned pale upon seeing Cheng Yang.

He guessed that Zhou Lingling already knew everything.

Worried that Zhou Lingling would suddenly call for a Replay at this time, Lin Yi grabbed Cheng Yang and spoke quickly, “Let’s go first.” 

After saying so, he pulled Cheng Yang and ran downstairs without looking back.

Qin Zhou looked at Lin Yi and Cheng Yang’s back, a deep look in his eyes.

Zhou Lingling asked timidly, “Senior Qin, what… what’s going on Are-Aren’t we supposed to go find the 7-7 Monster for a Replay …”

Qin Zhou’s face the very picture of irritability.

He had no idea what Lin Yi was planning.

“Senior Qin.” Zhou Lingling saw that Qin Zhou was unhappy and asked cautiously, “Then are we following… are we going after them Then we can do the Replay.” 

She very much wanted to do the Replay already.

She very much wanted to leave the 7-7 Rule World.

Every minute and every second here was torment.

“F*ck.” Qin Zhou wanted to catch Lin Yi and beat him hard on the head in order to get him to wake up.

But after cursing for a bit, he still said, “Let’s head to Room 103.”

In the first floor apartment lobby. 

Lin Yi stabbed the lock of the main door with a key numbered ‘304’, while Cheng Yang stood in front of the window of the duty room to help block the sight of the old dorm manager.

This was the agreement between Lin Yi and Cheng Yang.

He would try to see if the key he had on hand could open the main door, while Cheng Yang was responsible for appeasing the old dorm manager.


While they had been inside Room 303, Lin Yi told Cheng Yang that Qin Zhou didn’t believe in Cheng Yang.

But, he had a way to convince Qin Zhou that Cheng Yang wasn’t the 7-7 Monster.

That was to try to unlock the front door while Cheng Yang covered for him.

This was, Qin Zhou, who was having lunch in Room 103, would see that Cheng Yang was also very determined to leave this place. 

In this way, Qin Zhou would be convinced that Cheng Yang wasn’t the 7-7 Monster.

After all, the 7-7 Monster wouldn’t want them leaving here.

Lin Yi tried to open the door while he glanced at Cheng Yang from out the corner of his eye.

The glass window of the duty room reflected Cheng Yang’s image and the reflection was glancing in the direction of Room 103.

It could be seen that the 7-7 Monster really didn’t want to be discovered. 

He only looked once and then quickly withdrew his gaze.

He then continued to carefully stab at the keyhole.

Stabbing and stabbing, he suddenly called out.

“Cheng Yang Xiong.”

Cheng Yang turned back, a surprised expression on his face, “You got it open”

Lin Yi shook his head.


Of course, the 7-7 Monster knew that Lin Yi couldn’t open the door.

The key in Lin Yi’s hand was the key to Room 304.

It wasn’t the key to the front door.

Cheng Yang revealed another frustrated expression.

He then he turned to comfort Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi Xiong, it’s okay… There must be another way to get out of here.”

Lin Yi beckoned to Cheng Yang.

“Cheng Yang Xiong, come and take a look.”

Cheng Yang glanced at Lin Yi once more.

He then walked to Lin Yi’s side. 

Lin Yi looked like he had found some clue.

But the 7-7 Monster knew that there were no clues to be found from the apartment’s front door.

Even the old dorm manager looked calmly at them.

In the span it took for Cheng Yang to walk to him, Lin Yi’s palms had begun to sweat.

“Lin Yi Xiong, did you find anything” Cheng Yang approached Lin Yi and asked in a low voice.

Lin Yi rubbed his palm on his pants leg, then pointed to a part of the door and said, “Cheng Yang Xiong, look here.” 

Cheng Yang looked in the direction of Lin Yi’s finger.

Lin Yi asked, “Do you see it”


Cheng Yang said, “See what”

Lin Yi said, “Look more closely…” He pointed again, “Do you see it” 

Cheng Yang really did look again.

Lin Yi quietly dashed behind Cheng Yang.

He squeezed the palms of his hands, took a deep breath and gathered all his strength into his hand.

He then pushed hard.

Bam —!

Bang ——! 

Defenseless, Lin Yi pushed Cheng Yang out the front door.

Inside the duty room, the old dorm manager abruptly stood up.

Lin Yi had opened the apartment’s front door.

While Cheng Yang was coming over, the front door had already been unlocked.

In a huff, the old dorm manager, came out of the duty room.

Cheng Yang, who had fallen outside the apartment, turned his head and looked at Lin Yi who was still standing at the door.

Lin Yi looked at him calmly.

“Cheng Yang Xiong, you knocked the door open!” 


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