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Cheng Yang’s face was instantly somber.

The nerves on his face pulsated angrily.

Jerky as though having a seizure, Cheng Yang’s body twitched visibly.

His eyes though remained fixed on Lin Yi. 

His mouth opened in a frightful angle.

His voice, ice-cold and monstrous: “Lin! Yi!”

With this cry, Cheng Yang’s body, lying on the ground, suddenly stood up, his movements strange.

He then came charging towards Lin Yi.



Lin Yi immediately stepped back but he wasn’t as fast as Cheng Yang.

Just as he took a step back, Cheng Yang had already reached the door.

Just that, at that very second, the fuming old dorm manager had already rushed over.

Swearing and cursing, he once again locked the door.

This motion of locking the door temporarily blocked the berserking 7-7 Monster. 

Qin Zhou, who’d heard the commotion, ran over.

Seeing this scene, he suddenly understood what Lin Yi was planning.


Qin Zhou couldn’t help casting a few more glances at Lin Yi.

Brows furrowed tightly: “You really can’t stop courting death, can you!”

Lin Yi had heard Qin Zhou coming to the apartment lobby.

While Cheng Yang was madly shaking the door, he turned around and walked towards Qin Zhou.

“Senior, let’s go.”


Saying so, he called to Zhou Lingling, who was hiding behind Qin Zhou.

“Senior sister, let’s get out of here.”

Lin Yi was taking the stairs three or four steps at a time, Qin Zhou followed closely behind him.

Although Lin Yi and Qin Zhou didn’t say anything, Zhou Lingling could feel they were keyed up.

She didn’t know what had happened, so she could only blindly follow suit.


“Hurry up.” Lin Yi rushed into Room 304 and shouted to the two people behind him, “Come in, quick!” 

Qin Zhou looked back at Zhou Lingling.

Seeing Zhou Lingling being left behind, he turned back and helped her.

Lin Yi, who was already in room 304, immediately closed the door once Qin Zhou and Zhou Lingling were in.

There was a ‘bang’.

The sound of the door slamming shut, resounded in the third floor corridor.

After closing the door, Lin Yi looked around in Room 304.

His eyes touched on the dilapidated wardrobe.

He was about to step forward when Qin Zhou already pushed the wardrobe to the door to block it. 

Lin Yi was still worried.

He placed the chair on the table again and pushed it all against the wardrobe.

Although Lin Yi and Qin Zhou exchanged no words upon entering Room 304, their movements were strained and keyed-up.

With how they were blocking the door with so many things, no matter how confused Zhou Lingling was, she knew that the two of them were trying to prevent someone from coming in.

“Is this to stop the 7-7 Monster” 

The old dorm manager only kills at night and it was still daytime.

Zhou Lingling guessed that the one Lin Yi and Qin Zhou was trying to stop was the 7-7 Monster.

“Will…will this help” she asked in a trembling voice.


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

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Dea atfgf kfgf bcis rb wjcs atlcur atja mbeiv yf erfv ab yibmx atf vbbg jcv cbk atfs kfgf jii jujlcra atf vbbg.

“Pa rtbeiv.” Olc Tl rjlv, “Snfc lo kf mjc’a rabq atf 7-7 Zbcrafg ogbw mbwlcu lc, atf atgff bo er jgf tfgf.

Po atlr gfjiis vbfrc’a kbgx, kf mjc ralii vb j Efqijs jcv kf rtbeiv yf rjof.” 

Seeing Zhou Lingling’s red eyes, Lin Yi apologized, embarrassed, “Senior Sister, I’m sorry for scaring you.”

Although Zhou Lingling was scared, she picked up on the implication of Lin Yi’s words.

Lin Yi had said, ‘If this really doesn’t work’ and ‘we can still do a Replay’, which meant that the Replay was the alternative.

“Lin Yi, aren’t we… aren’t we going to do the Replay” Zhou Lingling pressed her nails nervously into the tender flesh of her palm.

Lin Yi looked to Qin Zhou before answering this question.

Qin Zhou snorted coldly, but didn’t say anything. 

Only then did he make a low ‘en’ and then said, “We won’t be doing a Replay.”

Zhou Lingling’s eyes darkened when she heard this.

“Did…did something unexpected happen”

The Replay was an opportunity for them to leave the 7-7 Rule World alive.

If they don’t do a Replay, that would mean they couldn’t leave and they would continue to stay in this hellish place where they could die at any minute.

“Senior Sister, don’t worry.

Nothing unexpected happened.” Lin Yi said, “We’re just changing our strategy.” 

Zhou Lingling asked, “What is it”

Lin Yi: “We’re going to kill the 7-7 Monster.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a harsh scratching sound at the door.

“Lin Yi Xiong…” Cheng Yang had come after him.

“It’s me, can you open the door” 

Zhou Lingling hid in the corner in fear.

Lin Yi and Qin Zhou turned towards the door at the same time.

Just as Lin Yi was about to step forward and use his own weight to block the door, Qin Zhou raised his voice, “He’s not here.”

The knock on the door stopped for a moment; then fell heavily again.

Cheng Yang’s voice was extremely sharp.

“Boss, do you suspect me to be the 7-7 Monster Open the door, I can explain to you.”

“Yes.” Qin Zhou said, “And if you keep knocking then I’m sure you’re the 7-7 Monster.”

It was quiet outside the door.

Zhou Lingling asked in a low voice, “Did he leave…” 

Lin Yi shook his head and mouthed silently, “No.”

They didn’t hear any leaving footsteps.


The  7-7 Monster was still outside the door!

Zhou Lingling asked, “What do we do now” 

Lin Yi mouthed, “Wait for him to leave.”

Zhou Lingling’s voice was beginning to choke with sobs.

“What if he never leaves”

Lin Yi shook his head firmly, no.

The 7-7 Monster will leave. 

Qin Zhou looked back at them.

His expression seemed to say that he had a lot of questions to ask Lin Yi but in the end he didn’t say anything.

After all, the 7-7 Monster was just outside the door.

Room 304 fell silent.

The silence persisted until the sky begun to darken outside.

Zhou Lingling broke down and said, “Have we lost the chance to do a Replay”

Even if 7-7 Monster didn’t kill them now, the NPCs will come to kill them. 

Like the vase girl.

The first rule of death is failing to stop the vase girl from climbing in through the window.

Qin Zhou wasn’t in Room 305, so he wouldn’t be able to stop her.

Qin Zhou would satisfy the first rule of death. 

And then there was the old dorm manager.

The second rule of death was leaving your room at night.

Qin Zhou and Zhou Lingling were both in Room 304.

Both of them satisfied the second rule of death.

“As soon as it leaves, you can go back.” Lin Yi said. 

Zhou Lingling said, “Is there…is there still time”

Just as Lin Yi was about to answer, Qin Zhou, who’d been silent the whole time, finally said, “No need to go back.

We’re all staying here tonight.”


Then he looked at Lin Yi and asked, “How sure are you of killing the 7-7 Monster”

Lin Yi said, “Senior said that the Monsters make the rules and benefit from them.

So, the Monsters aren’t only the creators of the rules but also the implementers.” 

Qin Zhou said, “That is what I said.”

Lin Yi hurriedly said: “In fact, this actually is the case.

Why won’t the rules of death come knocking on Cheng Yang’s door.

Because the 7-7 Monster is also the implementer of the rules of death.

The rules of death can’t come looking for it.

If the rules of death were completely harmless to the 7-7 Monster, why didn’t it use being targeted by a rule of death to throw off suspicion that it is a Monster so we wouldn’t even suspect Cheng Yang at all.

This means that the rules of death also apply to the 7-7 Monster.”

Between Qin Zhou’s pondering and Zhou Lingling’s astonishment, Lin Yi said, “The first night the chopstick was stolen, Senior and I both thought that the 7-7 Monster would come knocking on my door, chopstick in hand.

But it didn’t come.

Because it knows that ‘leaving you room at night’ is a rule of death.

It can’t come out.

If not, being that I was already being targeted by the rules of death, nighttime would have been the best time to try and kill me.

Attacked on both sides, if I were still able to survive that, I would be the luckiest person alive.

I’d be strutting my way through Rule Worlds in the future.”

Lin Yi didn’t know which of his words made Qin Zhou chuckle. 

Qin Zhou gave him a deep look and said, “Go on.”

Lin Yi continued obediently: “It chose to try and kill me in the duty room because it can only strike during the day.

But during the day, I’m always with Senior.

It was only when I went to the duty room that I was alone, it was its only chance to kill me.”

“To sum it up,” Lin Yi said, “I’m 90% certain of killing the 7-7 Monster.”

“There’s going to be a new rule of death today.

But the old dorm manager’s rules of death can be preempted.” Lin Yi said: “The first article in the “Accommodation Agreement” is that you are not allowed to leave the apartment building.

I pushed the Monster out of the apartment building, triggering the third rule of death — leaving the apartment building.” 

Qin Zhou kept staring at Lin Yi.

What Lin Yi said, he already understood when he saw Lin Yi push Cheng Yang out of the apartment building.

There was only one question.

Qin Zhou asked, “How did you get the door open”

Lin Yi took the key out of his pocket.

“I found this under the old dorm’s pillow when I slipped into the duty room.”

He had brought it out.

But the old dorm manager would have found out if something important was missing.

So, Lin Yi had put his actual room key, the one with the number ‘304’ under the old dorm manager’s pillow.

The took the label from that key and placed it on this one. 

This key had been placed under the old man’s pillow.

It must be an important key.

There were two important places in this apartment building.

One was the second floor and the other was the front door.

This time, without waiting for Qin Zhou to ask first, Lin Yi took the initiative and said, “There are two doors barring entry to the second floor.

This is a separate key.

My guess was this is key to the front door.”

It turned out, he had guessed right.

The key that fell out was the key to the front door.

Qin Zhou stared at the key in his hand.

He thought for a moment, and said, “You didn’t tell me that you found this key.” 

“Did you already decide what to do then”

Lin Yi was at a loss and he said quietly, “En”.


“Even if we leave the 7-7 Rule World, the 7-7 Monster can still continue picking its prey.

Better to… end it.”

He rubbed his neck.

He found Qin Zhou was directing a complicated look at him.

He felt that his actions were so stupid, so stupid that he became incomparably embarrassed and so embarrassed that he could did out an entire fantasy castle with the way his toes were curling. 

Qin Zhou snorted lightly.

Seeing that Qin Zhou had finished asking all the questions he wanted to ask, Zhou Lingling said, “Lin Yi, you said that you are only 90% sure.

Are you thinking that something…unexpected might happen”

“There won’t be anything unexpected.” Lin thought for a while and said, “It’s just that it’s not going to be easy for us tonight…”

After all, they had all violated the rules of death.

Now, they all needed to hold on.

Hold on until the old dorm manager to kill the 7-7 Monster who had violated the third rule of death. 

With the 7-7 Monster gone, the 7-7 Rule World would naturally cease to exist.

They finally heard the 7-7 Monster’s footsteps leaving its stop in front of their door.

Zhou Lingling stared in the direction of the door and took a deep breath.

The 7-7 Monster left, indicating that their final night had come.

Zhou Lingling covered her face.

“What we can’t hold on” 

Lin Yi said firmly, “No, we will.”



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