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Lin Yi could feel the group chat choke.

He thought he heard a ‘thud’ in the bedroom opposite, like Cheng Yang had been shocked into falling off his bed. 

Sure enough, after the ‘thud’ was Cheng Yang’s cry of ‘Ouch’.

Lin Yi glanced at the door.

After Cheng Yang’s short cry of pain ended, he turned his attention back to his phone screen.



The video call was still going on and the advisor was still counting the years off his fingers, repeating in a murmur, “The year I committed suicide, the 2-6 Rule has existed for six years.

But how many years has it been since I committed suicide…”

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

If it weren’t for the advisor’s words that were too scary and suspenseful, he would already be thinking about the 2-6 Monster right now. 

But now his attention was all on the advisor’s words…


Committed suicide

Lin Yi immediately went to touch the MP4 player in his pocket.

Upon contact with the MP4 player, not only did Lin Yi not breathe a sigh of relief but without his conscious control, his thinking grew more active.

In the Rule World, you couldn’t bring things in.

He was still lying on the bed he just made.

His mobile phone was in his hand.

His MP4 was still in his pocket.


So, he was still in the real world.

Then these words of their advisor seemed dreadfully difficult to ascertain.

Lin Yi sat up on bed, poked haphazardly on his screen making the text box appear once again by clicking some button and then he typed.


Class 22 Bioengineering – Lin Yi: Teacher Jiang, are you okay 

Even Cheng Yang could sense the psychological pressure the advisor was under.

Lin Yi first suspected that their advisor was suffering from some mental problem.

On the screen, the advisor has been counting the years since his suicide.

It could be seen he was unusually pained performing this calculation; one moment he would be poking his face and the next moment he would be pulling his hair.

He kept repeating: “But how many years has it been since I committed suicide How many years has it been since I committed suicide…”

His words had scared witless the other 13 Bioengineering freshmen of Class 22.

At this time, no one dared to post anymore messages.

So the advisor who’d been struggling with this problem, upon seeing Lin Yi’s message, suddenly stopped thinking for nearly ten minutes. 

He sat upright, his eyes fixed on the screen.

He realized the implication of Lin Yi’s question and he quickly adjusted the expression on his face.

In the next second, the advisor said with a smile on his face, “Student Lin Yi, everyone, I’m fine.”

Lin Yi quietly observed the advisor’s expression.

Fortunately, staring at each other through the screen produced no sense of embarrassment and Lin Yi watched intently and clearly.

Although the advisor’s face had calmed down, his flustered state could still be seen a little through his eyes.

His voice too when he replied to Lin Yi trembled a little. 

The student union had stipulated that the identities of faculty and staff could not be disclosed to students as it might cause panic among them.

The advisor suddenly remembered the president of the student union.

He was a little afraid of Qin Zhou.

He didn’t know why but though he had experienced several changes in the leadership of the student union, the current student union president scared them more than the previous two.

There were times when they didn’t even dare look at him.


If Qin Zhou were to find out that he had accidentally leaked something because of a slip of the tongue, he would have to go to the student union and once again, be made to stand still as punishment.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Lf kjcafv ab delmxis fcv atlr mjii klat atf raevfcar.

Pc jcs mjrf, tf tjv jigfjvs oeioliifv tlr vealfr. 

“Vlcmf fnfgsbcf kjcar ab qlmx eq atflg afzaybbxr joafg mijrrfr rajga, P klii cbalos sbe atf vjs yfobgf ktfc sbe mjc qlmx eq sbeg afzaybbxr.

Pa’r jigfjvs nfgs ijaf, fnfgsbcf rtbeiv ub ab yfv jr rbbc jr qbrrlyif.

Po sbe mjc’a riffq, sbe mjc ub wfwbglhf atf rmtbbi geifr, kf…”

Before he could finish speaking, the counselor saw another message from the peculiarly-named Lin Yi.

Class 22 Bioengineering – Lin Yi: Teacher Jiang, I want to get my textbooks tomorrow, can I

Level 22 Bioengineering-Lin Yi: I want to study in advance.


The advisor paused for a moment.

Probably rejoicing that Lin Yi wasn’t insisting on an answer to his question, he let out a sigh of relief and said, “Yes, you can.”

After thinking about it, he added: “Students who want to get their textbooks tomorrow, come to Room 101, Building A, at 10 o’clock tomorrow.

Students who don’t want to get their textbooks for the time being can wait for my next notice.”

Class 22 Bioengineering – Lin Yi: Thank you, Teacher.

The advisor said good-bye and then hastily cut off the video call. 

The moment the video call ended, the screen turned off and turned black.

Lin Yi jumped off the bed and went to find his charger to charge it.

When he returned to bed, there were many more text messages on his phone.

Just like normal text messages, the unread messages were stored in ‘Messages’.

There were more than twenty. 

Most of them were from Cheng Yang.

[Cheng Yang]: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

Lin Yi Xiong, I’m **ing scared to death.

[Cheng Yang]: Are you really going to collect your textbooks tomorrow Don’t you think that advisor was weird Is he…

[Cheng Yang]: What time are you getting up tomorrow Can you call me when you wake up I’ll go with you. 

[Cheng Yang]: If that advisor turns out to be some other kind of existence, we can look out for each other.

The other text messages were from other students from his major.

They were anxiously requesting that Lin Yi help them bring their textbooks back.


Lin Yi wasn’t very good at rejecting people so he pretended not to have seen them.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help.

But there were so many subjects listed on his schedule, there was bound to be a ton of textbooks.

He couldn’t help so many people. 

He only replied to Cheng Yang’s text message.

Compared to randomly tapping the screen to trigger the input box during a video call, he was very skilled at sending text messages.

Lin Yi replied to Cheng Yang, ‘I can go by myself’.

Then he received a series of desperate text messages.

It seemed Cheng Yang was going to keep sending them endlessly if Lin Yi didn’t agree.

At Cheng Yang’s perseverance, Lin Yi could only let out a “good grief”. 

Lin Yi couldn’t stand it anymore — he really wanted to sleep — so he had no choice but to say “Okay” to Cheng Yang.

Finally, his phone grew silent.

Lin Yi set an alarm for 9:00 in the morning and then put the phone aside.

There were two reasons why he asked the advisor to let him collect his textbooks the next day.

One was to see the advisor’s condition with his own eyes so as to prove his conjecture regarding the advisor’s identity.

The second was because he wanted a chance to roam around the campus; he wanted to see the 2-6 Monster. 

Even if Cheng Yang insisted on tagging along, it wouldn’t have any effect.

He had no intention of entering the Rule World for the time being.

When he was in the 7-7 Rule World, his mind was running a mile a minute; it made him physically exhausted.

He would have to rest for at least a week or two before he fully recovers.

Otherwise, his body would start falling into a state that was “unlike himself”.

Although the advisor had been strange, he had given Lin Yi an important clue.

The 2-6 Rule has existed for more than six years.

A rule left over from six years ago must be quite tricky.

If Lin Yi wanted to enter the Rule World to look for Rule Monsters, he had to ensure that he was in top shape, otherwise, in Qin Zhou’s words, he would just be looking to die.

So for the 2-6 Monster, he was only going to take a look see. 

Now that Cheng Yang wanted to go with him, Lin Yi was simply going to let Cheng Yang follow.

He knew that although Qin Zhou hadn’t said anything directly, Qin Zhou must be nursing a lot of suspicions about him.

Now that he was within Qin Zhou’s territory, it was best to be careful.

With Cheng Yang following him, his drive would not be as strong.

After putting down his phone, Lin Yi took out the MP4 player from his pocket.

Seeing the “long-lost” MP4 player, Lin Yi felt a sense of excitement; as they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

He quickly unwound the earphone cable from the body of the MP4 player.

He plugged the earphones into his ears, and lay straight on the bed.

The white noise poured in, Lin Yi closed his eyes, feeling at ease.

He finally fell asleep. 

The next day, Lin Yi was woken up by his alarm clock.

He turned off the alarm and spent a few minutes just lying on the bed.

Finally, he reluctantly got up.

He changed his clothes and went to wash up.


After washing up, he went to knock on Cheng Yang’s door.

Cheng Yang quickly swung his door open.

Lin Yi saw that Cheng Yang had two big bags under his eyes.

The entire part beneath his eyes was a swath of dark blue.

He mustn’t have slept a wink last night.

In view of this, Lin Yi kindly asked, “Would you like to sleep for a while I can bring back your textbooks for…” 

“No no no.” Cheng Yang was afraid of being alone, he still wanted to stay with Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi Xiong, give me two minutes.

I wash up very quickly.” Cheng Yang said as he opened up his suitcase and fished out his dental kit.

Lin Yi waited by the door.

Naturally, he could see the entirety of Cheng Yang’s bedroom.

It seems that the layout of every room in the freshman dorm building was the same.

It was roughly divided into three areas; the rest area, where there was a single bed; the study area with a desk and chair and the wash area. 

However, Cheng Yang’s bedroom was completely unmade.

The bed still didn’t have its sheets and he hadn’t even unpacked his suitcase yet.

He had no idea how Cheng Yang spent the night.

Just as Cheng Yang said, he moved very quickly.

He looked at the time, “Lin Yi Xiong, if we go to the teaching building now, will the ad-…” When mentioning the advisor, Cheng Yang was still a little scared.

“Will the advisor be there”

Lin Yi said, “Let’s have breakfast first.” 

Cheng Yang: “…Oh.”

Seeing that Cheng Yang was scared, Lin Yi thought about it and said, “If you’re scared, you don’t have to go.”

Anyway, he was going to collect textbooks today.

If Qin Zhou catches him wandering around the campus, he could lie and say he was lost.

Originally, the Unnatural Engineering University occupied a relatively big area and it was normal for freshmen to get lost. 

He has legitimate reasons, Qin Zhou wouldn’t be looking to pick a quarrel.

When Cheng Yang heard Lin Yi urging him to stay behind, how could he possibly agree Lin Yi looked at Cheng Yang like he was someone with more money than sense.

Then, Lin Yi thought coldly, you can’t blame me for taking advantage of you.

The two walked out of the dorm.

The cafeteria was to the left of the dormitory building and it took about five or six minutes to walk there.

There were a lot of counters in the cafeteria but there weren’t any people.

There was no need to queue up for each window as there were very few students eating inside. 

Lin Yi took out the unlimited card and walked to the window selling tea eggs.

“Hello, Auntie.” Lin Yi said politely, “Two, no, three please!”


“Nine yuan.” The cafeteria auntie said, “Swipe your card here.”

Lin Yi: “That’s great!” 

Lin Yi happily paid for breakfast with the unlimited card and found a place to sit with his three whole tea eggs, how extravagant.

He didn’t eat his tea eggs right away.

Cheng Yang was still buying breakfast, it would be impolite for him to start eating without the other.

While waiting for Cheng Yang to order his breakfast, Lin Yi’s eyes calmly observed the aunts and uncles behind every counter.

Like the dorm auntie, they seemed no different from regular people.

Every action seemed like that of a person’s.

Maybe they really were just people. 

“Hey.” Cheng Yang came over with his breakfast and sat down next to Lin Yi.

This rich second generation was even more extravagant than Lin Yi.

He had bought the most expensive items for breakfast but he still sighed, “They haven’t got any apple toast or crab pancakes.

No red vinegar jam or musk coffee either.”

Lin Yi: “What is that Those sound weird.”

Cheng Yang: “My usual breakfast.

Lin Yi Xiong, you haven’t eaten yet” 

“Not yet.” Lin Yi asked curiously, “Can crabs be made into pancakes Is that like a handheld pancake”

Cheng Yang let out a sigh.

“How can they be compared Lin Yi Xiong, let me tell you, the best crab pancake is at a restaurant in Disneyland Florida.

I had it once when I went to play there last time.

I’ve never forgotten it.”

Lin Yi: “Your family’s so rich.

You ought to be able to eat it a second time.”

“Sigh.” Cheng Yang said, “I hired the chef of the restaurant to come work for us but maybe it’s the ambiance, it didn’t’ taste quite the same.

But it was still good.

A lot of my friends would come to my house to eat crab pancakes.

In the end, the taste was absolutely amazing…” Looking at the tea eggs Lin Yi had, Cheng Yang gave an example, “The taste of it could blow those tea eggs through 10,086 streets.” 

Lin Yi: “Wuwuwu.”

The tea eggs no longer seemed as delicious.



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