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Ch27.2 - - Chrysanthemum Garden

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Temporarily unable to hug the thigh, the two of them could only act on their own.

Although Lin Yi didn’t want to tax his own brain, there was no other way.

Lin Yi decided to observe the villa first to see if there were any clues. Tzj4dg

After all, no one could tell which of them will be the first to be targeted by the rules of death.

Lin Yi’s mental state was changing from bailan to trying to save himself.

Ou Ying approached them, “Lin Yi, Cheng Yang, please come with me.”

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Cheng Yang glanced at Lin Yi and Lin Yi nodded.

“Oh, okay.”

Ou Ying led Lin Yi and Cheng Yang where the three of them had been talking. hLTARU

Qin Zhou looked at the two of them and said with a snort, “Are you happy now”

Lin Yi explained, “Senior, the two of us really went to get our textbooks.

We never thought that we would be involved in 2-6.

Really, I swear upon my dignity.”

Qin Zhou looked at him but didn’t say anything.

Lin Yi said, “If the Senior doesn’t believe me, then I will add in Cheng Yang Xiong’s dignity as well.” He tilted his head and asked Cheng Yang, “Isn’t that right, Cheng Yang Xiong”


Cheng Yang nodded like he was pounding garlic.

“My name is Luo Yi.

Zhou Ge said that both of you are freshmen, so you probably don’t know me yet.

I’m the captain of the patrol team of the student union.” The senior who Lin Yi suspected held an important position in the student union said, “I called you here because we need to explain some important things to you.”

Luo Yi said, “Not many people know about the 2-6 Monster, even fewer people know that the 2-6 Monster will be hiding among us.

This isn’t common knowledge even among the members of the student union.

We require strict confidentiality among the team members who go into the Rule Worlds.

Do you know the reason why this confidentiality is needed”

Lin Yi nodded.

Qin Zhou had told him in the 7-7 Rule World. Rijrhs

One was that they didn’t want to cause panic among those involved.

Once people faced multiple despairs, it was hard to predict what they would do.

But in addition to avoiding panic, there was another more important reason.

Luo Yi said, “The Monster will look into the memory of the one it has possessed and if it finds that some of us know of its existence, we will be targeted by the Monster.”

Lin Yi nodded.

He understood why Ou Ying asked him and Cheng Yang to come over and talk to them.

Cheng Yang stared at him, and it took him a long time to understand what Luo Yi’s words meant.

He subconsciously wanted to look at Qin Zhou, but somehow he held back. dlCbRH

He hiccupped in lingering horror.

Lin Yi took a sneak peek at Qin Zhou from out the corner of his eye.

He found that when Luo Yi was explaining things to him and Cheng Yang, Qin Zhou had furrowed his brows again in irritation.

Especially when he heard the words ‘look into the memory’, Qin Zhou’s brows furrowed together so tightly they began to appear as though they were just one line.

“Generally speaking, we only send one person with inside knowledge to follow into the Rule World.

This can effectively protect our members from being targeted by the Monster.

But this time is different, there are too many people in the know.” Ou Ying said, “Classmate Lin Yi, Classmate Cheng Yang.

Since both of you have participated in the 7-7 Rule World and know of the existence of the 2-6 Monster and the form in which Monsters exist, we need your personal declaration.

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Lin Yi asked, “But Xue Jie, Senior said that Monsters have strong imitation ability.

If the 2-6 Monster is someone among us, won’t we just be giving it a chance to imitate and learn Then it will be very difficult for us to find it later.”

Ou Ying said, “This is indeed a problem but we must first ensure everyone’s safety.”

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Lin Yi thought for a while and asked again, “If the 2-6 Monster is someone among us, is there a way to identify it using just the personal declaration”

“No.” Ou Ying said, “But everyone has their own way of thinking and each of us should know in our hearts how to take precautions.” PIFQxa

They were all people who have gone through multiple Rule Worlds.

They each have their own ways of identifying Monsters.

Lin Yi said nothing.

He thought for a while and said, “Cheng Yang Xiong is not the Monster.”

He told the three big bosses in the student union why he had ruled out Cheng Yang as the 2-6 Monster.

Ou Ying asked, “What about you”

Lin Yi said, “Of course, I’m not the Monster.” UyYTHo

Lin Yi said no more after that.

He gave no explanation as to why he wasn’t the 2-6 Monster.

Ou Ying asked, “That’s all”

Lin Yi nodded.


Ou Ying said, “Student Lin Yi, like this…” mES8Ms

Qin Zhou on the side interrupted, “He isn’t the Monster.”

Ou Ying looked doubtfully at Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou lifted his chin lightly and said, “If he were the 2-6 Monster, not only would he have tried to remove all doubt from himself, he would have showed no concern at all for other people and would have even tried to direct doubts towards them.

He wouldn’t have ruled out suspicion from someone else first.”

Ou Ying was taken aback for a moment.

She then looked at Lin Yi, “As expected.

Zhou Ge said you’re a little genius.” dFHIyv

In one breath, Lin Yi had proved both of their innocence.

Luo Yi eyed Lin Yi with interest.

“Little genius Zhou Ge has never praised someone so much.

Won’t you join the patrol team after we get out of here The patrol team could use a genius like you.”

“I’m nothing of the sort.

I’m just ordinary.

Hehehe.” Faced with the compliment, Lin Yi shyly pursed his lips and smiled.

He then quickly changed the embarrassing topic and said, “It’s time for the seniors to give their personal declaration.”

To be honest, the number of Rule Worlds I’ve been involved in is far fewer than Zhou Ge and Luo Yi.

My ability isn’t as good as these two’s next to me.” Ou Ying said, “In the Rule Worlds I’ve been to, it’s been all about looking for clues that other people are the Monster.

I’ve never had the need to give a personal declaration.

I don’t know how to prove I’m not the Monster and my only personal declaration is to say that I’m not the Monster.” lGkU9h

Lin Yi just listened carefully, without expressing his opinion.

“My method for personal declaration is by being the one to suggest a personal declaration.” Seeing Cheng Yang’s bewildered expression, Luo Yi explained to him, “The Monster hasn’t had any chance yet to conceal themselves and so, they wouldn’t want to do a personal declaration.

The more you talk, the more flaws you will expose.

Cheng Yang, do you understand”

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In order not to embarrass Lin Yi, Cheng Yang nodded heavily.

Although he hadn’t fully understood Luo Yi’s personal declaration, it didn’t matter.

Cheng Yang believed that his understanding wasn’t that bad. 4w9lXe

Lastly, it was Qin Zhou.

Lin Yi tried his best to be calm, “Senior, it’s your turn.”

Truthfully, Lin Yi’s palms were already sweating.

If he could choose, he would have anyone else be the 2-6 Monster, so long as it’s not Qin Zhou.

Lin Yi had fought against the 7-7 Monster.

He knew that Monsters would nimbly use the human’s memory and abilities.

Li Ying was killed by being stabbed in the neck with a chopstick.

Qin Zhou judged Li Ying’s expression to be level 10 on severe pain based on the “Pained Facial Expression Grading Score”. ziAmP0

If the Monster still retained the strength of a Monster while possessing a human body, that chopstick could have gone clean through Li Ying’s neck.

A fatal injury like that would have killed Li Ying before she even registered the pain.

The level 10 on severe pain facial expressions wouldn’t have appeared.

But there had only been one wound on Li Ying’s neck.

Although the human neck is fragile, it is still composed of seven cervical vertebrae bones as well as laryngeal cartilage and numerous ligaments.

It would have been difficult for an ordinary person to penetrate the neck with a simple chopstick.

It went to show that the Monster’s power was restrained.

But still, to be able to stab the chopstick into Li Ying’s neck, causing level 10 severe pain, one could easily guess that when a Monster possesses someone, not only does it have access to that person’s memory but it can also use that person’s power. P0seHd

With Cheng Yang’s body and strength, it was true that the chopstick could have pierced a person’s neck, but not completely go through it.

Now in the 2-6 Rule World, if the Monster had chosen Qin Zhou to possess, it might not even have to use Qin Zhou’s power at all.

It could mess with and kill people with just what Qin Zhou has in his memory.

To put it bluntly, by choosing Cheng Yang, the 7-7 Monster’s strength had been lowered by Cheng Yang’s own strength.

If the 2-6 Monster had chosen Qin Zhou, its strength will be terrifying because of Qin Zhou’s own strength.

Lin Yi couldn’t help being a little nervous.

Qin Zhou noticed his nervousness but drew no attention to it.

He just said, “This is the second time the two of them are giving their personal declaration.

It’s the first time for me.” zQdoTA

Lin Yi: “Huh”

Then, he reacted.


It seemed that when the three of them had been talking just now, they’d been giving their personal declarations.

But Qin Zhou never opened his mouth.

At this time, Qin Zhou looked askance at Lin Yi and said, “I was specially waiting for you.” Mr2L6c

Lin Yi paused.

He lowered his head and muttered in a low voice: “…Senior, can you say these things in private in the future It’s very embarrassing.”

Qin Zhou: “…”

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For a few times, he made as if to speak but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it.

This obviously wasn’t the time to be talking to this young genius with the abnormal brain circuits.

Better to brace them first.

Qin Zhou warned them in advance and said, “Don’t make a fuss.” IWol7d

Ou Ying and Luo Yi suddenly turned serious.

Lin Yi also looked up at Qin Zhou and Cheng Yang covered his mouth preemptively.

Qin Zhou said lightly, “In the beginning, the 2-6 Monsters chose me.”

Although he tried to use the calmest tone, this information was simply too explosive and everyone froze in place. hDBlPx

Lin Yi was stunned, Luo Yi was stunned and Ou Ying too was also stunned.

Cheng Yang covered his mouth so tightly that the ‘F*ck’ he let out couldn’t escape.

Qin Zhou looked at them.

“If you’ve got any questions, ask it now.

2-6 is tricky.

Don’t be held back by this.”

Ou Ying took a deep breath and asked, “Zhou Ge, how do you know you were chosen” PNrVXx

Qin Zhou tapped his forehead with his index finger and said, “I could feel it.”

“This is tricky and it’s also the reason why I brought it up.” Qin Zhou said, “It has seen my memory.”

Luo Yi asked, “Zhou Ge, in the end, why didn’t it chose to remain in you”

Qin Zhou looked at Luo Yi, a complicated look on his face.

Originally, he wanted to say ‘how would I know’ but after thinking about it, he said, “I tried a way to drive it away.

Don’t ask me right now exactly how.

If I know, naturally, I’d tell you.” BnUVhG

Luo Yi wanted to ask something else but when he met Qin Zhou’s gaze, he said, “OK, I see.”

Qin Zhou was doing his personal declaration right now.

He meant that if he were the Monster, there would have been no need to tell them about this situation.

Moreover, if Luo Yi insisted on knowing the specific way he drove away the 2-6 Monster, Qin Zhou would begin to doubt his intentions.

After Luo Yi fell silent, Qin Zhou looked at Lin Yi, “What about you, Little genius Any questions

Lin Yi shook his head.

“No.” IbuLTx

Originally, he wanted to ask Qin Zhou why he went looking for smokes but once Qin Zhou explained the situation, Lin Yi had no more questions to ask Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou really was upset.

He had almost been selected by the 2-6 Monster.

His memory had been spied on.

A great many things in his memory had been seen by the 2-6 Monster.

Everyone who appeared in his memory could be targeted by the 2-6 Monster, none of them can escape.

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Especially Lin Yi, the little genius who gave an outstanding performance in the 7-7 rule world.

The 2-6 Monster had witnessed the killing of one of their own kind.



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