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Early the next morning. The horse bandits caught a young wild boar, skinned and

bellyed it in two or three strokes, and selected the fattest part to use as bait.

The two horse bandits who are the best at fishing are

also ready to take their positions, standing in front of Fulongtan with fishing rods they don know where to find, eager to try. "wait."

Xiao Ling, who woke up from cultivation, said that he still had a good thing that he didn use. It can be seen from Lao Nius fishing yesterday that

although the silver fish also likes fresh meat, the effect is relatively reluctant.

It took so long to lure a small silver fish out of the water. Its impossible for him to stay in Fulong Mountain for too

long. If its like the old cow fishing yesterday, how many fish can he catch in a day?

So you can fish in the usual way!The Yiqi Pill in the storage bag is the best bait. This kind

of thing is effective for him, and it will definitely be effective

for the little silver fish.

The Yiqi Pill contains spiritual energy, Xiao Ling thinks

that the silver fish will never let go of this kind of thing.

Instructing Liu Lin to bring a basin of water, Xiao Ling

took out the jade bottle in the storage bag.

There were originally three Qi-yielding pills in the jade

bottle, but he used up two of them during this period.

Inside the bottle is the last one left.

Put the Yiqi Pill in the palm of your hand, move it over the

water basin with a little force, and the medicine will turn into

powder and fall into the basin.

A strange fragrance spread in all directions, and

everyone who smelled it was shocked.

Even the old cow lying in the distance could smell it, and

ran over to look at the water basin eagerly.

"You cut the meat into bait-sized dices and soak them in

water for a quarter of an hour."

When Liu Lin heard the words, he immediately ordered

people to act, and felt a little weird in his heart, thinking that

they were horse bandits who killed people without blood, but

now they came to do such a **.But he didn dare to complain, instead he had a

respectful look on his face.

Because when he thought of the big tree that exploded

yesterday, he got goosebumps all over his body.

He secretly said in his heart: "Old monster!"

The horse bandits killed swiftly, and their meat-cutting

movements were not at a loss. They quickly cut up the meat

and put it in a basin to soak.

The whole basin of clear water was stained red with

blood, but it couldn cover up the strange fragrance in the


After a quarter of an hour passed, Liu Lin looked up at

Xiao Ling.

Everything has to wait for him to speak, this is the uncle.

Xiao Ling nodded slightly.

I saw two horse bandits pick up the meat from the basin

and slowly hang it on the hook, and then put it into Fulongtan.

Fulongtan is relatively small, so one person can fish

alone, but since it has been soaked in Dan water, there is no

problem for two people to come.

As soon as the piece of meat was placed in the pool,

traces of blood spread quickly and disappeared without a

trace.Sure enough, as Xiao Ling expected, there was

movement in Fulongtan in just a moment.

There were lots of bubbles in the water and something

was spinning around the bait.

The two buoys on the surface of the water sank almost

instantly at the same time, and the bandits on the shore who

had been waiting intently pulled up their fishing rods


Two small silver fish broke out of the water, glistening

under the sunlight.

Its done!

Xiao Ling was overjoyed.

He knew that the elixir was very effective, but he didn

expect how long it would take to catch the fish.

The old cow also came to Fulongtan, his big eyes full of

little doubts.

It has never known that fishing can be so simple. You

must know that it used to be very happy to catch one in a


As a result, there are now two on one, and it is the first

time that it feels that it would be great if it had hands.

The two horse bandits moved very quickly. After taking

off the small silver fish, they hung the meat again and threw itinto the pool.

There were still traces of blood scattered, and the sharp-

eyed Xiao Ling found that the effect of the pill water was so

good that there were already several small silver fish

swimming in Fulongtan.

After a moment of silence, Xiao Ling winked at Liu Lin.

Liu Lin is worthy of being a human being, he understood

what it meant with a wink from Xiao Ling.

Soon the entire Fulongtan was full of people, and

everyone was silent without making a sound.

Hanging bait, throwing rod, lifting rod, fetching fish,

throwing rod...

The scene was silent, and everyone continued to repeat

the same movements.

The buckets containing fish were also changed from

small buckets to large buckets, and they were filled to the


The bait in the water basin has been used up, and this is

the second time to add meat pieces for soaking.

In the end, the speed of catching fish became slower

and slower. Gradually, even a small silver fish could not be

caught, but a lot of meat was taken away.

Only then did Xiao Ling let everyone stop.There are only two explanations for the current situation.

First: He caught all the small silver fish in Fulongtan.

Second: All the idiots in the silver fish are in the barrel,

and the rest of the pool are smart fish.

Compared with the first explanation, Xiao Ling believes

in the second one more.

No wonder just seeing the buoy moving, not only did

there not appear to be any fish, even the bait was gone.

Looking at the three buckets of small silver fish on the

bank, Xiao Ling smiled silently.

That being the case, lets end it.

The horse bandits gradually dispersed, leaving only Xiao

Ling and Lao Niu in front of Fulongtan.

The old cow has been standing in front of Fulongtan for

a long time, and it salivates every time it catches fish.

But Xiao Ling didn say anything, and it didn dare to

take any action, it was still afraid of Xiao Ling.

"Lao Niu, there is still leftover elixir, do you want to eat


Xiao Ling pointed to the water basin where the bait was

soaked and said.The old cows eyes lit up, his eyes narrowed into a line

and his mouth opened to express his mood clearly.

A pot of Danshui was sucked up by the old cow in two or

three strokes, and it seemed that he was still not satisfied

after sucking it up. He looked at Xiaoling and then at the

small silver fish in the bucket.

Xiao Ling lightly raised a finger, and the old cow would

turn the tail of the ox into a spinning top when he saw this,

and the cows mouth reached into the bucket to pick up a

whitebait and chewed it continuously.

Today can be said to be its happiest day.

Xiao Ling looked at the three big barrels of whitebait and

found himself in trouble for a while, so many fish obviously

couldn be eaten in a short time, how to deal with it was the

biggest problem.

Can all be boiled into fish soup?

It can be deep-fried either, he is afraid that deep-frying

will reduce the effect of whitebait.

Is it possible to eat it raw?

As soon as this idea appeared, it quickly occupied Xiao

Lings mind, and he felt more and more that this method was


The old cow can eat it, but why can I, Xiao Ling, eat it?Maybe it tastes better when eaten raw, and the effect is

even better!

With this mentality in mind, Xiao Ling stretched out his

hand to pick up a lively small whitebait from the bucket, put it

into his mouth, closed his eyes and chewed it for a while.


Whitebait is not unpalatable, has no spines, no scales,

and even no fishy smell.

On the contrary, it has a faint fragrance and the meat is

tender, Xiao Ling couldn describe the taste for a while.

After eating a small whitebait in two or three bites, he

felt unsatisfied.

He picked up another whitebait from the bucket and put

it in his mouth.

This time he chewed slowly, feeling the changes in the

fish meat in his mouth, and the traces of inexplicable energy

spreading to his limbs and bones.

very good!

With a sincere exclamation, Xiao Ling felt very


After eating the two whitebaits, a feeling of fullness

slowly came, accompanied by a little tingling pain in the

body."With the current state, two are enough."

Nodding with a clear understanding, he was about to put

the whitebait into the storage bag with a wave of his hand.

Seeing that the old cow was looking at him anxiously,

Xiao Ling nodded slightly and raised a finger.

The old cow was overjoyed, and even gave a docile


The ox tongue rolled up a whitebait and put it into his

mouth, he closed his eyes and chewed for a while.

The fear of being pressed and rubbed by Xiao Ling on

the ground disappeared, and the eyes looking at him became


With a wave of his hand, the three buckets of whitebait

by Fulongtan were all put into the storage bag.

Only a storage bag of more than a square meter was

filled to the brim, leaving only some corners and corners.

He took another deep look at Fulongtan, and he will visit

this place again in the future.

Now the realm is too low and the age is too old, the risk

of going down is very high, so wait until the cultivation level is

higher in the future.

There are definitely treasures in it, these whitebaits

cannot have such effects with just pond water.Sitting on the back of the old ox, Xiao Ling said softly: "Old cow, lets go."

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