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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After leaving the pharmacy, we headed towards the alchemists shop.

The medicinal herbs and mushrooms picked in Dragon Forest, it seems that there were things that the alchemist purchased.

It seems that we could sell it at a high price, so Im a little happy.

The alchemists shop carried magic potions, magic tools, and the like.

Magic potions were different from normal medicine.

To produce them, it seems that the use of magic and special techniques were necessary.

Because of that, the prices of magic potions generally differed depending on their potency and were expensive.

To that extent, it seems that they were highly effective and had immediate effects.  

TN: 魔法薬 (magic potion) can be broken down into 魔法 (magic) and 薬 (medicine)

It seems that they were essential items for adventurers and soldiers.

Also, magic tools were, similarly, devices that required magic and special techniques to be produced.

Because one needed mana to use them, ones own mana or a demon nucleus (core) was essential, and it cost money, not only when one bought it, but also when its put to use.

Thanks to Dragon Forest, there were a lot of adventurers that hunted monsters and there were many demon nuclei (cores) circulating within this town, so it seems that they have become cheaper than other towns.

Incidentally, demon nuclei (cores) referred to the crystallization of magic within monsters, and they were being used as batteries.

After walking for a little while, we had arrived at our destination.

Based on the things that they produced, I had imagined a strange witch, and a house with ivy growing on the side of a wall, but in reality, it was a tidy and clean shop. 

When we entered, 

「Fuee, fuee, fuee, you did well to get here.」

(It came—–!!)

there was a witch just as expected.


My younger sister was surprised and had become slightly teary-eyed.

「Oya, Char-ojouchan, is it.

What do you need today」

「Its been a long time.

Um, today, I would like to sell some raw materials….」

「Raw materials, you say Where did you get them Maa, for now, let me see them.」

「Well, we had some connections….

Thank you.」

Char-chan said this and took them out from her bag.

And then, she assessed the medicinal herbs and the mushrooms.

The result of the assessment, it seems that she would buy them.

Just like in the pharmacy, we asked her to teach us about the things that could be harvested within Dragon Forest.

She was suspicious of us, but she told us.

「Lets see, the things that you brought me today, it seems that theyre from the edge of the forest.

If its this area, there are other….」

She said that, and taught us about a wide range of things, including herbs, trees, mushrooms, fruits, and flowers. 

Anything, the raw materials from a place with strong mana like Dragon Forest were sure to turn into ingredients used by alchemists. 

Also, we also asked about the monster materials, but it seems that there were rarely any transactions involving that due to the excessive supply of monster materials from the adventurers who procured them at the forests edge. 

It seems that the more potent the monster materials were, the higher they could be sold for.

In addition, you couldnt buy them here, but it seems that you could obtain some ores and the like if youre lucky.

Deep within the forest, there were also ores that were infused with mana, and it seems that they were sold at a high price as materials for the equipment for adventurers. 

We learned various things from her and when we decided to leave,

「Be careful when you go!!」

she had said that.

Did she find out that I was going there

After that, the transactions had been completed and we went to buy things from the grocery store, butchers shop, bakery, and other places.

Today, we had extra money, so we could buy things that could be stored like wheat flour and salt in somewhat larger quantities. 

Char-chan had asked me if there was anything that I wanted.

It seems that since the extra money came from me, she would buy me something.

There wasnt anything in particular that I wanted, but I asked her to buy me a jute bag and some string.

Since they would come in handy when harvesting things. 

And so, we finished our shopping and returned to the orphanage with many things. 


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