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「Well then, we don’t need to worry about it anymore.」

「Aah, we’re finally adventurers.」

「Congratulations, you two.」


「Maa, it’s still provisional though.」

「Then, why don’t we check the requests so that you can quickly become full-fledged adventurers」

「Yes, let’s go take a look at what kinds there are.」

And so, the three of us went to the place where the Rank 10 requests were posted.

For the Rank 10 requests, there were various types such as harvesting in Dragon Forest, doing shopping and cleaning tasks within town, transporting luggage, etc. 

In addition, the list of requests only contained simple information and the remuneration.

This was most likely formatted this way for the adventurers who couldn’t read.

As if to say that they should at least be able to read this much.

In terms of remuneration, it seems no matter if it’s harvesting requests or doing the requests within town, if you did two~three of them a day, you would somehow be able to earn enough to live in a cheap inn.

The two people have left the orphanage, so they will live in an inn from now on.

Originally, finding an inn should’ve been difficult, but with Director-sensei’s connections, a double room at a cheap inn had already been found. 

After taking a look at the requests, we headed to the two people’s inn.

We went together with the Queen and the wolf cubs convoy.

On the way there, we bought some miscellaneous goods for adventurers like clothes and flasks.

The money came from what had been saved up.

They had also planned on paying for a week’s stay at the inn.

The two seemed apologetic, but if they ranked up to Rank 9 and became full-fledged adventurers, I would be able to dispose of the materials and proofs of subjugation of the Horned Rabbits and the Fanged Boars that were in my Item Box, and they were convinced when I told them that everything was fine.

After finishing up our shopping, we arrived at the inn.

It didn’t look that worn-out, rather, it was a normal inn-cum-restaurant.

Only, location-wise, it was far away from the entrance of the town and the center of town where the guild was, so the price was cheap.

However, it wasn’t that far from the orphanage, so that might be convenient.


Entering, a woman around forty years old standing at the inn’s reception desk called out to us. 

「Aah, could it be that you children are from the orphanage」

「Yes, that’s right.」

「I understand.

Two people can share one room, right The fees have to be paid in advance, is that ok」

「Yes, it’s fine.

Um, we would like to stay for a week for now.」


And, what will you do for your meals It’s a little cheaper if you’re staying at the inn though.」

「Ah~, we’ll eat at the orphanage, so just the fee for the inn.」

「I see.


Well then, this is the key for the room.」

I paid the fees for a week, and received the room key.

I gave that to the two people and we went to the room together.

There were many rooms on the second floor and the two’s room was right around the middle.

Opening the door and entering, it was only a room that had two simple beds and a small table.

The room wasn’t that spacious either, but for the two people who had been living in the orphanage, it was large enough. 

「We’ll be living here starting today, huh.」

「The room is nicer than I thought it would be.」

「As expected, this was only because of Director-sensei’s introduction!」

While saying that, I took out the stuff that the two people bought, and the things from the orphanage out of my Item Box and left them in the corner of the room.

 「I wish we had something to put our stuff in.」

「A shelf…would be impossible, so maybe a wooden crate」

「That’s true, why don’t we make one on the next rest day.」

「Aah, thanks for helping.」

「You’re the first adventurers.

Let’s experience various things.」

After that, the two people had dinner at the orphanage.

Because of that, it didn’t seem as if they left, but the two of them will start living as adventurers starting tomorrow, so they nervously returned.

It was late, so I had Queen escort them back to the inn.

Queen, who had evolved, specialized in espionage activities, so they would be fine if I left it to her.


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