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The next day, the two people arrived at the orphanage before it was time for breakfast.

「Good morning!」


As one would expect, they had only left the orphanage for one day, but perhaps the children were lonely as they gathered around them.

Just like before, there was a furor  whenever those who left the orphanage came back to play.

The two people had breakfast with us and then it was their adventurer debut.

Though I said that, it wasn’t anything different than normal….

We departed from the orphanage, and arrived at the town gate.

There, the same soldier was monitoring the people coming and going.

「Oh, the kids from the orphanage, huh.

Harvesting today too」

「Un, yes.」


「Ooh, the kid is energetic today as well.」

「Um, here.」

While talking with the soldier, the two adventurers (provisional) took out their Guild ID (temporary).

「Oh, having that means that you are now adults, huh.


「Today is our first request!」

「I see, I see.

However, although you say it’s the first, Rank 10 requests are harvesting medicinal herbs.

It’s not any different from what you normally do, so don’t be nervous!」


「Come on, do it like normal and it’ll be fine.」

「Based on how you usually are, you’ll complete the request with plenty of time to spare.

Do your best!」

Saying that, the soldier clapped the two people on the back and sent us off.

That evening, nothing happened during their first harvest as adventurers and it was completed without any problems.

With the fruit trees as the center, we searched for medicinal herbs, and the familiars would sometimes go hunting.

Just like usual. 

However, what happened after that was different than usual.

From now on, they will go to the Adventurer Guild and submit their request. 

Originally, the two adventurers (provisional) were going to go by themselves, but I was acquainted with the receptionist onee-san, so it was decided that I would go with them today.

The two people and I, and Queen, headed towards the Adventurer Guild.

I had Queen wait for us at the stable, and the three of us went inside.

As expected, when it’s evening, the guild was crowded with adventurers who had completed their requests. 

We first went to the bulletin board where the requests were put up, and confirmed the contents of the requests. 

The contents was medicinal herb harvesting.

Though it said medicinal herbs, there were several types of medicinal herbs, including those that heal wounds, those that were used for antidotes, and those used to cure illnesses.

In addition, similarly, there were mushrooms and berries, and depending on the item, the number required differed, so we adjusted it.

Calculating approximately, it seems that they would be able to earn enough money for several days at the inn with just the retaining fee.

Moreover, the portion of medicinal herbs and materials for alchemy that were to be sold had always been handled separately, so in actuality, they would be able to earn more money.

Maa, there were a lot of people, so if everyone was all adventurers, then we may need to stay overnight.

After confirming the request, we lined up at the reception desk.

Although I was acquainted with them, it was only one person, so among the several reception counters, I lined up at the usual onee-san’s.

「Good evening.

Are you calculating the requests today」



The two people took out their wooden Guild ID, and handed over the medicinal herbs they collected.

「Now then, I will confirm it, so please wait a moment.」


The onee-san said that, went to the back, and began inspecting the medicinal herbs.

Originally, the requests would be taken in the morning and completed in the evening, but the Rank 10 harvesting requests and goblin and Horned Rabbit subjugation requests were permanent requests, so you could accept them anytime.

Because of that, just the portion that was harvested today was used to fulfill the request.

「Thank you for waiting.

I have checked them and they are all in great condition, so they have fulfilled the request.

This is the remuneration.」

The remuneration that was given was the same amount of money that we expected.

「In addition, here is the Guild ID.」

The onee-san turned the two Guild IDs over and handed them to the two people.

「When this stamp increases, you would be able to sit for the examination to rise to Rank 9.

However, you also need to take the requests within the town and not just the harvesting requests, so please take those on as well.」

It seems that it was easy to accomplish the harvesting requests in this town, so it would be easy to collect the stamps.

However, in other towns, only the requests in the town were Rank 10 requests, so to some extent, we needed to take those on as well.

It seems that the day when we visit Ojii-san and the others will be when they will receive requests in the town, so it was perfect.


「Thank you very much.」

「Yes, thank you for your hard work today.」

Receiving the remuneration, we completed the first request and returned to the orphanage.


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