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The six people, the adventurers and the ones who were planning on becoming adventurers, started receiving training from Ojii-san.

Though I said that, rather than learning anything new, it was training to fight monsters other than the three types.

Even for the three types of monsters, they fought against the higher-ranked goblins and Fanged Boars.

Come to think of it, I had never seen a higher-ranked Horned Rabbit, but I wonder what it would be like How would Miu evolve

Ojii-san continued to bring back monsters for us to fight, but something troublesome had also begun to occur.

「Oii, Cruz, don’t go too far by yourself!」

「Everyone’s here, so isn’t it fine!」

「If you go, it wouldn’t be practice!」

While fighting with monsters, Cruz-kun ran out by himself.

It was in Cruz-kun’s nature to fight with monsters, but out of the original four people, Cruz-kun was the only vanguard, so he acted as the shield. 

However, now, there were the two Rank 9 adventurers and two who plan to be adventurers who were vanguards. 

Because of that, he was now running forward to attack, as if venting the anger that he’s been holding in.

「Nn~, it can’t be helped, then, Cruz-kun, please continue the hit-and-run attack! The two people, we’ll leave the vanguard to you!」


「Got it.」「It can’t be helped….」

After that, we let Cruz-kun attack freely.

His level itself was high, and the monsters weren’t that strong, so we didn’t really need to worry about it.

If that opponent was powerful, then it would be essential for us to practice our coordination.

And so, the vanguards also practiced as the Rank 9 pair and the other pair took turns.

There was Cruz-kun’s matter, so I asked him to act as the shield, but was also able to attack. 

We also tried the strategy of having four vanguards go up against high-ranked, large-sized, or a larger number of monsters, but we still needed practice. 

The four boys were the vanguards and were practicing, but because the method of fighting in the area around the hut was somewhat different than when in the forest, I also asked the four of them to change their weapons from shields and swords to shields and spears.

Unlike the forest, it was spacious, so spears were quite effective. 

I also asked Cruz-kun to use a shield and a longsword, but it seemed somewhat difficult for him to use.

However, he was implementing the hit-and-run and he used two swords, not needing a shield at all.

The twin sword style seemed much more befitting than expected and it seems that he was trying out a sword that was the perfect size. 

Two months had passed since the training at Ojii-san’s place had begun, and there had been a change with the two girls as well. 

「Hooray! It’s a success!」


At Obaa-san’s place, I was practicing magic with Sakuya-chan and the others, and I was able to learn wind magic.

It was a big deal when Obaa-san, the wind dragon, told me that the two girls had the potential to learn wind magic. 

Ilya-chan and my younger sister, who had been taught before, were not able to learn it because almost all beastkin and beastmen didn’t have any magic aptitude. 

The two people did not have a mana manipulation skill like me, so they were not able to freely use magic, but they could use existing elementary-level magic. 

「Wow! Both the speed and power have increased!」

「But, if someone was hit by mistake, it would be dangerous, so you need to be more careful!」

There was a magic called『Bestowal』, and it could bestow magic onto weapons and armor.

For example, if a weapon was clad in fire or water, the attack power would increase, and if earth (boulder) was concealed in the armor, then the defensive power could be increased. 

This time, the wind was bestowed onto projectile weapons like arrows and throwing knives and it resulted in an increase in speed (power).

I had just learned the magic, so the efficacy was very minimal. 

If I knew this magic much earlier, then it would’ve been much easier when I was hunting alone….


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