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Since then, half a year has passed.

The two Rank 9 adventurers were able to rank up without any problems, and became Rank 8.

Because of that, the contents of the requests have changed, and the types of monster subjugation requests have increased.

There were a few monsters that I had not seen before, but there were also monsters that were left in my Item Box to collect dust, so I took out enough that it wouldn’t become a problem. 

During that half a year, there were children, including me, who celebrated their birthdays, and the child who intended on becoming adventurers safely turned fifteen years old and was able to work as an adventurer.

Though there were two who were Rank 8 and one Rank 10, the number of adventurers had become three people, so Adventurer Guild suggested something.

「 A party name」

「Aah, they said that if we’re going to continue working with the same people, then it would be better to register as a party.」

I asked them about what they talked about in the Adventurer Guild while we were eating lunch at Ojii-san’s place.

It seems that most adventurers who graduated from being newcomers would usually form a party with several people.

There were pros and cons to forming a party, but even so, it seems that it would be better to do so.

When I asked him about the pros and cons, and the pros were that there was a party rank and low-ranked adventurers could receive high-ranked requests, rank up quickly, and when working with multiple people, it would be safer when fighting with monsters than when fighting on your own.

And then, perhaps the teamwork would become better

As for cons, something like the results of the requests that an individual receives, no matter if it were good or bad, would affect the evaluation of the party 

There were disagreements even with regards to the distribution of the remuneration, but it happens within both authorized and unauthorized parties (parties that are formed for each request), so it’s difficult to make a judgement.

「Do you have any suggestions for names」

「Not really.」

「I wonder what kinds there are」

「It seems that there are a lot of them that have the words like fire, flame, and light in them or use the names of weapons and armor.」

「I heard that it’s easier to get a designated request if you name your party after your characteristics or your objective.」

「I see….」

「Then, let’s make it a cool name!」

When Cruz-kun said that, Ilya-chan suggested,

「A cute one would be better!」


Is that a party name Hey, little sister.

We continued discussing it after that as well, but we didn’t come up with a party name that everyone liked, and when we finished lunch, Ojii-san said this.

「If you can’t decide, wouldn’t it be fine to use the name of your orphanage In any case, the party is made up of people from the orphanage, right」

The room fell completely silent, but 

「That’s a nice one!」

「Yes, it’s easy to understand.」


「Un, it’s fine, isn’t it」

everyone unanimously voiced their approval, and the three people’s party name was decided.


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