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In the end, the majority of us, rather, Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan will take on adventurer work every now and then until they register as adventurers.

Thinking about it carefully, among the members (10 people) who work together, there were only three people who were adults (15 years and older).

Moreover, my younger sister and I were still six years old.

Although I reincarnated, my behavior was unusual.

So, our current objectives were

Cruz-kun and the others’ adventurer registration

everyone’s rank up

cultivation of fruits

preparing the necessary weapons and armors for adventurers

producing all kinds of magic potions and medicines

preparing other items

is it

Un, thinking about it now, there were a lot of things to do….

Maa, this was the perfect chance, let’s carefully make the preparations.

Adventurer registration and rank up will happen with time, so maybe we could disregard it Thanks to the two people, we roughly knew the number of harvesting requests and the number of monster subjugations needed for a rank up, and including me, everyone could complete the necessary amount for it.

There’s almost ten more years until I become an adventurer, but maa, it’s fine.

When thinking about what to do next, farming would be the first thing on the list.

Firstly, we collected all kinds of fruit seeds.

There were more than ten varieties.

They will become trees.

I don’t know if they will germinate, but we will try planting several of each.

As expected, it seems that both Ojii-san and Obaa-san had never done farmwork before, and this time, they could not be relied on.

Conversely, this time, Director-sensei and Char-chan played an active role.

Director-sensei had many years of experience, and she taught us which fruits and crops were easy to grow.

Char-chan procured information about crops and seeds from the townspeople.

The farmwork was experimental, and since we could not expand the scale of it even after a long period of time, I decided to try planting a large variety of them in small amounts.

Splash, splash, splash

「Gaah~! It doesn’t end~!」

Cruz-kun stopped and yelled.

「Oi, Cruz, just a little more, do your best.」

「Yes, yes, this too is training.」

We, rather, the male group, plowed the field after finishing the training with Ojii-san.

If I used earth magic, it would be easily plowed, but we had time, and it was perfect for training the body, so I had them work using their own strength.

「But, how much do we do」

「For now, around this whole area.

Depending on the situation, we might do more.」


Incidentally, the plowing tool was something I made using blacksmithing.

I couldn’t make proper weapons yet, but I could make things like a hoe.

I needed to train my blacksmithing skills as well.

「Cruz-kun, if it’s training, then there’s this as well!」

I used earth magic and attached weights to Cruz-kun’s wrists, ankles, and neck.


「If you work with those attached, you will build your muscles!」

「Ohh, that’s good, I will do it as well.」

「Me too, please!」

The other kids wanted weights as well, so I put weights that were a little lighter than Cruz-kun’s on them.

「Ooh, certainly, it’s heavy.」

「This seems to be good training.」

「Nn What’s this, boy, you’re doing something interesting.

Do it for me too!」

Seeing the weights on us, Ojii-san seemed interested in it, and I put them on him as I was told.

「Hou This feels quite strange! Can you make it heavier」

It seems that it wasn’t heavy enough for Ojii-san, so I tried using earth magic to increase the mass and density of a heavy stone so that it wouldn’t be too bulky.

「Fumu, it’s so-so.」

Somehow, I received passing marks from Ojii-san.

It was necessary for me to practice so that I could produce much heavier stones and minerals.

After that, they did their best with the farmwork, and occasionally went to trim the trees.

We started doing things that could be done using magic with our own strength, but this was quite difficult and we were completely exhausted every day.

「Farmwork is pretty difficult.」

「Aah, I intended on training the body, but it was quite intense.」

Becoming adventurers meant putting one’s life on the line and was difficult, but we deeply comprehended that being farmers was not easy either.


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