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While the boys were doing the farmwork, the girls were, well, making medicine and magic potions and taking care of the familiars.

Incidentally, I also came over after making the agricultural machinery.

I’m the rearguard, so I needed to build up my stamina, moderately.

I had made medicine and magic potions before and the ingredients were abundant, so I did not pay much attention to the quality, but the materials were now turned over to the guild to complete requests and the harvesting had become more difficult, so I had to abide by the saying of『quality over quantity』.

Originally, I was making medicine for the orphanage’s usage, so I did not take into consideration the quality.

Before we started harvesting in the forest, we didn’t need any medicine.

Now, we even apply medicine on minor scratches. 

I was thinking that we might be able to sell them if there was that much, but if we did so, we would need to register with the Commerce Guild, and even if we sold them privately, we would be doing something bad to the pharmacy and the alchemist obaa-san who had been taking care of us.

Anyways, let’s try making medicine immediately. 

Incidentally, the quality of regular medicine was split into high, medium, and low quality.

Magic potions were categorized into high, medium, and low grades with three levels of quality within each grade, so in other words, there were nine grades.

However, there were people who didn’t have Appraisal and ill-intentioned shops that didn’t have the notation of the quality of the product, so it’s somewhat of a hit-or-miss.

Of course, the regularly frequented shops would only display those that were of medium or high quality.

It seems that those that were high quality or were of a high grade had strong restoration power, but the definite amount of recovery was not known.

Because it wasn’t like a game where it was HP◯◯ recovery.

Also, there was no restoration where one would regrow an arm or a leg either.

Though it seems that for high quality medicine, you would be able to regrow something like a finger or an ear….

Conversely, such a restorative medicine existed as well.

It was something called an elixir.

Obaa-san could make it as if it were natural, and she also had it in her possession.

The ingredients were expensive, and we did not have such skills yet, so it was something that had nothing to do with us. 

For now, everyone will aim to make higher quality medicines.

Mana was required for magic potions, so the two people who were aiming to be adventurers and I will do that, and my younger sister, Ilya-chan, and Sakuya-chan will challenge the normal medicines.

Along with the dispensing, the girls’ team had another job.

Taking care of the Big Kokko and the Milhorn.

These two species produced ingredients used to make sweets, so they took the initiative to take care of them. 

There were a large number of them, so taking care of them was difficult, but because of that, we obtained a lot of eggs and milk, so we could use them in cooking instead of using them just to make sweets.

In terms of nutrition, they were essential foods for children, so I was honestly thankful for them.

Perhaps we could raise some at the orphanage

On one occasion, there was an incident that came out of nowhere. 


My younger sister, who was taking care of the Big Kokko, ran towards me while crying.

「What’s wrong」

I asked her this as I rubbed my younger sister’s head

「The bird-san is bullying me~….」

She said that she was going to pick up an egg near the Big Kokko when it was time to collect the eggs, but it seems that it intimidated her.

Though the Big Kokko did not behave like that with regards to the other eggs.

I didn’t really understand, so I decided to try going over there.

Arriving at the scene of the crime, the Big Kokko turned menacing when it saw my younger sister.


「Oi, oi, what’s going on」

「Clu~ck, cluck~!」

「Ehh! Really!」

「Onii-chan, what happened」

「It seems that there’s a baby in that bird-san’s egg.」


「That’s why, that bird-san was angry because of the baby.」

Hearing me say that, my younger sister approached the Big Kokko after thinking about  something

「Bird-san, sorry about just now.」

and apologized.

It seems that the Big Kokko understood her as it stopped intimidating her and began incubating the egg.

I still did not know what the prerequisites for the birth of monsters were, but I looked forward to seeing if it would be born as a chick or a chicken. 

TN: I think that it should be that the ‘chick’ would be a normal chicken’s chick and the ‘chicken’ would be a baby chicken monster

「Take care of it carefully so that the baby will be born safely.」



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