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Hope descended upon us who were in despair over the hard bread and dried meat.

It was Char-chan.

Noticing that everyone was gathering in the dining room, Char-chan, who came over to take a look, saw us eating the preserved food and helped us think of how to make preserved foods, if it could be called that, seeing if it could somehow be made edible or making other preserved foods.

At the very least, if she came up with something like a simple soup or a new type of dried meat, then we would be grateful.

…come to think of it, we’re talking about preserved foods, but how many days would it take We didn’t confirm how long the request would take.

I needed to go to the guild and ask later.

The next day, I looked over the tent at the hut.

「You’re going to sleep in such a narrow space」

「It looks like it will be cold in the winter.」

「It seems like it would get wet when it rains.」

I quickly set it up, but it seems that it was made out of monster hide that wasn’t that good and it felt terribly thin.

「Maa, it’s because it was the cheapest one….

But, with this, I know how to make it, so let’s make a better one!」

「That’s true, let’s make a cute one.」

「No, the tent doesn’t need to be cute, does it」

「It should be better than this!」

「I’m going to make one for boys and one for girls, that should be fine, right Stop fighting.」

Cruz-kun and Ilya-chan were about to quarrel, but not everyone could fit in it in the first place, so I was considering making them gender-segregated or a three-person one and was planning on making a few of them.

Also, I wanted to take into consideration the difference in materials, so I was going to make tents with several patterns.

Regarding the space expansion, four people could sleep in a tent that looked to be for three.

「Huh The inside is more spacious than I thought」

I will adjust it to such a degree.

Except for when we go on a journey that was just us.

And, on the assumption that my Item Box would be concealed, I planned on making a splendidly spacious version as well.

In regards to the sleeping bags, cloaks, and robes, the quality of the cheap ones were, as expected, you got what you paid for, so I wanted to make something that would hold up.

For the things that were to be made, the sleeping bags would get in the way, so I will make either the cloaks or the robes.

Deciding on that, it would be better to make ones that could be used on a daily basis.

They would be made from the materials as is, and with Ojii-san and Obaa-san’s enchantment magic, it’ll be much more useful.

If the enchanted magic was too powerful, it would become a magic tool that had a high price tag, so making the adjustments seemed difficult.

And, I thought that we would be using enchantment magic this time, but it was alchemy.

Enchantment magic was the bestowal of magic, so this time, I wanted to add temperature regulation and blade-resistant magic on the cloaks and robes, but such magic didn’t exist, so I was looking forward to the efficacy of alchemy. 

They were similar to magic tools, and Obaa-san suggested magic tools that produced water and fire.

Low-ranked requests wouldn’t send you on a long journey somewhere that far away, but because there were places that didn’t have any water and places where there was nothing that could be burned such as firewood, so they would come in handy when you needed it.

However, water and fire magic tools could be used in everyday life, so they were inexpensive, but as one would expect, they were expensive for low-ranked adventurers, so it seems that deciding where to use them would be difficult.

For now, I prepared the bare necessities, and after the camping trip, I will consider the matter of the tools.

After that, a month passed and we developed all kinds of tents, clocks, robes, fire, water, and illumination magic tools, and food, and the preparations for the camping practice were completed.


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