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It was morning and I felt pain throughout my body when I woke up.

「It hurtsss….」

Recently, we spread out furs on the ground to sleep, but this time, we slept on the ground, so our bodies hurt.

Maa, it was like this long ago, so I was also nostalgic. 

In addition, the ground here was softer and there was also grass growing, so it’s much better.

It wouldn’t be good if the ground was harder.

「Onii-chan, good morning….」

「Good morning….」

It seems that my younger sister and Sakuya-chan who were sleeping next to me woke up.

It seems that it was painful for them all over as well.

When I healed them and myself with magic, I realized that Obaa-san was not in the tent.

I looked outside for Obaa-san, and she was making soup on the cooking stove.

I came out of the tent with the two people.

「Good morning.」

「Good morning!」

「Good morning….」

「Yes, good morning.」

「Obaa-san, is your body alright」

「Yes, I’m alright with this much.」

Be that as it may, I was worried, so I casted recovery magic on her just in case.

「Thank you.」

「This much is nothing.

However, camping would be difficult if it were like this every time.」

「That’s true, but this is normal for those traveling on foot.

For those traveling by carriage, they can transport a lot of luggage, so there are also people who bring furs along.」

「I see, then, you can only get used to it, right」

「This is the case in the beginning.」

「Are you two alright with sleeping there」

「Don’t want to~.」「No….」

「That’s what I thought~.」

U~n, will it be fine when they get older

Or make sure to accept escort requests that involve traveling by carriage as much as I can, huh….

Maa, if they’re traveling with me, there’s the Item Box, so it should be fine

Maa, that’s something to consider in the future though.

We finished off the breakfast that consisted of soup and bread, and started looking after the familiars.

We fed the familiars, including Queen and the others, and cleaned the stable.

I worked in the field as I ate lunch.

As we were working on the field, Queen and the others divided up the work and headed towards the forest and river to capture prey.

There was no change in the prey from the forest, but we were happy that they went to the river to catch fish.

It seems that there were aquatic-type monsters as well, but there weren’t any in the river around here, so it was safe, but it’s a little disappointing that I couldn’t turn them into familiars.

However, not many people come around here, so they were able to catch many freshwater fish and Char-chan…had been making dried fish recently.

Finishing up our work, we began our preparations for camping once again.

Although I said that, the tent was set up, so it was just the preparations for the meal though.

The menu was the same one as yesterday with the addition of grilled fish.

It seems that the carnivorous familiars preferred meat, as expected, but the familiars and Obaa-san and the others were also pleased with the grilled fish.

Delicious things were delicious, but if we continue to have the same soup for several days, we might get tired of it.

Let’s think of something in regards to this as well! …asking Char-chan.

There was nothing left to do, so when we were about to go to bed,

「Onii-chan, we’re sleeping there again」

「I want to sleep in the house….」

My younger sister and Sakuya-chan said this to me.

It seems that sleeping on the ground was painful for them.

We were sleeping in a tent as practice for camping, but there was no need to forcibly make them sleep there, huh.

「Then, why don’t we spread out the furs to sleep.」


I took out furs from my Item Box and spread them out in the tent.

When I did that, it alleviated some of the hardness and it seems that they were somehow able to sleep.

「Good night.」

「Good night.」

「Good night.」

「Yes, good night.」

The next day, our bodies did not hurt, perhaps thanks to the furs, and like yesterday, we took care of the familiars and began working on the farm after eating breakfast.

And, as lunch time approached and we were preparing to make lunch, the camping group consisting of Ojii-san and the others returned to the hut.


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