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「So, how was the camping」

Along the way back to the orphanage, I asked Cruz-kun and the others about their trip.

「Ah~, at any rate, I’m worn out.」


Things like hunting, it was different from what we’ve been doing.」

「That’s true, the hunting was hard, but so was the camping.」

Everyone unanimously agreed that camping was difficult.

「How did you hunt」

「Let’s see, we hunted the monsters that we usually found, but this time, we looked for the monsters to hunt.

Even for the requests, you needed to look for them in order to obtain the materials.」

「Come to think of it, the monsters that we usually fought against were brought over by Ojii-san.」

「Aah, that’s why, it was also training for searching for monsters, but looking for them was also not easy since once you find them, they can run away, which is troublesome.」

「On the other side of the mountain was a grassy meadow, so we were probably discovered by the other party first.

Even though it took a lot of effort to get close, they were able to immediately run far away….」

「Then, how did you get that many」

「That, we set up traps and lied in wait.」

「We copied what Shuu did.

Even so, it was hard.」

「Certainly, for that, if we didn’t herd them over or something, it would’ve been difficult.」

「Aah, but, thanks to that, we hunted many of them and were able to to exchange for wheat and fodder at the village, which was good.」

「Ahh, you went to the village too! How was it」

「Nn~, it wasn’t bad.」

「Let’s see, they were happy with the meat, but it did not seem as if they were in desperate need of it.

either 」

「There were many fields near the village, it was amazing.」

「Heeh~, I want to go take a look someday.」

「Yeah, I want to go to many places.」

「So, how was the camping」

「Well~, I don’t really want to do it.」

When I asked them, it seems that fire and water were an issue when cooking, as expected.

In particular, they had set up camp in a grassy meadow, so there was no place from which they could draw water and no firewood that could be gathered, so they simply did not have any water nor fire.

This time, it was practice, so they were able to somehow manage with Ojii-san’s magic, but it seems that they were told to also keep that in mind when they do it next time and consider the camping grounds. 

However, it seems that Char-chan’s soup base was delicious.

With regards to the tent, the interior was spacious, and they were in the grassy meadows, so the grass on the ground acted as a cushion and it seems that they weren’t too tired.

「As expected, I want to do something about the water and fire.」

「Yeah, I didn’t think that camping would be that difficult.」

Was it decided that I would make the fire and water magic tools

I got my hands on good leather, so using that, I will make a knapsack and casting space magic on the inner pockets, I could put magic tools and valuables there~.

「Come to think of it, what’s with those two horse monsters」

「Ah~, today, Teacher said that he would go and capture them.

It seems that it’s a herbivorous monster and they were much more difficult to capture than Fighting Bulls….」

「Um, thanks for your hard work.」

「They’re probably mates, but we found them together, so we were able to capture them at the same time, so we didn’t have to go look for more, which I’m grateful for.」

「Yes, even if we were told to go look for more, it would be impossible.」


It seems that my younger sister liked the horses.

I wonder if this was the start of my days of making the harnesses, carriage, and stable~.

As we were chatting, we came back to a town gate that was different from the one that we usually went through.


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