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The adventurer group completed their escort request and after successfully ranking up, we were now working hard at production work.

First, the girls.

We obtained good materials like the hide of the Fighting Bull, so they prioritized making the bags.

They were making several backpacks, messenger bags, and the like.

And, they were also making some armor.

The performance differed depending on the material, so they made them every time we got new materials.

The boys were working hard on their carpentry.

They were making the horse carriage for the new horse familiars, the Steppe Horses.

There were many types, and it was large, so they ran into quite a number of issues. 

They were also making the harnesses while they were at it, so they were undertaking a great task.

And, in my case, I was diligently making the magic tools.

Driven by the necessity of water and fire during the camping practice, I learned from Obaa-san and made magic tools that produced fire and water, but still, they were useful items.

For the fire tools made for camping use, there was the one that produced small fireballs, as well as the one that continued to produce fire like a lighter. 

In addition, I tried making one that was similar to a gas stove.

The first two were simple items that produced small flames, so they weren’t that difficult to make and if the price did not fluctuate, then it could be purchased.

Many adventurers also bought this.

「U~n, it already exists, so I can probably make a smaller version of it….」

Right now, I was stuck trying to make a portable gas stove.

Nobles had a large-sized gas stove in their mansions.

However, for some reason, there was no portable-sized one. 

「Was it the opposite Should I make a large lighter」

Approaching it from a different angle, or rather, I was able to successfully make a portable gas stove by combining multiple lighter-type magic tools.

The adjustment of the firepower was dependent on the number of magic tools, so it was necessary to have several of them, but I think I made something good.

But, how many magic tools I was making was how many demon nuclei I had and the switches needed just as many nuclei, which was vexing.

「If practically applied, that could be made as well!」

After that, I used magic, did carpentry, worked on my blacksmithing, and I created a certain thing after much effort.

「Everyone-, I made something good!」

I called out to them and everyone gathered around.

「What did you make」


I took the bathtub out of my Item Box.

The goemon bathtub was easy to make, but it was not big enough if we were to use it at the orphanage, so I made a bathtub and a water-boiler. 

TN: the goemon bathtub is a wooden bathtub where the bath is heated from underneath.

It has a floating wooden lid that will sink when a person gets into the bathtub and sits on it.

This time, it’s a trial, rather, it could also be considered an experiment, so I made it so that it was big enough that three~four people could enter.


What is it」

「What are you going to use it for」

Those from the orphanage, as expected, did now know what it was, but it seems that Ojii-san and Obaa-san did.

「This is…a bathtub」

「My, my, something like a bathtub, it’s been a while~.」

「I don’t know if I made it correctly though.」

「So, what’s a bathtub」

「Nn~, a place where you bathe in hot water An apparatus Maa, you will know when you use it.」

And so, I filled the bathtub with water and heated it up.

Also, the bathtub was outside, so I used earth magic to create walls, and hung up a piece of fur in front of the entrance in place of a curtain.

In terms of magic tools that produced water, there were the water pouches, which were used by adventurers, and the water pitchers, which were for household-use, but I tried making something like a faucet for the bathtub.

However, adjusting the water volume was difficult, so I needed to pay special attention to it.

This was a trial, so filling up the water and heating it was all done by the magic tools, which took quite a long time.

Ojii-san and Obaa-san knew how to get into the bathtub, so they entered in turns.


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