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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

The bird that had an arrow pierced into its wing had the appearance of that of a hawk or an eagle.

Most likely, it was a monster, but perhaps it was a child, as it was small and even we could probably hold it in our arms.

When I tried using Appraisal, it was a monster called Little Eagle.

It was at level 1, so as expected, it had just been born. 

This monster was most likely what those adventurers from before had been searching for. 

There was an arrow in its wing, but it didnt seem as if it was a fatal injury.

However, due to the arrow, it couldnt fly and was also bleeding, so it would be dangerous if nothing was done.

As I was worrying about what we should do, my younger sister, who was next to me, pulled on my clothes, and was crying as she looked at it

「Onii-chan, poor bird-san….」

and said this.

Even if it was pitiful, it was a monster, and when we moved a little closer,


It gave a cry and intimidated us.

As I was thinking about whats to be done, the Little Eagle suddenly collapsed.

According to Appraisal, it seems that it had fainted.

As if we had been given an opportunity, we approached it.

With a quick glance, aside from its wing, it didnt seem to have any other injuries.

For now, I poured in my mana, imagining its strength recovering and its wound healing. 

It seems that its breathing had calmed down compared to before, but if I didnt do anything about the arrow, it wouldnt heal. 

to me, my younger sister was looking at the Little Eagle, worried.

I thought about it a little and decided to pull out the arrow.

I created wind using magic, and imagining it to be thin and swift, it took on the shape of a disk cutter.

Bringing it between the wing and the feathers of the arrow, I cut the arrow, severing it at a point as close to the wing as possible. 

And then, I held the arrowhead, and pulled it out. 

Blood was coming out from where the arrow had been pulled out, so with the image of the injury healing in my mind, I poured in more mana than I did previously.

I didnt know if it would get an infection, but I imagined that it would be disinfected as well. 

Because I had poured in a lot of mana, the injury had closed up before our eyes. 

The bleeding had also stopped and the cut had closed up, and the Little Eagle was curled up, sleeping, on the lap of my younger sister who was sitting down.

Even after the wound had healed, I continued pouring in mana to restore its strength.

If I circulated mana throughout its body, I would probably come across the thing which seemed to be a demon nucleus (core).

I heard that the demon nucleus (core) was a mass of mana, but I didnt sense much mana coming from it. 

Wondering if this was the cause of its weakening, I tried pouring mana into the demon nucleus (core).

When I did that, the mana was absorbed with great vigor.

If this went on, my mana would be exhausted, so I hurriedly absorbed the mana from our surroundings.

Dragon Forest had nothing but an abundance of mana, and with great vigor, it flowed from Dragon Forest→me→Little Eagle. 

I wondered how much was absorbed, but after five minutes, it slowed down. 

The demon nucleus (core)s mana absorption came to an end, and after a short while, 

「Pyui, pyui.」

the Little Eagle appeared to have woken up.

It was more or less a monster, so it came down from my younger sister, and separated itself a short distance away from her.

The Little Eagle was looking around.

And when it saw me, it walked over with small steps.

As I put my guard up, it rubbed itself against my feet.

As I was confused as it what was going on, 

「Pii, pii.」

It started chirping.

However, I somehow heard it as「Mama-, mama-」.

What was going on Was it something similar to imprinting However, something like imprinting, wasnt it a bird that had just been born


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