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This will be the last chapter of October and I will be taking a break for about a month or so until the beginning of December.

The specific date has yet to be determined, but it will be some time in the first half of the month.

For the readers who have been with me for a while, you know that I usually take a break around this time every year.

This is so that I can decompress and not have to worry about posting every week.

Of course, I would also like to stock up on some chapters to prepare for the present that is gifted every year, so I’m not slacking off completely.

Anyways, thanks for your understanding and I wish you an early Happy Halloween.

For those who are trick-or-treating and those who are not, stay safe during the festivities and I will see you all in December.

And without further ado, here’s the chapter, I hope you enjoy.

With the completion of the fence, the construction of our beloved clan house had begun, but the amount of time it took was unlike that of the previous times.

As for the reason, it was simply because we were carefully building it so that nothing would go wrong, and because of insufficient labor.

It might be alright if everyone worked together on it, but the people who would live here in the future were busy, so they took on guild requests in turn, and the production team was working on their craftsmanship as well.

Of course, everyone will help out with the construction when necessary though.

Even so, in the end, it took up to two months to be completed.

As for the building, with the help of Obaa-san’s reinforcement with her magic and the knowledge possessed by Ojii-san and the children who used to work as carpenters, we were able to build a second floor.

On the first floor, we built the kitchen, living room, bathroom, workshop, etc., and on the second floor, there were only bedrooms.

We used space magic to make them as spacious as possible, so we were satisfied with the number of rooms and how big they were.

The new familiars, the Grey Wolves, returned a week later.

It seems that Queen was quite spartan, so the Grey Wolves were worn out, but their strength had almost caught up with that of the wolf cubs.

Maa, ‘this was probably the limit of where you could fight safely.

Queen and the wolf cubs had defeated the monsters that Ojii-san brought back, so their levels were a little on the high side.

However, for some reason, Cruz-kun was no match for the wolves, and their actual strength was

Queen>Cruz-kun>wolf cubs>wolves

and instead of being based on that, the caste had become

Queen>wolf cubs>wolves>Cruz-kun

As expected, perhaps it was because this was classified according to Queen to start with

After the clan house had been completed, there was a small change within the adventurer group.

There were no changes with regards to the adventurers, but there was a child who wanted to do carpentry and woodwork. 

「Originally, it was because making tableware out of the wood that Shuu had was fun, so I went to work as a carpenter.

Then I wasn’t able to do that and I became an adventurer, but then we built the house and as expected, I want to do carpentry.

Of course, adventurers also do it to raise their levels though.」

That was what happened.

Everyone approved of it.

As expected, now that we’ve built a house, we knew how difficult it was.

How much easier would it have been if even one person had the skills for it….

Only, there was no one to study under, so we didn’t know how far they could go by depending on self-study though.

On the other hand, their woodworking skill would rise, so with that, it would work out somehow, hopefully.

Given the situation, I was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to do blacksmithing, but barely anyone had done it before, so it might be impossible However, I wanted someone who specialized in production, so let’s try discussing it with everyone.

「Ojii-san, is there any place in this forest where we can mine ore」

「Ore, huh, it’s not that there isn’t, but do you need something」

「Rather, there’s hardly any more that could be used by a blacksmith.」

That’s right, I was thinking that I should first have everyone do some blacksmithing, but the essential materials had run out.

It was because we made weapons, armor, and recently, a large amount of nails.

Originally, the materials were the rusty swords and armor that the Goblins had, but recently, the Goblins only had clubs and the like, so we were not able to collect any materials.

Because of that, I went to ask Ojii-san if there was a mine in Dragon King Mountain.

「Fumu, I don’t know if there is one, but I do know of a number of caves.

Want to go take a look」

Caves, huh…, if we mined inside, I wonder if we would be able to get something or another

「Then, can you tell us about that place」

「Very well! It’s been a while, so why don’t we go out with everyone!」

And so, we decided to go on an ore excavation tour.


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