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「I’m looking forward to the sleepover!」

A week ago, we decided to go and excavate ores, but this time, my younger sister was coming along as well.

In terms of her age and the members who were going, Ojii-san had judged that it would be fine.

「Looking forward to it….」

My younger sister was going, so Sakuya-chan would be tagging along as well.

Since Sakuya-chan was coming, that was probably why Ojii-san gave permission to my younger sister to come with us.

The mining team consisted of my younger sister, Ilya-chan, Cruz-kun, four people from the adventurer group, Ojii-san, Sakuya-chan, Queen, the wolf cubs, Miu, and I, along with the small familiars who didn’t usually go to the forest, the Poison Snake and the Silver Squirrel, since our main purpose this time were the caves.

Because of that, Pii-chan was house-sitting this time.

「Alright, let’s go!」

At Cruz-kun’s shout, everyone set out towards the forest.

This time, it’s estimated that it would take about a week, and we made our preparations.

This also served as camping practice, so each person made enough preparations to last a week.

It would be easy if I could use my Item Box, but of course, I didn’t plan on doing so.

We entered the forest, and in the beginning, our journey had been smooth sailing and after a while, Queen and the others came back from hunting rabbits and deer.

If it were normal adventurers, they wouldn’t take them with them so that they wouldn’t become extra baggage as they had yet to reach their destination, but I put them into my Item Box as they were the familiars’ food.

After that, under Ojii-san’s lead, we hunted prey as we continued our journey and slightly stronger monsters had begun to appear.

「The cave is just in front.

The monsters are also getting stronger.

Make sure to keep up your guard!」

Ojii-san always brought back monsters for us, so we’ve fought with them before, but we rarely did so in the forest, so we cautiously continued on.

After a while, something that looked to be a cave came into view just like Ojii-san had said, but there were Goblins wandering around near the entrance.

「Teacher! Could it be, that place where the Goblins are is the cave」

「Umu, it seems that it has become a goblin nest.」

「Is it spacious enough for a nest」

「I don’t know, I’ve never gone inside.」

「Ehh! Haven’t gone inside」


That meant that, perhaps he didn’t know if there were any ores that could be mined here….

In addition, there were Goblins as well….

「Then, we’re not going to a different cave」

「We would have to walk a little bit to get to the other cave, rather, this is perfect, you can just exterminate the Goblins.」

「Exterminate Goblins…will it be alright with just us」

「If it’s you guys right now, then it’ll be fine.

Only, if there’s a Goblin King, then it might be difficult.」

「The King, so there’s a boss!」

「But, if there’s this many, then it would be a good match, wouldn’t it」

Cruz-kun was excited, and it seems that the children from the adventurer group were enthusiastic about the goblin extermination as well.

「Certainly, I’m not sure about the Goblin King, but if it’s the other Goblins, then it would probably work out somehow or another.」

Since Ojii-san’s here, it shouldn’t be too dangerous, and I was also looking forward to the goblin subjugation.

「Then let’s go immediately!」

After everyone agreed to it, Cruz-kun tightly grasped onto his sword, and even now, seemed to be about to break into a run.

「Cruz-kun, you can’t do that!」


「It should be obvious, shouldn’t it! We haven’t checked out the Goblins’ situation, and haven’t made preparations to enter the cave either.」

When I stopped Cruz-kun, Ilya-chan got angry as well.

「For the time being, we will check out the situation while we make camp at a place further away today, and then subjugate Goblins tomorrow.」

We couldn’t help but nod when we were told that by Ojii-san, and the goblin subjugation was scheduled for tomorrow.


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