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There were two Goblins keeping guard in front of the cave.

「First, we need to deal with them.」

「Then, something like, we begin with shooting arrows at them, and assuming that we are not able to take them down, we’ll use magic and then have Queen and the others deal the finishing blow」

The adventurer group kept watch and thought of a strategy to defeat the Goblins.

It seemed a bit too cautious, but if we’re following the “safety first” rule, then wasn’t this just right

Without delay, Ilya-chan and the girl from the adventurer group prepared the arrows, Sakuya-chan and I our magic, and Queen and the others got ready to approach.

「Is everyone ready」

Everyone nodded when we heard the adventurer group’s words.

And then, the two archers looked at each other, and shot their arrows. 

The arrows struck the Goblins splendidly.


However, as a matter of course, one arrow would not be able to defeat them, so we followed it up with magic.

That was not enough to defeat them, but it seems that they were fatally wounded.

And then, right after we attacked them with magic, Queen and the others delivered the final blow, and we were able to take the Goblins down without any problems.

「Good work.」

Those from the adventurer group called out to us and then approached the Goblins.

I wanted to process the bodies of the Goblins, but there should still be some in the cave, so I put them in my Item Box first.

「So, who will stay behind」

I didn’t know what they were talking about, but it seems that we had to leave someone behind to keep guard as well.

If there were Goblins returning to the cave, then we would be attacked on both sides. 

After discussing it with each other, it was decided that it would be the girl and one of the vanguards from the adventurer group and Ilya-chan and the three wolf cubs.

The reason for this was that it would be difficult to use arrows inside the cave, and it would also be hard for the wolves to move around inside.

In addition, we had judged that it would be better to have a vanguard. 

After we finished deciding who would be staying behind, we promptly entered the cave.

Naturally, the interior was dark, so I created a number of lights using magic, and I had prepared a torch as well.

It didn’t seem as if the Goblins were using torches, so they probably had good night vision.

The cave was wide enough that two people would be able to walk alongside each other, the height was only high enough that wielding a sword would be a bit dangerous

And so, it was probably a bit difficult to fight.

After walking for a bit, we encountered a fork in the road, so we decided to continue down the right side.

We had people at the entrance, but there was also the possibility that we would be attacked on either side because of the forked road, so we needed to be cautious.

Walking deeper into the cave, we naturally came across the Goblins, but we took the initiative to use long-ranged magic, and with Queen’s pursuit and the vanguards’ finishing blow, we defeated them without any issue. 

It was good that the Goblins were not those of a high-rank.

At the end of the many forked roads was just a dead end, and it was something like a small room that the Goblins probably opened up.

There were weapons and armor that were either self-made or snatched from adventurers, as well as food being stored there.

Though we were anxious, I could feel wind flowing through from a hole somewhere.

We were able to find the ores that we had been looking for, though in small quantities.

As one would expect, we were not able to mine them since there were Goblins, but it seems that the amount was increasing as we proceeded further inside.

The search and the subjugation of the Goblins continued on for about an hour, and we were probably drawing near to the furthest reaches of the cave.

I didn’t know if it was man-made or was formed naturally, but it was extremely spacious.

「There’s more than we thought.」

「Also, there’s quite a number of high-ranks, you know」

Hiding at the entrance and peeking into the open space, including the Goblin King, there were more than thirty high-ranked Goblins in total there.

「Given the situation, it’s a bit difficult not having any arrows.」


Then, we will focus mainly on defense and defeat them safely.」

We left the entrance, and formulated a strategy whilst staying vigilant. 

The adventurer group were vanguards, so they will attract attention, and Sakuya-chan, the Silver Squirrel, and I will guard against the magic and arrows coming from the mages and archers while attacking them with magic.

Cruz-kun, Queen, Miu, and the Poison Snake would be on a search-and-kill mission and attacking the normal Goblins, and my younger sister would be on guard of the surroundings.

Well then, let’s commence the cleaning up of the goblin nest!


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