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First, it was Sakuya-chan’s and my preemptive strike.

It was a spacious place, so we used attacks with a wide range of effects; Sakuya-chan releasing a gust of wind filled with wind blades and my lightning magic.

If it went well, then the Goblins may become paralyzed.

「Let’s go!」


As soon as the magic abated, Cruz-kun and Queen defeated the Goblins near the entrance in turns, and after that, the vanguards charged inside.

When everyone entered the open area, there weren’t any Goblins in the vicinity.

Originally there weren’t any near the entrance, and it was also because Cruz-kun and Queen were behaving violently and defeating them.

Excluding the two of them, we had arrived at our positions, and everyone, except for Sakuya-chan and I, were fighting in close combat, so we attacked the Goblin Mages, Goblin Archers, and Goblins who were able to use long-ranged attacks.

My younger sister was in the rear keeping watch as planned.

The subjugation was going well.

It seems that the lightning magic paralyzed quite a number of normal Goblins, and it had become easier to defeat them.

The mages and archers were in a panic due to our assault, and they were not able to attack properly, so they had been defeated by Sakuya-chan’s and my magic.

In the open space, there was one Goblin King, ten mages and archers, as well as ten warriors, and normal Goblins were of the majority.

I thought that there were a total of thirty of them, but it seems that there were more than that.

However, now, there were only the King and several warriors remaining.

Queen took the warriors out in the blink of an eye.

Queen was stronger than all of us.

As for the last one, the King, I dealt it a blow using magic and then switched with my younger sister.

Recently, the normal Goblins were not good and if it was the King, then we might be able to earn a lot of experience, so I had them attack it.

I was watching the battle while using Detection towards the entrance, but their teamwork was good and they were fighting safely.

The familiars were also attacking it, so they should be able to receive experience as well.

After that, they did well in dealing damage, and we were able to defeat the Goblin King without any problems.

「Is anyone injured」

「I’m fine!」

「It seems that Queen and the others are not wounded either.」

「With this, is the extermination completed」

Defeating the Goblin King, we checked for injuries and looked over the Goblins.

「Aah, there aren’t any Goblins who are still moving.」

「Onii-chan, over there, there’s still someone!」

My younger sister informed me while pointing towards the shadow of the boulder.

It seems that she continuously used Enemy Detection and found the Goblin hiding there.

Certainly, when I used it, I got a response from something, possibly a Goblin.

However, that response was a small one and it seems like it was about to die.

If we hadn’t looked for it purposefully, then we would’ve failed to notice it.

「How admirable.」

We were relieved after defeating the Goblin King and it seems that we had been negligent in using Enemy Detection.

I stroked my younger sister’s head and praised her.

She seemed happy.

「I think that it’s going to die, but why don’t I check it out just in case.」

Saying that, the child adventurer readied his shield and approached it. 

Drawing near the shadow of the boulder, he saw its true identity.

「O~i, come take a look!」

We were called over by the child who went to take a look and we all rushed over.

And then, when we looked down into the shadow of the boulder…there was a baby.

A baby Goblin….

「Onii-chan, a baby!」

Un, it’s a baby.

Now then, what should we do….


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