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The next day, we departed from the cave.

I covered the entrance using earth magic so that the cave wouldn’t turn into a Goblin den again.

There was a baby on the way back, so we didn’t take any detours.

However, since we especially came to a place where we normally did not go, we didn’t forget to harvest any medicinal herbs in the surrounding area that caught our eye and picked fruits.

Queen and the others were surveilling the surroundings, but as expected, it seems that there were animals that we didn’t normally see and they seemed like they wanted to go hunting.

「Queen, we’re going to take a rest, so you can go hunting.」



Queen gave a cry and brought the wolf cubs with her.

It seems that they’re still capturing prey.

The journey to the cave took half a day, but on the way back, there was a baby, so we took lots of breaks.

Because of that, it was decided that we would stay over for the night at Ojii-san’s house if it was late when we arrived there.

Originally, we had scheduled it to be a week, so it’s not a problem.

Along the way on the return home, we harvested, hunted, and took breaks, and we were able to come out of the forest before the sun set and arrived at Ojii-san’s house.

When everyone entered the house, Obaa-san immediately noticed the baby and made a bed for it.

In the evening, Obaa-san made dinner.

At night, my younger sister and Sakuya-chan decided to sleep with the baby.

Tomorrow, we will return to the orphanage, so we will be parting with Sakuya-chan.

I was a bit worried about the crying at night, but it was better than when we were inside the cave.

The next morning, we decided to return to the orphanage.

Sakuya-chan felt lonely and was crying because she was going to be separated from the baby, but after Ojii-san agreed to come to town next week, she somehow stopped crying.

From Ojii-san’s house to the orphanage, we could use the wolf cart, so we were able to move forward without taking any breaks.

「Ou, you guys returned safely!」

The usual gatekeeper-san who was always there called out to us.

And, as usual, we stopped so that he could check our identifications and inspect our luggage carrier.

「Oi, what’s in the luggage carrier」

Aah, I forgot to explain.

「Um, I have a new familiar, but….」

「What, another familiar Well, what kind of monster is it I know it’s a small one, but…」

「…um, it’s a Goblin….」

「Ha Goblin you say, that Goblin」

「It’s probably that Goblin….」


Well, why did you turn a goblin into your familiar as well」

There, I explained what happened in the cave. 

「I see.

A Goblin nest, huh.

I’m grateful that you destroyed it, but turning a Goblin into a familiar, huh」

「Then, will that Goblin baby be taken away」

Inside the wolf cart, my younger sister was hugging the baby.

「I can’t do that, you know」

「Ah~, me neither.」

In any case, although it was a baby, it was a Goblin, so I thought that perhaps there would be a problem, but even when it grew up, it was a Goblin, so it should be fine and we were able to enter the town without any issues.

Passing through the gate, we headed straight towards the orphanage.

The adventurer group should’ve separated from us along the way, but they came with us to pick up the wolves that were house-sitting. 

Arriving at the orphanage, the children who noticed the wolf cart gathered around us.

「「「We’re back!」」」

「Welcome back~.」「You’ve worked hard~.」

After exchanging greetings, several children helped with tidying up the wolf cart.

In doing so, they noticed it, the baby.

「A baby」「But it’s not human」

「Then, what kind of baby is it」

Its appearance was that of a baby’s, but it was obvious that it was not human, making everyone perplexed.

「Everyone, shh~h!」

It was starting to get noisy, so my younger sister got mad as she didn’t want the baby to wake up.

I explained to everyone that it was a Goblin baby and that I had turned it into my familiar.

The younger children and the girls quite liked it, but those who had defeated Goblins before had complicated looks on their faces.

Meanwhile, Director-sensei and Char-chan came out of the building, so I talked to them about the baby and got permission to look after it at the orphanage without any problems.


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