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「I’m coming~~~!」

「Ou, anytime!」



「Come on, come on!」


Taptaptaptaptap, tap!


「You’ve gotten much quicker, but you still can’t beat me!」

「Muu~! 」

Having broken the curse on the knife, we immediately wanted to ascertain its efficacy, so we had a mock battle.

My younger sister was using the knife and her opponent was Cruz-kun.

The knife was of superior quality, and it was decided that it would be given to my younger sister who was the youngest among those in the adventurer group (including those who planned to become one).

I was also young, but I had various ways of strengthening myself using magic, so it wasn’t an issue for me.

We were watching from a distance away, but my younger sister’s physical ability had improved noticeably.

Perhaps it was more efficient than strengthening oneself using magic.

Cruz-kun, her opponent, had a wooden sword in both hands.

He practiced with Ojii-san on a regular basis, and due to the difference in levels and amount of experience, he deftly evaded my younger sister’s attacks.

Being able to last this long with Cruz-kun as her opponent, the knife’s performance was satisfactory.

If it’s like this, then I would let my younger sister use it, but when it’s time to level up the children who will become adventurers, then I might have them equip it. 

「I didn’t hit you….」

「You still have a long way to go, I won’t lose to a kid.」

The mock battle came to an end, and my younger sister tottered over while Cruz-kun came back full of spirit.

「Good job, you two.」

I patted my younger sister on the head as I said that.

「Wow~, this knife is much more amazing than I thought it would be.

Now, I’m convinced that Shuu’s been trying to break the curse!」

Cruz-kun pointed at the knife that had once been cursed.


I’m also surprised by the unexpected outcome.」

「But, I didn’t hit Cruz-kun….」

While we were talking about the knife, my younger sister was once again in low spirits.

It must be vexing to not be able to get a hit in when the knife had enhanced her physical abilities. 

「You don’t need to care too much about it.

Cruz is a battle maniac.

If he lost just like that, then he would be useless!

Ilya-chan patted my younger sister’s head while speaking ill of Cruz-kun.

「What did you say!」


The two people then started quarreling. 

「Come to think of it, Shuu, what are you going to do about that sword」

Someone from the adventurer group started talking to me while watching the two people argue.

「That sword」

「Don’t you remember, that broken sword that you’re always using.」

Aah, the broken sword that had been bestowed increased sharpness that I bought together with the curse knife, huh.

「Look, aren’t we mining ores during this time That’s why, I was wondering if you could repair it….」

「Nn~, it’s not impossible, but a sword like that, I can make it, you know」

When I first got it, I had used it often for dismantling and attacking as it cut quite well.

However, both my blacksmithing skills and bestowal ability had gotten better, so I was also able to make sharp swords.

Incidentally, the swords that everyone’s currently using wouldn’t be worse than the broken sword, each sharper than the next.

「Ah~, maa, certainly, the swords you make are good, but you’ve been using that sword for a long time and have grown familiar with it.」

「Un, that’s true.」

Certainly, that sword had helped everyone and I’ve been using it for so long, so everyone had grown fond of it. 

「Alright then, maybe I’ll do some blacksmithing~.」

「Are you going to Then we’re counting on you!」


And so, I decided to train a blacksmith to repair the broken sword.


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