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Well, if we’re going hunting for Treants, then as expected, we would need an axe.

I didn’t know how big Treants were, but I thought that it would not be possible to cut them down with swords.

Though I said axes, there were various types like the one-handed axe, the double-handed axe, and the double-edged axe.

And when you consider the length of the handle and the blade as well as its weight, then it wouldn’t do if you didn’t make a number of them.

Also, if I’m going to make this many axes, then I would be a little anxious about the materials.

And so, I might as well take the opportunity to go mining again when we go Treant hunting.

One week after that, the blacksmithing group and the woodworking group worked together to successfully produce several axes.

And as a result, the ores were almost depleted though…. 

The ones going Treant hunting were, the usual four members, six people from the adventurer group, mainly those who didn’t get to go last time, the two people from the blacksmithing group, as well as the two people from the woodworking group.

In addition to Ojii-san and Sakuya-chan.

As for the familiars, it was Queen and the six adult wolves, Pii-chan and Shadow Owl, one of the members who specialized in searching for enemies, as well as Lin-chan.

This time, there was the harvesting(), subjugation(), mining(), so the objectives had increased.

Firstly, the Treant hunting.

We had to obtain the Treant materials and produce staffs and arrows.

Secondly, mining.

It was because we made many axes that there was no more iron.

If possible, I would like to get some magic iron as well.

Thirdly, harvesting, and mining practice.

There were people who were exclusively collecting materials for woodworking and blacksmithing (the woodcutters and the people working in the mines).

However, Ojii-san told me that if we were going to do woodworking and blacksmithing, then we should be able to collect our own materials, so this time, the blacksmiths and the woodworkers would be participating as well. 

Lastly, the escort practice.

There were four people in the production groups that normally didn’t enter the forest, so it was the perfect timing for escort practice for the inexperienced adventurer group and newcomer wolves.

There might not be many escorts going into the forest, but there was a high level of difficulty, so it was just right for practice. 

「As expected, it’s difficult to walk.」

「I don’t really understand what’s going on around us either.」

We entered the forest and as we approached the cave, those from the production groups were complaining and feeling anxious. 

From the point of view of the people who usually didn’t enter the forest, it was difficult to move around in the forest.

Even so, the vanguard Cruz-kun wielded the hatchet and was clearing away the branches and weeds, so it should’ve been, more or less, easy to walk around, but….

We moved forward while taking more breaks than usual and we arrived at the cave before the sun set.

「Then, why don’t we camp here for today.」

Everyone nodded when the adventurer group said this, and we started setting up camp.

「Wouldn’t it be better to sleep inside the cave」

「Ah~, it should be fine since Shuu sealed up the entrance, but we don’t know what’s inside.

It would be troublesome if it got dark while we were checking it out, so today, we will be sleeping outside.」

「I see.」

The adventurer group answered the question raised by the production groups about not entering the cave even though we finally arrived.

「They are skilled.」

The children from the production groups saw those from the adventurer group swiftly setting up camp and muttered this.

「Maa, this too is experience.」

Perhaps their mutter was heard as a child from the adventurer group gave a reply.

Of course, their hands never stopped moving.

「You guys are not used to it and are tired, right Go rest for a while.」

「Is that ok」

「I’m saved.」

As expected, perhaps they were tired as the children from the production groups sat down somewhere where they wouldn’t be in the way.

Dinner was soup and bread, with lots of meat.

When we started setting up camp, Queen and the others went hunting in turns and caught a lot of prey. 

Thanks to them, the dismantling was a little troublesome.

Ojii-san and the others, Lin-chan, and I took turns for the night watch and it went smoothly.

I forgot about it, but should I make something like an elemental sword as a countermeasure against ghosts

The next day, the children from the production groups seemed to sleep well and did not look tired.

「Alright, then let’s search the cave and do our best in mining!」


At Cruz-kun’s enthusiastic shout, we went into the cave.


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