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Happy Monday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

After returning to the orphanage, we immediately went to explain it to Director-sensei. 

About discovering the adventurers within the forest.

About discovering the wounded monster afterwards. 

About the monster becoming emotionally attached after giving it medical care.

And, about it becoming my familiar before I became aware of it. 

Of course, I did not tell her about how Pii-chan had an arrow pierced into its wing.

Since my recovery magic was a secret.

I had also told my younger sister to keep it a secret.

I dont know how long she could keep it a secret though….

Not only that, as camouflage, I wrapped a piece of cloth around Pii-chan instead of using bandages.

Even now, it could not fly well, so it could make it look like it was injured.

As a result, it had been decided that we would keep Pii-chan at the orphanage. 

Maa, although the person managing the orphanage was a monster, they shouldnt forsake an injured child.

TN: themonster here should be referring to a bad person, not an actual monster.

Only, there was a problem nonetheless.

Was it alright to raise a monster within the town.

Also, as expected, we did not know how to raise it.

We could just ask if we didnt know, so it was decided that we would go to the soldiers station and the Adventurer Guild tomorrow. 

How to raise it, maa, practice makes perfect, so well learn as we go.

The next day, Director-sensei, Pii-chan, I, and for some reason, my younger sister, headed to the soldiers station.

Pii-chan was held in my arms and was in a good mood.

The soldiers station was near the towns entry gate.

The orphanage was originally at the edge of town, so it wasnt that far away.

When we were close enough to see the towns gate, we saw many adventurers who were heading towards Dragon Forest.

When we drew near the guardroom, a soldier just happened to exit the office.

「Ahh, Director-sensei, good morning.」

「Yes, good morning.」

「「Good morning!!」」

We greeted the soldier who greeted us when he noticed us. 

「Is there something you need today You even brought the children with you.

A monster! Quickly, get away from that monster!!」

Noticing Pii-chan, the soldier hurriedly drew the sword at his waist, and pointed it towards us.

Seeing that, this time, it was Director-sensei who became flustered.

「Aah, please wait.

This child is alright.

Today, weve come for a consultation with regards to this child.」


The soldier brandished his sword as he returned a question back to us.

「Yes, this child, the Little Eagle has become a familiar.」

「A familiar! That is unusual….」

Hearing the word “familiar”, the soldier vigilantly lowered his sword.

Suddenly, my younger sister stood in front of me

「Dont bully Pii-chan!」

and yelled at the soldier.

The soldier sheathed his sword,

「Aah, Im not bullying it.」

said this to my younger sister, and turned to Director-sensei

「That monster being a familiar, maa, I understand.

There wouldnt be a situation where the children would be attacked either.

Well then, what would you like to consult about today」

and asked this.

「Yes, theres something I wanted to ask, but do we need some kind of authorization in order to raise a familiar」

「No, theres no need for that.

Rather than that, familiars are rare, so currently, theres not really any set rules.」

「My, is that so」


However, although you dont need authorization, if its in town, the residents might be surprised, so you might need to attach some kind of symbol to it to signify that its a familiar.」

「I see.」

「Also, lets send the information to the rest of the soldiers.

Since we might attack it.」

「It would be great if you could do so.

What about the Adventurer Guild」

「It might be best to let the guild know as well.」

「Thank you.

Then, I will go to the Adventurer Guild.」

And so, we were able to, surprisingly, smoothly conclude the conversation with the soldiers.


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