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Perhaps they had been stimulated by the fact that we created new bows and arrows, as there was a production boom in not just the clan, but in the orphanage as well.

The woodworking group was a matter of course, but the blacksmithing group was also researching not just the iron weapons that they had been making, but the magic iron ones as well.

Also, it was not just iron, it seems that they have begun to mix it with other metals to make alloys.

The production group did not consist of only males.

The girls of the group were motivated as well and were in high spirits.

Medicine making and magic potion making, the needlework group had also begun making new clothes for adventurer-use. 

The cooking group, which was led by Char-chan, were also researching the ingredients and spices collected in the forest.

The children in the orphanage making wooden tableware became all the rage.  Of course, they were making enough of them to sell, and the skillful ones were making tableware in the shape of the familiars.

There were so many things being produced and suddenly, we were in need of materials.

So every day, the adventurer group and us…rather, we were staying overnight and running around hunting, harvesting, mining, and cutting down trees.

Of course, during that time, the adventurer group girls, Sakuya-chan, and Lin-chan were testing out the staffs and bows and arrows.

「Let’s set up a food cart!」

The production activities continued and on a certain day, the girls from the clan declared this.

They left the orphanage and were part of the clan, but they belonged to the Commerce Guild and not the Adventurer Guild, so it was possible for them to set it up.

「Since everyone put in so much effort in making various things, let’s sell them with everyone!」

Listening to them, it seems that we made too many things and there was an increase in various things.

The blacksmithing group made swords, knives, and all sorts of pots.

The woodworking group and those in the orphanage made many tableware and simple furniture.

The pharmacist group made all types of medicine and magic potions.

The needlework group made clothes and leather goods.

The cooking group made new kinds of soup.

Maa, it’s not that the cooking group had leftovers, but it seems that the children from the orphanage all said that it was delicious, so they couldn’t make a judgement on the taste.

It seems that the production group had discussed this and everyone was willing to do it.

It seems that the child from the Commerce Guild had already gone to get a business license, and had gotten licenses for both a food stall and a street stall. 

The blacksmithing group made the soup pot, the woodworking group built the food stall, the pharmacist group mixed together the spices for the soup, the needlework group weaved the carpet for the street stall and the cloth for the roof, and the cooking group made the preparations for the soups; each group started to move. 

「It’s extremely close to the orphanage.」

「That’s right, the popular stalls have always been set up at the popular places like the main street and the plaza, so those like us will be on the outskirts.」

The preparations for the food stall were completed and we were eager to rush over, but when we arrived, the place was not that far from the orphanage and was in a section where there was barely any pedestrian traffic. 

The girl went to the guild, and applied for the food stall, but it seems that the people who had set up their stall a long time ago and the large shops continued to monopolize their spots in the popular locations.

In addition, the stall fees seemed reasonable and we could only set it up in a place like this.

「For now, let’s start setting it up! We can’t take too much time to open the stalls!」

Hearing the merchant girl’s enthusiastic shout, everyone started to move.

Today, all the clan members were here.

It was our first food cart and we didn’t know what’s going to happen, so everyone gathered and we had a lot of help.

We warmed up the soup that we carried over from the orphanage at the stall.

Just in case, I prepared two in the large pots and one in the orphanage.

If it’s not enough, then the adventurer group will go get it. 

There’s truly a large variety of goods at the street stall.

Rather, there’s no coordination.

Even if we were asked what kind of stall it was, we wouldn’t be able to answer.

I planned on looking for some things among those goods that sold well and increase production.

Maa, that’s if there were customers though….

「Everyone, are you prepared Then, we’re open for business!」

The time was before noon, and our stalls were finally open.


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