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「Then, next is us, huh.」

「On the blacksmithing side, things like daggers, knives, throwing knives sell well.

Also, in the evening, there have been more and more adventurers asking us to maintain their weapons.」

「We had, more or less, told them that we were still inexperienced, but looking at the goods that we’re selling, it felt like it would be fine and that we had to do it.

In contrast with the adventurers, the number of blacksmiths is not enough.」

「Aah, also, the neighbors had asked us if we would make kitchen knives and pots.

That’s why, we want to do some blacksmithing at Ojii-san’s place.」

「I want to take the opportunity to make some weapons as well.」

So I was told.

Was this also the negative effect of the increase in adventurers There were not enough blacksmiths, so there was a shortage of daily necessities….

「Can we say something too The wooden dinnerware is basically sold out.

Currently, we’re ordering extra from the children at the orphanage and they’re making more.」

「While we’re talking about that, we received orders for tableware from restaurants and inns.

This is because of the development of the town, which led to insufficient lumber and carpenters.

I was told that they want several of them even if they looked a little worse.」

They too had an occupational shortage, huh….

Maa, we had a lot of materials and it would be good practice for the children at the orphanage, so it’s fine.

「We are mostly sold out as well.

Obaa-san had taught us how to make them, but it seems there weren’t any goods around here that were made using the sewing method, so the merchants also came to buy them.」

Heeh~, the needlework group’s goods were also bestsellers, huh.

As expected, since Obaa-san traveled everywhere, she knew some rare patterns and techniques.

However, we didn’t have enough materials, so it seems that an increase in production would be difficult.

「The sales of the medicine are also doing well! Everything from the ordinary medicines to the magic potions! The ones who bought the magic potions were mostly the adventurers, but the neighbors also bought the ordinary medicines.」

「Because of this, we also have a shortage of magic potions, so we want to make some at Obaa-san;s place.」

「Also, Shuu should know about it, but there are not enough materials, so it might be a good idea to go harvesting soon.」

Certainly, every kind of materials within my『Item Box』was running low.

Still, except for iron ores, what remained of the rest was how much there was….

「If I remember correctly, we might need to take on requests from the Adventurer Guild soon.

It seems that we need various things for that.」

「We’ve managed to make money at the food stall, but if we didn’t work this much, our bodies would become dull.」

「But the food stall is worrisome as well.

Currently, it’s fine because we have a lot of acquaintances and there are adventurers as well, but if we’re not here, then things like maintaining the line would be troublesome, right」

「There would be less boys, so it would also be troublesome if we got involved with strange guys.」

U~n, the adventurer group wanted to take on requests soon, huh….

That would mean that if there were more children from the orphanage, then we would have enough help, but the crime prevention aspect was worrisome, huh….

「For now, in conclusion, the proceeds of the street stall are excellent, but now, there’s not enough inventory.

The adventurer group will collect the materials and the production groups want to make goods.

However, if we did that, then there’s not enough helping hands.

That’s about it」

Listening to what everyone had to say, I summarized their comments.


「Something like that.」

「Wouldn’t we be able to manage somehow or another if we got help from the children at the orphanage」

「If we did that, then there wouldn’t be enough adults….」

In the end, I wonder if there was someone who we could leave the food stall to.

Only the cooking group and the blacksmith group had adults.

That blacksmith group also only had one person remaining for the weapon maintenance. 

「For now, wouldn’t we be able to manage somehow or another if we had a guard」


「Is there anyone good」

「Nn~, someone who was more or less as strong or even stronger than everyone.

But, in the beginning, we will stay behind though.」


「Will we hire an adventurer or something」

「I’m looking forward to tomorrow.」

Saying that, the meeting was now over.


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