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The familiars who substituted for the adventurer group were more than enough.

However, it seems that they would be stressed if we brought them to the stalls every day, so the adventurer group would work as escorts once every few days.

Truthfully, it would be good if we had a fixed day off, but in this world, not only the stalls, but even normal shops didn’t have days off.

They weren’t like the shops that did business 24 hours a day, but most of them open between the time in the morning to before lunch time, and closed around the times from dusk to evening.

Places like pubs and bars did not close until a little later than that, but it would not open until the middle of the night.

With regards to the adventurers, they basically did as they pleased.

However, novice adventurers were just barely getting by, so they had to work every day.

When it came to the current adventurer group, they were now able to have a certain amount of leeway, so they had rest days in order to adjust their physical conditions.

Maa, it wasn’t possible for me, who had worked in Japan, to say this, but I thought that the people in this world worked too much.



Obeying Queen’s instructions, the wolves formed an orderly line like they were in the military.

It seems that it was the adventurer group’s rest day today and they had come in place of the Blue Tiger, but Queen and the others had suggested that they would substitute for the adventurer group as guards.

It seems that they felt a sense of competitiveness towards the Blue Tiger.

Perhaps it was because their levels were around the same and that it had been hugged by the children of the orphanage

The issues, excluding the one regarding the guards, had also been settled. 

Regarding the problem with the soup ingredients, the ingredients being separate were, for now, a success.


「For me, double the meat.」

「Me too.」

「I want three times the meat!」

「Add bread for me.」

In this way, there was a large amount of meat being sold.

In particular, it was normal for the adventurers to increase the quantity of the meat.

Because of that, the cooking group increased the amount of meat and they lamented that making the soup was difficult because balancing the taste of the soup was not easy.

But then after that, we started selling meat skewers that were seasoned with spices and the customers who requested for more meat decreased, making the cooking group overjoyed.

But on the other hand, the adventurer group had to go hunting and needed to catch a lot of prey, so it seemed really difficult….

The other production groups would sell things in a shift system. 

Of course, if there was an order, then it would be fulfilled, but there were not a lot of goods, so we placed an emphasis on the quality.

Of course, the familiars were guarding them, but it was also great that the children from the orphanage could tend the store.

However, there was the exception of the blacksmith group as the children of the group took turns in going to the street stall.

This was because they were requested by the adventurers to fix their weapons.

They were inexperienced, and it was mostly self-taught, so they had declined many times, but as expected, they had no choice but to do so due to the acquaintances of the adventurer group and the shortage of blacksmiths.

The children from the orphanage were troubled as well.

In this world, one became an adult at the young age of fifteen and there were also usually a lot of children under ten who work.

The children of the orphanage were also not an exception and were working, but there were a lot of them, so there were not a lot of children who could go to work, so they could only help out around the orphanage.

And then, there was this job.

There was no way that they wouldn’t do their best.

No matter who, every child was working very hard.

Honestly, I’m afraid that they would work too much, so when I asked them if they needed a small break, sorry to the other children working elsewhere, but 

「I can still do it!」

「Work is fun!」

「This much is nothing,」

they were, instead, eager to do it.

It couldn’t be helped, so I discussed it with everyone and adjusted the work.

Although I said that, the production groups did not have any raw materials and couldn’t do anything, so even if they wanted to work, they couldn’t….

With this, the business at the stalls had calmed down, so perhaps we could focus on the adventurer work


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