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Happy Wednesday!

Heres the chapter, enjoy.

Leaving the soldiers station, we walked along the main street and headed towards the Adventurer Guild.

The Adventurer Guild was in the center of town, and was an extremely large three-story building made of stone.

When we entered, there were a few counters at the front, and a notice board on the right.

On the left, there was a store that sold medicine, weapons, armor, and the like.

There was no bar that often appeared in manga, and there was no event where someone picked a fight with me during my first time coming to the guild.

Maa, if they picked a fight with an elderly woman and three year old orphans, then as adventurers, they would probably be finished….

Thinking about such things, we arrived at the counter.


How can I help you today」

The receptionist at the counter called out to us.

「Good morning.

Today, I would like to ask about familiars, but is the person-in-charge here」

「Familiar, is it the Little Eagle over there」

「Yes, this child is a familiar, so registering, or rather, we came to notify you, but….」

「Registration Im sorry.

With regards to the familiar, theres no particular need to register though」

「I had asked a soldier.

I was told by that soldier, that it would be better to notify the guild so that the adventurers know not to attack it.」

「I see, if its the familiar of a resident, then it belongs to them, so if adventurers attack it, and its handled poorly, it might turn into a crime.」

「Thats why I want the people of the guild know that this child is a familiar.」


There would be a fee if you were adventurers, but as you are residents of the town, we will circulate the information free of charge.」

「Please do.」

「Well then, who will be registering Also, do you have some kind of mark for the Little Eagle」

「The one registering would be the orphanages Shuu.

The mark…what should it be」

Director-sensei asked me.

The mark, it would be good to have an accessory or something that it could wear, but we dont have that kind of money, so perhaps it could wear a scarf.

「Then, what about wearing a scarf」

「Well, then, the Little Eagle will wear a scarf.」


And, what color will the scarf be」



When asked about the color of the scarf, my younger sister and Pii-chan shouted at the same time.

Director-sensei, the receptionist, and I all spaced out for a moment, but then everyone laughed.

「Well then, a red scarf please.」


Well then, the Little Eagle wearing a red scarf is the familiar of the orphanages Shuu.

We will affix the information to the notice board so that it wont be attacked.」

「Please do.」



We concluded our talk with smiles on our faces.

Leaving the Adventurer Guild, we headed to the fabric store.

It seems that the shop was one that Director-sensei frequented.

Most of the childrens clothes were handmade by Director-sensei.

This too was because it would be inexpensive.  

This time, we headed to the store so that we could make Pii-chans scarf.

Both my younger sister and Pii-chan were in a good mood.

Or rather, Pii-chan could understand our words!

We arrived at the fabric store, and when we were about to choose the fabric, my younger sister and Pii-chan, the two people () picked it out. 

Director-sensei, the fabric stores oba-chan, and I looked on with a smile.

We purchased a piece of fabric that was slightly larger than my body.

Since I was a child and will soon grow bigger.

We greeted the fabric stores oba-chan, and the three people and one bird returned to the orphanage.

After returning, my younger sister and Pii-chan immediately begged Director-sensei to make the scarf, and she did so with a wry smile on her face.

That was the birth of the radiant Pii-chan with a red scarf.


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