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There was a large mountain of monsters near the irrigation canal that was a short distance away from Ojii-san’s house.

It seems that this was the result of today’s hunting that Ojii-san did using his magic.

Within the mountain were boars, wolves, deer, bears, etc.

that we had hunted before, but a large majority of them were monsters with large builds whose bodies surpassed three meters in length. 

「How is it! Isn’t it amazing!」

「It’s been a while, so we overdid it a little.」

「How is it you ask…Cruz, all these monsters are those you can’t defeat at your level, aren’t they!」

「A lot of me~at!」

「Ojii-san, what are we going to do with this」

Apologies to the two people who were full of confidence, but our responses were cold.

Though it seems that my younger sister was happy that there was a lot of prey….

There weren’t any problems with the monsters that we usually hunted, but the large monsters and the high-ranked ones were, frankly, troublesome.

The saving grace was that it seems that they had remembered that the objective of the hunt was the meat and at least all the monster meat was edible, huh.

「This, if we don’t do it here, then we wouldn’t be able to dismantle them, would we」

「Moreover, we’re the only ones who are going to dismantle them, you know」

「For the time being, it doesn’t seem like we can go hunting….」

Seeing the mountain of prey, the adventurer group looked as if they had nothing else to say.

They too had not come recently, so they probably wanted to go hunting.

For now, it was already that time of day, so we decided to get ready to return to town.

Depending on what it was, we drained the blood, but we didn’t do that for most of them, so I asked the adventurer group to do it and I put the monsters that couldn’t be discovered into my『Item Box』.

Incidentally, the monsters that I had asked them to draw the blood from were those that we could take back with us.

The number of prey that we brought back had increased, so when we began the preparations after deciding to return in the horse-drawn carriage, Obaa-san asked us to wait.

「Wait, I wonder if it would be possible for you to not use the horse-drawn carriage for the time being」

「Ehh Why」

「But, there are a lot of prey and the carriage is….」

It seems that the adventurer group thought that the horse-drawn carriage that could transport a lot of cargo was better than the wolf cart.

「Well, it seems that that child is pregnant.」



「Pregnant, what is that」

We were surprised while my younger sister and Sakuya-chan did not know what the word pregnant meant.

When we told them the meaning,


「A baby…!」

they were extremely happy.

「Ahh Pregnant you say, what are we going to do」

「It’s not a question of what we are going to do, it’s going to give birth, you know」

「No, that’s right, but that’s not what I meant.」

After that, the adventurer group was flustered, but 

「Won’t you calm down! What’s wrong with a husband and wife having a child!」

with Ojii-san’s rebuke, everyone regained their composure.

「Alright, then, why don’t we discuss future plans.」

「We should.

For now, we won’t use the horse-drawn carriage and let’s have Queen and the others do their best.」

「Wouldn’t it be better to have someone take care of them」

「The production groups wanted to come here, so isn’t that perfect」

Based on its appearance, I couldn’t tell that it was pregnant, but when I tried using『Appraisal』, I was able to confirm that it was.

And so, the discussion went smoothly and we would be using the wolf cart for the time being while the Steppe Horses would be living at Ojii-san’s place.

It was decided that the production groups and a few children from the orphanage would be staying there as caretakers.

Fortunately, though small, there was the stable that I had made previously, so I took it out.

As one would expect, it would not be possible to stay over today, so we decided to bring everyone over tomorrow.

「Alright, that’s about it.」

「Yes, if there’s anything, we can discuss it again.」

「Honestly, its stomach is not yet big, so we didn’t know that it was pregnant.」

Wrapping up the discussion, we hurriedly made preparations to return.

「Today, thank you for telling us about the pregnancy.」

「Because of that, we didn’t have it do work.」

Just as we were leaving, we thanked Obaa-san for discovering the pregnancy.

「Sakuya-chan, do your best with the baby!」

「 Un! I’ll do my best!」

Some of us had exchanged words that were somewhat wrong though….

「You don’t need to worry about it, those children are already like family.

Besides, it’s amazing that there’s two of them are pregnant at the same time~.」



As as we were leaving, Obaa-san had dropped another bomb on us….


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