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「Fumu, it’s quite tasty.」

「This might be good on a hot day or after intensive training.」

「It’s better if it’s warm, you know…」

The refrigerator that I had just made was put to use immediately and I tried chilling the drinks.

For the sampling, I had Ojii-san and the others drink them.

Ojii-san was not drinking milk, but wine.

Since I wanted to try making various drinks besides milk.

「As for this, I’m looking forward to attempting other alcohols as well!」

Even in Japan, most alcohol was chilled, so I tried doing that and it seems that was the correct choice.

However, in this world, there was not much variety in terms of alcohol and not much could be chilled, so the target would be something like ale

The real issue at hand was the milk, but the reception was mixed, or rather, there were different preferences.

Maa, there should be some who were not accustomed to cold drinks, but it may be because the children from the orphanage, with my younger sister at the forefront, were fond of hot milk.

「You’re not going to sell this magic tool」

The refrigerator was running smoothly, so when I was making several of them that had different appearances, Ojii-san had asked me this question.

「U~n, frankly, I don’t think that it would sell….

Its usage is limited even at the orphanage….」

「It’s popular with the villagers though….」

I also had Char-chan try it out, but as expected, the refrigerator could only be used to refrigerate milk and meat.

Though I think the reason was that there was nothing to refrigerate in particular….

Conversely, Ojii-san, who loved cold alcohol, gave several refrigerators filled with alcohol to the other dragons, it seems.

I heard that among them, the ale and the wine were popular.

Taking the opportunity, I suggested that they try drinking the distilled liquor after putting ice in it and it seems that they liked that as well.

Incidentally, they made their own ice using magic. 

This was because the refrigerator that I made didn’t have the freezing function, so ice couldn’t be made.

The refrigerator was just a simple chest that combined the magic tool that made ice and the magic tool that produced wind.

In other words, the refrigerator was the one that came before its electric counterpart.

I decided on this simple refrigerator because it was easier to make than a magic tool that produced cold air.

Having the dragons make the ice was because making it themselves was faster and easier than a magic tool that produced ice.


「It’s cold!」

「Ah, my head hurts….」

The refrigerator was not very popular, so I made an ice magic tool and while I was at it, I tried making shaved ice.

There was no syrup, so we ate it after pouring fruit juice and honey onto it, but it seems that it was more popular than I had expected.

However, several of the boys, starting with Cruz-kun, ate too quickly and it seems that their heads hurt.

In addition, I tried making ice cream for the children.

Milk, eggs, sugar…there wasn’t any, so I substituted it with honey.

It probably wouldn’t solidify if I put the honey in, so let’s try it putting it on top.

Of course, I left the production of it to Char-chan and the others.

This was because while I had the knowledge, I had never made it before.

If it were Char-chan and the others, they would definitely make all sorts of new foods, not just ice cream.

「Hey, the ice magic tool, is it expensive」

While I was making a magic tool, the adventurer group had asked me this question.

「Nn~, I wonder Its production just changes from fire and water to ice, so it should be cheap though….」

「Then, can you make one for us as well」

It seems that the adventurer group wanted to use the ice magic tool in the forest.

It seems that their objective was to refrigerate the meat in the summer.

Certainly, meat spoiled quickly in the summer, so they only brought back the meat that they hunted on the way home. 

「It’s fine when Shuu is there, but I thought that it would be a shame to not be able to bring back the meat when you’re not with us.

We can’t use the magic bag much either.」


Currently, there was an increased demand for meat.

Maa, I didn’t know about the rarity of ice magic tools, but if push comes to shove, we could just destroy it, so I decided to make one for the adventurer group.


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