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「Uwah~, amazing….」

「Onii-chan! Sakuya-chan! The sky is amazing!」


The usual members were flying in the sky alongside Pii-chan.

Of course, it was not by our own power, but because of Ojii-san’s magic.

In terms of the sensation, it felt like we were being enveloped by the wind and being carried off by it, but there was no foothold and it was impossible to stand firm, so we were freaking out due to the instability.

As evidence,

「Oi, we’re not there yet!」

Cruz-kun had his tail between his legs and had shut his eyes while trembling slightly.

Queen also had her tail between her legs.

Looking at them like this, the two of them were the splitting image of each other.

My younger sister was a little frightened at being at a high place, or rather, somewhere that was too high, but she was holding hands with Sakuya-chan and I, so it seems that she’s alright.

Ilya-chan was excitedly looking off into the distance.

Unfortunately, Miu was house-sitting.

「Onii-chan! Over there, there’s a cow!」

「There’s a lot of them.」

I looked in the direction in which my younger sister indicated, but it was too far away and I couldn’t see it very well.

When I searched for them using a detection-type skill, there were many responses.

The responses probably came from Milhorns.

The Milhorns that Ojii-san and the others brought back probably lived around here.

If I searched around, there might be Big Kokkos and Fighting Bulls.

As one could tell from the grassland monsters, we were currntly flying towards the other side of the mountain.

It was the farming village that Ojii-san always visited and where he often captured monsters.

The reason why we came here was because I found out that the farming village that Ojii-san and Obaa-san always went to made cheese when I asked them if they knew how to do it, so I asked them to bring me there.

Honestly, they might not teach me the trade secret, but if it was the village’s local specialty, then I was thinking that they might allow me to study through observation. 

「Shuu, we can see the fields, so we should be nearing the village, right」

「It’s true, Ojii-san, shouldn’t we go down soon!」

「Well, we want souvenirs as well, so why don’t we land over there.」

And so, Ojii-san landed a bit further away from the place where the farming village was said to be.

Descending onto the ground and standing up, Cruz-kun’s legs were trembling like that of a fawn’s.

Other than Cruz-kun, everyone’s bodies were, as expected, feeling slightly weak, perhaps due to being exhausted by the flight.

Ojii-san and I were using magic, so even though we knew that we were fine, we were mentally exhausted. 

After taking a short break, we immediately started looking for souvenirs.

The souvenirs were the monsters that Ojii-san always hunted when he came to the village.

I searched using a detection-type skill and there were several responses, but I did not know which monsters they were.

When I asked Ojii-san,

「Something like that, you can just take care of all of them.」

I was told this.

It couldn’t be helped, so I decided to go to each response in turn.

Pii-chan and Queen were helping me, so I was grateful that it didn’t take as long as I had expected.

The meat of the Fighting Bull was delicious, so the villagers would definitely be pleased.

Of course, we didn’t forget to secure our own portions either.

There was also one Milhorn, but we captured it.

Since they’re making cheese, it seems that they’re raising Milhorns, so they should be happy with it.

The Milhorns were docile, so even if they weren’t turned into familiars, they could be reared.

Maa, the prerequisite was the enticement of abundant spacious lands, but it seems that these grasslands were not a problem.

We obtained the souvenirs and we were about to head towards the farming village, but Queen, what’s with those wolves behind you



That’s right, our companions had increased yet again….

If they’re this tame, then it should be fine even if I didn’t turn them into familiars

The farm was completed and I’m grateful that the number of wolves patrolling it had increased, but Queen, wasn’t she a lone wolf!


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