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「Fruits~, fruits~.」

The singing voice of my younger sister who was in a good mood was echoing in the forest.

Today, we came to the forest to harvest fruits.

Because of the popularity of the cheese, the production of it had become more vigorous and the lemons had become precarious. In addition, I was thinking of harvesting them while they were in season.

However, the place where the fruits were picked was where we used to go, so not a lot of members were going.

「Somehow, it’s been a while.」

「That’s true, we don’t come here anymore.」

「Going with everyone is fun!」

Today was the usual four, Pii-chan, Miu, Queen, the wolf cubs, as well as the Wood Monkey though.

Recently, it was always the adventurer group who had gone, so we became nostalgic. 

「It’s been a while since we came here, so we need to be cautious of other adventurers.」

「Let’s pick a lot of fruits for Sakuya-chan!」

We went to harvest lemons, but since it’s along the way, I considered taking all the fruits as well and it seems that my younger sister only had fruits on her mind.

I thought of inviting Sakuya-chan as well, but Ojii-san was reluctant since there might be a lot of adventurers around here, so we will bring her a souvenir. 

「If I remember correctly, it’s around here, isn’t it」

「I think so, but aren’t the marks already gone」


「Ah, it’s that, isn’t it」

We searched for the path we used to walk on to get to the fruit trees.

It’s been a long time, so we only remembered it vaguely, but it seems that Queen and the others knew, so that helped us out a lot.

After that, we asked Queen and the others to show us the way, and we picked all the fruits from the trees that we found.

Occasionally, there would be trees that barely had any fruits hanging from it, probably because they had been picked by other adventurers, but by and large, we were able to pick a large amount of fruits.

Of course, we picked more lemons than we had expected to.

Picking fruits for two days, the fruit trees in the place where we used to go were mostly bare.

It used to take a longer amount of time, but this time, the Wood Monkey had put in great efforts.

Tree climbing was originally its specialty, so I asked it to climb the tree and toss the fruits down, but when I tried making a magic bag for the Wood Monkey to use, it had collected the fruits at an unbelievable speed.

I was improving the magic mag every day, and previously, when you put something into it, the bag would be just as heavy as whatever was inside, but the『Weight Reduction』effect had been incorporated into it, so a lot more things could be put into it than before.

This time, the reason why the Wood Monkey was working with such great vigor was probably mainly because of this. 

「Hey, should we end it here」

We were able to pick the fruits as planned and we were discussing what she should do from now on.

We had finished earlier than planned, so there was time.

The wolves and the children at the orphanage were doing their best at the stalls, so it was fine even if we were not there.

「Then let’s go further in」

「Yes, it would be good if there were more fruits.」

「We did not harvest medicinal herbs either, so it would be good if we found some.」

The Wood Monkey was working hard on the fruits, so during that time, we were searching the ground for medicinal herbs and mushrooms, but as expected, there was barely any harvest after the other adventurers had already searched through this area.

Because of that, I was considering looking for medicinal herbs as we searched for fruits.

Queen and the others also went hunting while staying vigilant of the surroundings, but as expected, they were unable to find any prey and were in somewhat low spirits.

Pii-chan was the only one who steadily captured birds, so it was a little proud of itself.

「Walking around and searching for things like this brings back memories as well.」

「Recently, it had just been various things being brought back by Ojii-san.」

「Actually, this is an adventurer’s job though.」


As we were walking while chatting, Queen noticed something and broke into a run.

The wolf cubs chased after her.

We were vigilant of monsters, and Cruz-kun took the lead in taking out his weapon and stood at the ready.


A short while later, Queen’s voice could be heard.

Judging from her voice, it seems that there was no problem.


Even though there shouldn’t be an issue, Queen and the others, who usually moved soundlessly, were howling as they approached for some reason.

As I was wondering about what was going on,

Swoosh, swoosh

something rushed out alongside the sound of the grass being pushed aside and swooped down on Cruz-kun.


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