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「Pftt, ahahaha」

Ilya-chan was the first one to snap out of it.

Cruz-kun was the next one to come back to his senses. 

「Oii! No matter how you look at us, we’re different, you know!」

Cruz-kun complained to Queen, but he still had furballs attached to his waist, so there wasn’t much momentum behind his words.

It seems that Queen too, in all honesty, couldn’t figure out the difference.

「Queen Um, the ones clinging onto Cruz-kun are Kolbolds, you know And, Cruz-kun is part of the wolf clan.

They’re completely unrelated, you know」


Queen was genuinely surprised….

When I tried asking her for more details, it seems that she had approached the Kolbolds after noticing them, but their mana was much too weak, so it seems that she didn’t think that they were monsters.

In addition, it seems that she intuitively knew that they were different from her and her companions.

But if they were not monsters, then what were they It seems that although Queen wondered if they were wild wolves, they were running away on two legs, so she thought that they were Cruz-kun’s companions.

Maa, their appearances were similar as well. 

「That’s how it is; it seems that Queen and the others led them over here to let them meet Cruz-kun.

And, the Kolbolds clung onto Cruz-kun without any hesitation, so Queen and the others misunderstood even more, it seems.」

I told Cruz-kun and the others about what Queen and the others said, but they just tilted their heads to the side in confusion. 

「In the first place, why are these guys sticking themselves to me」

「Isn’t that because you guys look alike」

「Tiny Cruz-kun!」

Un, as expected, they looked like Cruz-kun, so there was a high probability of people making this mistake.

I wanted to talk to the Kolbolds, but they were not my familiars, so I was not able to do so, and on the other hand, they were afraid of Queen, who seemed to be able to communicate with them, so she was unable to approach them.

As everyone was worrying about what should be done, the sound「Rumbleeee~」could be heard.

It seems that the Kolbolds were hungry.

「Then, why don’t we eat something.

It seems that these children are hungry as well.」

「Yes, if their tummies are full, then they should calm down a little.」

「Ya~y, food~.」

Cruz-kun was smothered by the furballs and could not move, so everyone else made preparations for the meal.

Queen and the other familiars went to procure food, and the three of us started the fire.

I made a cooking stove using stone and cooked the soup in the pot.

I didn’t know what the Kolbolds ate, but I could just put the leftovers in my『Item Box』.

As we were preparing the soup, Queen and the others brought back food.

As expected, the prey that they hunted had to be dismantled, so we got everything ready at a place that was further away.

Munch munch munch

The Kolbolds were enthusiastically eating the meat skewers. 

Having finished the dismantling, I threaded the meat onto the skewers and started roasting them over the fire.

While the meat was being cooked, I put the thinly sliced meat, the green vegetable harvested by the Wood Monkey, and the fruits into the pot and stewed them together.

In response to the smell of roasted meat, the Kolbolds’ consciousness began to move away from Cruz-kun and onto the meat, their noses twitching.

「Hey, you guys eat too.」

I handed the roasted meat skewers towards the Kolbolds, but perhaps they were still scared as they did not eat it.

I glanced at Queen and she, as if it couldn’t be helped, held the meat skewers in her mouth and held it out to the Kolbolds.

「You guys, Queen is telling you to eat.」

When Cruz-kun, who the Kolbolds were clinging onto, took the skewers from Queen and presented them to the Kolbolds, started eating them in confusion.

Once they took the first bite, they could not stop, and the meat skewers that I tried to give them and those that were being roasted, they ate them one after another.

It seems that they were not picky about food as they were also drinking the soup as if it was delicious.

The Kolbolds’s appetites were appeased, and when we finished our meal, the Kolbolds were no longer afraid of Queen and the others even after they released themselves from Cruz-kun, no, they were scared, but it was manageable.

And, just as we were about to talk with the Kolbolds, new guests had appeared. 


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