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The ones who had appeared were Kolbolds.

They were bigger than the Kolbold furballs who were next to Cruz-kun, so perhaps the Kolbold furballs were children and the Kolbolds who had appeared were the adults.

About those new Kolbolds, there were two of them.

They were holding wooden poles in their hands() and were brandishing them towards us, but their tails were between their legs, quivering.

Just like the Kolbold furballs, they were probably afraid of Queen and the others.

「Shuu, they, could they be」

「Un, they are probably these Kolbolds’ companions.」

「Aah, that’s why Queen and the others did not do anything.」

「There are more Cruz-kuns!」

「No, there was originally one of me!」

We had been attacked by the Kolbold furballs just now, so we had not been negligent in our vigilance of the surroundings and we were aware of the Kolbolds’ existences.

Queen and the others probably noticed them as well.

However, the Kolbold furballs were not injured in any way, so thinking that these Kolbolds should be alright, we did not do anything….

「You guys, are those Kolbolds your companions」

Cruz-kun asked the Kolbold furballs this.

The Kolbold furballs timidly confirmed this, and they ran towards the Kolbolds with their tails wagging behind them.

「As expected, it seems that they’re companions.」

「Perhaps they came to look for them」

「They are holding wooden poles, so perhaps they were trying to rescue them from us, or rather, from Queen」


Queen had no intentions of doing anything, so she was perplexed, but looking back on it, it seemed as if Queen had kidnapped them.

When the Kolbold furballs had arrived next to their companions, the Kolbolds, who were holding wooden poles, pushed the Kolbold furballs behind them and glared at us.

「Look, as expected, they’re vigilant.」

「Was this because of Queen」

「Yelp yelp」「Arf arf」

However, at this time, the Kolbold furballs started saying something, and the Kolbolds looked at Queen and the others, Cruz-kun, and the Kolbold furballs in turns.

After that the discussion() of「Arf arf」and「Yelp yelp」continued and perhaps they had come to a conclusion as they lowered their weapons and approached us. 

And contrary to our expectations that perhaps they were going to talk to us, they looked at the meat skewers and the soup and started drooling.

Munch munch munch

I asked Queen to procure more meat and I gave them to the Kolbolds, but they began eating the meat skewers with much vigor, which was not inferior to that of the Kolbold furballs.

They were probably extremely hungry just like the Kolbold furballs.

Their stomachs were bulging and we were finally able to speak with them.

Next to them, the Kolbold furballs, who also started eating for some reason, collapsed with their tummies bursting. 

「Arf arf」「Yelp yelp」「Woof woof」

Queen, the Kolbolds, and the Kolbold furballs started chatting for about ten minutes and we had no idea what they were saying.

However, it seems that Queen and the Kolbolds came to an understanding, so we waited.

For the time being, we waited.

Here was what I understood from the conclusion of the discussion.

Although the Kolbolds were small, they created a village and lived quietly there without being discovered by humans.

It seems that on one occasion, ant monsters attacked the village.

They suddenly appeared and seemed angry about something, but they did not know the reason why.

Un, I seem to have an idea as to the reason, but if it was what I thought it was, wasn’t the ant nest too big Maa, leaving aside the ants, it seems that the Kolbolds in the village ran away with only the clothes on their backs (though I said that, the Kolbolds weren’t wearing any clothes).

And, it seems that these Kolbolds were a family, but en route, they lost sight of the children and were looking for them.

「I see, I understand the gist of things.

So, why were they clinging onto me」

We knew why the Kolbolds were here, but they did not say why they were sticking onto Cruz-kun.

Or rather, it was excessive and hard to say.

「You want to ask」


「Um, it seems that they thought that you were their companion」

「…so they thought that I was a Kolbold」


Hearing the answer that I knew they were going to give, perhaps Cruz-kun had received a shock as he stood there unmoving.


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